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Top 10 Romantic Moments

They're making us swoon this Valentine's Day…

The Notebook

From start to finish this weepy epitomises the idea of true love, but where it really excels is with Ryan Gosling’s sensitive but masculine Noah – quite feasibly the world’s most perfect romantic hero. Show us a woman who doesn’t sigh a little when he kisses lost love Ally in the rain and tells her they don’t have to be over, and we’ll show you a liar.

Romeo + Juliet

It’s probably the most famous love story of all time but Baz Luhrmann added an extra dimension of romance with his film adaptation when he had the ill-fated pair fall in love at first sight through the glass of a fish tank. A beautiful piece of scenery – but they only had eyes for each other.

The Taj Mahal

So much more than a tourist attraction – the moment its foundations were laid it became a reminder of love and loss. In 1632 it was commissioned by Shah Jahan who was so devastated by the death of his wife he insisted on the most majestic of buildings to commemorate her.

When Harry Met Sally

Sometimes the most intense loves are the slow-burners, the ones that grow and deepen over time. It’s obvious to anyone watching When Harry Met Sally that the titular pair have crazy chemistry, and all the witty banter and attempts to keep it platonic that go before make it all the more satisfying when they finally get together.

Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett

They meet and he dismisses her for being poor. She thinks he is snobbish and rude. He falls for her she rejects him because she can’t let go of her initial opinion. He saves her family from scandal and ruin because he loves her and she finally realises she’s an idiot not to return his feelings. They get married. It may sound simple but the Regency novel remains iconic romance fodder.

Tim and Dawn

The pair spent two series’ of The Office flirting and making goo-goo eyes at each other in the rather grim setting of the Wernham Hogg Paper Company, but it wasn’t until the Christmas special that Dawn dumped her undeserving boyfriend and kissed Tim – proving you don’t need dramatic circumstances or grand gestures for true romance.

Make You Feel My Love

Bob Dylan – an all-time icon of cool doesn’t make for the most obvious love song writer, but the moment in Make You Feel My Love he starts explaining how much he adores his paramour and exactly how far he’d go to prove it, you realise even Luther Vandross got nothing on this guy.

Hamlet’s promise to Ophelia

Another Shakespeare reference, but when it comes to love he is the master. Hamlet and his childhood sweetheart Ophelia meet sad, separate fates but before he goes on a revenge rampage and she throws herself in the river (famously recreated on canvas by the Pre-Raphaelite painter John Millais) he writes her a letter in which he tells her she can doubt whether the stars are fire or if the sun moves across the sky, she can even doubt his sanity, but she must never doubt his love for her.

The Graduate

Having already embarrassed her in a strip bar and had an affair with her mother, no one would blame Elaine if she never wanted to see Dustin Hoffman’s young graduate ever again. But then in one moment he redeems his romantic credentials – bursting into her wedding to passionately declare his love, banging on the windows with such fervour you feel he might die if she doesn’t believe him.

Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll

As a romantic gift it’s hard to top – the famous composer wrote this symphonic poem for his second wife Cosima, and had an orchestra perform it for her on Christmas morning, 1870.