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How do Birkenstocks Fit? Your Sizing and Fit Guide


Slip your feet into a pair of Birkenstocks and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to purchase a pair. Environmentally friendly, super comfy (thanks to the cork and latex footbed) and extremely stylish, the Birkenstock is the shoe your feet have been crying out for. And, best of all, Birks look great with almost everything, whether you’re feeling feminine in flowy dresses or formal in tailored trousers.


How best to dip your toes into the oh-so-comfy world of the Birkenstock? We’ve enlisted the help of some of fashion’s biggest Birk fans to help you discover everything you need to know. With their expert tips on how to clean Birkenstocks and the answers to your most serious and pressing questions – such as, ‘Do Birkenstocks run big?’ – these nine stylish women will have you adding a pair of Birks to cart in no time. 


Birkenstock Overview


How do Birkenstocks fit?

The fit of Birkenstock shoes varies from model to model. However, most Birkenstocks fit true to size. 


How do you style Birkenstocks?

There are so many different ways to style Birkenstocks. If in doubt, keep things simple by opting for wardrobe essentials – white tees, blue jeans, grey sweatsuits, black dresses, blazers etc...


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

It's easy to keep a pair of Birkenstocks clean: all that's required is a brush and some soapy water. 


Yolande Macon (@thelanguageofyolande)

Content Creator based in New York City, USA 


I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks just after I finished college. I chose to purchase a silver pair because they’re conspicuous and I knew the metallic sheen of the shoes would work well with both casual and dressy pieces in my wardrobe. Today, I’m wearing my new favorite Birkenstocks – the Honolulu EVA thong sandals in black. 


How do Birkenstocks fit?

I love the Honolulu Birkenstock because it finds a perfect middle between the brand’s classic silhouette and a flip flop – they’re like little boats for your feet! I usually wear shoes in an 8.5 or 9. For this shoe, I opted for a 9 and they feel perfect.


How do you style Birkenstocks?

I call this look ‘dad on vacation’. It’s a very easy look led by bold prints, uplifted by the simple yet cool addition of the Birkenstock. I then add my favorite accessory, my butterfly anklet, which looks great when paired with the shoes. 


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

My favorite thing about these Birkenstocks is that they’re low maintenance. Thanks to the material, you can easily wipe them down with a wet cloth to get rid of any dirt.



Nadine Caldera (@nadinecaldera)

Content Creator and Freelance Stylist based in Barcelona, Spain


The first pair of Birkenstocks I bought was a pair of Arizona sandals in the black colorway. I purchased this pair because I adore the beautiful, classic and timeless design. 


How do Birkenstocks fit?

Birkenstocks fit true to size, and the footbed of the shoes are guaranteed to change your life. Every Birkenstock model provides comfort and convenience, and I urge everyone who’s never worn a pair to go out and try them.


How do you style Birkenstocks?

For today’s look, I’m wearing my Birkenstocks with my high rise jeans and a beige ribbed polo shirt. I think this outfit is perfect for daytime activities, especially if you add a few striking accessories into the mix. The accessories I’ve chosen to add to this look are my Marni market bag and Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses.


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks are so easy to care for; however, if you want them to last a lifetime, you’ll need to clean them with a wet cloth every now and again. 


Mi-Anne Chan (@mianne.chan)

Director of creative development at Teen Vogue, them. and LOVE Magazine based in New York, USA 


Throughout the entirety of my high school and college experience, I wore my sister’s Birkenstocks. We’ve always dipped into each other’s closets so it felt natural to slip into her Birks whenever I saw fit. After a few weeks of wearing them, the pair became pliable, soft and perfectly moulded to my feet. In my opinion, they're the perfect slip ons because they work with any outfit – whether that’s a run-to-the-bodega fit or a smart-casual fancy-dinner-out ensemble. 


How do Birkenstocks fit?

 My pair of size 40s feel perfect for my US Women’s size 9 feet, so I conclude that Birkenstocks fit true to size. Always remember that your Birkenstocks should feel comfortable: when you slip them on, your toes shouldn’t touch the top or feel cramped by the width. Fortunately, the strap on this pair is adjustable so you can make it looser or tighter based on the way they feel. 


How do you style Birkenstocks?

I love pairing my Birkenstocks with long dresses and skirts; the rustic-looking shoe marries well with the delicate pieces in my closet. By throwing on a pair of Birkenstocks, your outfit instantly appears more casual and lived-in, in the best way possible. 


Today, I’m styling my Birkenstocks with two different outfits: one outfit is a boujee, occasionwear dress that I’m dressing down with the shoes and the other is a collared-shirt-and-dress combo that I’m making a little cooler with the addition of the shoes. 


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

In my opinion, Birkenstocks look better after they’ve been roughed up and worn in – for this reason, I find them to be a really low-maintenance shoe. Every now and then, I might rub a towel over my white pair to keep them scruff-free, but, in general, I leave them the way they are.



Michelle Li (@himichelleli)

Fashion and beauty editor at Teen Vogue based in New York, USA


My first pair of Birkenstocks were the Arizona Birko-Flor sandals. When I moved to NYC, flip-flops felt too precarious and dirty to wear in the city, so I was looking into alternatives that were more durable. I love how boyish Birkenstocks are and how classic the design has become. 


How do Birkenstocks fit?

They're true to size, really comfy and require no break-in process. I would advise you to follow your EU sizing for them and make sure to adjust the straps to the right size on your feet to avoid any blisters – the strap size is important in helping them stay on your feet and reducing any friction. 


How do you style Birkenstocks?

I'm wearing my Birkenstocks today with this asymmetric JW Anderson dress. I love the draping, color and fabric of the dress; it's subtly feminine yet cool and easy-wearing at the same time, so styling it with Birkenstocks makes sense. They're in total harmony with each other. Birkenstocks definitely have this clunky ruggedness to them, so by styling them with a midi dress it highlights and complements the shape. I don't want to hide my Birkenstocks; I want them to play just as big a part [in my outfit] as the dress. I also love wearing Birkenstocks with a midi dress and some colorful socks. 


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

They're so low maintenance. I wear them around NYC every summer and it's the same pair that I've had since college. I love how beat up they get and how easily you can clean them – I usually just take an old toothbrush and some soap to them at the end of the season.



Julia Rebaudo (@stylonylon)

Style, skincare, travel and photography blogger based in London, UK


My very first pair of Birkenstocks were Arizonas in a soft natural suede. I bought them from The Natural Shoe Store on the King's Road in London while I was doing work experience at The Guardian, just after I graduated.


How do Birkenstocks fit?

 Before pregnancy, my feet were a little smaller so I took a ‘regular’ fit size UK4 in Birkenstocks, but these days I'm a ‘regular’ UK5. If you have wide feet then the wider fitting ‘regular’ fit is key – your feet will mould better with the sole as there’s more room. I find the ‘narrow’ fit isn’t as comfortable and doesn't look the way I like it to. It's worth checking this when buying, bearing in mind that overall they do come up a little large. 


How do you style Birkenstocks?

Today at home I'm wearing them with beautiful Genevieve Sweeney wool socks, Levi's skinnies and an old Rouje cardigan. Birkenstocks really come to life for me in the summer – they’re the perfect sandal and will often be the only pair I take with me on a trip away. They are fantastic for walking around and exploring, and just as great at the beach as they are in the city. When at home during the rest of the year, I love a pair of fluffy-on-the-inside Boston clogs or Arizonas with cosy socks, which is what I've been wearing during lockdown for comfort and ease. My latest pair are the Big Buckle Arizona sandals in rose gold and I'm also now eyeing up the black Big Buckle Basel clogs for some couldn't-be-more-perfect at-home shoes. 

Birkenstocks go with everything from casual jeans and shorts, to pretty summer dresses and cute jumpsuits. Basically, I'm a complete convert.



How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

I love them for their sturdiness and how low maintenance they are. My Birkenstocks have taken a lot of wear over the years, from walking through the salty sea to long mountain walks, and they’ve weathered extremely well.  



Kate Tik (@katetik

Fashion, interior design and travel blogger based in London, UK


I got my first pair of Birkenstocks some 10 years ago in white leather with silver hardware. I wore them to death. 


How do Birkenstocks fit?

 I find Birkenstocks run true to size and they’re super comfortable as they were designed with the shape of your foot in mind. For your first pair, I would say go for the leather style in a classic color like black, white or beige. Once you’re hooked, add more fun shapes and colors to your collection.


How do you style Birkenstocks?

I’m wearing a fun floral pyjama-style set from Misa Los Angeles. I love the juxtaposition of the softness of the PJ’s with the more utilitarian aesthetic of the black leather Birkenstocks. I love to wear my Birkenstocks with either boyfriend jeans or denim shorts and a white tee or shirt, but I also like to mix it up and wear them with feminine dresses for a cute and comfy daytime look.


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks are very sturdy shoes, so on the whole they’re super durable and low maintenance. The suede versions do require a little extra care but the leather styles have lasted me for years and just need a little wipe.


Tonya Smith (@themoptop)

Style blogger based in Portland, USA


I actually had a pair of Birkenstocks when I was younger that were my mum’s and I loved them; they're so comfy and great just to slip on. I've always been attracted to the leisurely look of them.


How do Birkenstocks fit?

 I think they fit a little large, which I prefer as I can wear them with chunky socks when it cools down. But if you want to wear them with bare feet, I’d still suggest going with your normal size.


How do you style Birkenstocks?

I love styling them in multiple ways. I’ll pair them with feminine pieces to dress them up or to make a dress look a little more casual, or with more masculine clothing then throw in something more feminine. They work so well with basics, too – I’ll wear them with trousers and a simple top. It's such a simple, casual look that’s always classic. It's honestly hard to go wrong with Birkenstocks.


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

They're super low maintenance, especially the pair I’m wearing now. I can easily rinse them off to keep them looking nice for longer.


Joanne Hegarty (@thestylistandthewardrobe)


Fashion journalist, stylist and blogger based in London, UK


I bought my first pair of white leather Birkenstocks six years ago to help accessorize my summer wardrobe. They’d become a fashion staple, plus they also worked seamlessly with my favorite outfits. 


How do Birkenstocks fit?

Birkenstocks are true to size and very comfy. If you’ve never worn a pair before, it might take you a little while to get used to their wider form. Take them out for a couple of practice spins when you first get them. 


How do you style Birkenstocks?

I’m wearing a black silk slip dress with an oversized cream blazer with mine today. I like to contrast them with something relatively dressy like a dress or with a pair of minimalist cropped trousers and a shirt or blazer.


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

This pair has a brown suede exterior and gold buckles. I use a small suede brush to remove any stains, but overall they’re easy to look after and are very low maintenance. 



Rachael Clifton (@bubblyaqaurius)


Style, photography, travel and beauty blogger at Bubbly Aquarius based in London, UK


The first pair I got were the Rio model in black about 10 years ago. I just love how classic and timeless they are. I think what initially attracted me to them was that I’d seen them on Alexa Chung and I love her style, so I felt it essential I get my hands on some, too! Since then, I’ve had so many pairs. I’m such a fan of the brand as they’re such great quality and are now a wardrobe staple for me. I'll be wearing them until I'm old and grey.


How do Birkenstocks fit?

 I'd say they mostly fit true to size, so go for your usual size. They might need a little breaking in at first, but once they adjust to your feet they become so comfy. If you’re looking to buy your first pair I would advise you to go for something classic like the Arizona style as they’re comfortable, go with everything and you’ll wear them all summer (and maybe even all winter with socks).


How do you style Birkenstocks?

Honestly, I rarely come across an outfit that my Birkenstocks don't go with – they're such a classic staple. Here, I'm wearing Khaite blue jeans, a black linen shirt and a Bottega Cassette bag in caramel for an everyday casual look, but I would also pair my Birks with dresses, too. I’d say that Birkenstocks complement my style really well – they work with jeans or dresses, and I love to keep a maxi dress casual by adding some Birkenstocks, rather than anything too dressy. I also wear Birkenstocks on holiday with denim shorts and an oversized linen shirt, and I’ll pair them with a floaty summer dress on a hot day in London for the ultimate comfy yet cool look. 


How do you care for your Birkenstocks?

It depends on the style, but generally Birkenstocks don't require a lot of care. The Arizonas I’m wearing are full leather with a leather inner sole; I just use a bit of leather polish on them now and again to keep them looking good. For styles with the classic cork inner sole, just give them a rub with soap and water every so often then let them air-dry naturally for 24 hours before wearing again.


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