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24 January 2017

10 Minutes with Monikh Dale

Monikh Dale is a fashion design graduate from London with a ‘super simple and effortless style.’

 10 Minutes with Monikh Dale 3

This can be seen through the artfully composed pictures that she snaps of herself on her must-read style blog ‘Tres Monikh,’ which blends an elegant Parisian sensibility with her own personal aesthetic, as the French moniker suggests. This caught the attention of Elle India recently who claimed her to be ‘one of London’s cool kids’ thanks to her love of minimalism with a sassy urban edge. We caught up with her in our London office to find out more about this look, as well as #TheOne piece that she needs from Farfetch right now to make her look even better.

 10 Minutes with Monikh Dale

1. Name 3 words that best describe your style?


‘I like to think of my style as effortless, simple and minimal. I choose pieces that are timelessly chic; clean things that you can wear all of the time and from season to season.

However, I do like to go a bit more ‘out there’ and wild when it comes to accessories, the ‘It pieces’, the ‘It’ bag and shoes, which are a really good way to make your style current. Apart from this though, I like to keep things calm, cool and collected.’


2. What are your top 3 essential clothing items?


‘So you have to have a good pair of jeans; directional denim pieces are a must for any wardrobe. At the moment I’m kinda crazy about the two-tone denims that Vetements does so well.


I also think that an amazing shirt is essential, hence why I wore one today; the type of shirt that you can kind of just wear day to night that’s got that simple and chic Parisian look, which I love. But then there’s obviously the leather jacket, which almost everyone has in their wardrobe; a timelessly cool piece that will always make an impact. Those 3 items will take you through from season to season.’      


3. If you could collaborate with any fashion label in the world on your blog, what would it be and why?


‘I would definitely have to say Celine, just because the label is so simple and chic. The brand is so powerful in the way that the designs are so minimal but yet so impactful. It was one of the major designers that I first fell in love with and they haven’t had a dip in quality at all, whereas a brand like Gucci had a dip in popularity a few years ago, but now they are really cool again so they’ve kind of had their waves, but I feel that Celine has been so constant and consistent by contrast.


It’s also a brand that isn’t super super mainstream and ‘in-your-face’ like other big brands are but they have that effortless, relaxed look that will still work in your wardrobe in 10 years’ time, which completely fits in with my personal style vision.’


4. Who’s style do you admire and respect the most within the blogosphere?


‘I love Pernille Teisbaek, she’s incredible. I adore her slightly flamboyant taste which she captures perfectly in her ‘It’ pieces, but overall she has an effortless and laid-back taste which instantly resonates with me. I also think that Camilee Charriere is amazing; she’s from France and naturally possesses the effortless Parisian look. These are the kind of girls that I take my inspirations from.’


5. Which colours and patterns do you wear the most?


‘I don’t like too much of either to be honest. I kind of stick to the basics like blues, whites and greys. Recently, I’ve been wearing a lot of red though; I seem to be obsessed with everything red right now because it’s just so eye-catching, and when you shoot red in photos it looks mind-blowing.’


‘Pattern wise: I am starting to like prints more and more, I mean last season it was the whole kind of floral dresses thing, especially those off-the-shoulder, drop-shoulder numbers from Magda Butrym and I totally got on-board with this trend as it felt so natural, especially in the summer.’


6. What trends are you most excited about for the autumn/winter season?


‘Frills: I’m obviously obsessed with frills, hence my shirt that I’m wearing today, so I think more frills will be popping up in my wardrobe for sure. I’m also loving MSGM at the moment; they do super tailored black jackets with bold frills around the sleeves or collars, which is fantastic to give simple things a bit more quirkiness for your everyday wardrobe.’


‘I’m also loving the textural trend as I adore playing with textures and fabrics in a subtle but striking way, especially when it comes to winter when you can mix in mohair with silks and chiffon and leathers. I just like to mix things up so I’m in love with this trend at the moment.’


7. Are there any trends you wish were never created?


‘Ok, so the main thing that’s in my head right now is the whole kind of triple, quadruple denim thing, the kind that Britney Spears / Justin Timberlake did in the 90s, much to everyone’s shock. But then Marques Almeida’s denim pieces are insane at the moment and sometimes they do head-to-toe denim looks which I adore. So I’m certainly not against full denim looks. I just think that it’s the denim ‘overload’ thing that I don’t really get. That whole fringing, distressed, Wild West head-to-toe denim look is a bit gross to be honest (laughs…as we nod in agreement).


8. You have a very strong presence on Instagram. What’s the secret behind your Instagram success? Do you and have you always had a clear strategy?


‘In terms of my personal strategy, I think that it’s always been quite well thought-through. I’ve tried to always make the shots on my blog look natural, but it’s totally not a natural process, as we all known in fashion (haha). I’m very anal about where I put everything in my images, but it started naturally I guess because I was a personal retail stylist in the beginning, so it was my everyday outfits that I photographed at first.’


‘When I wasn’t styling a client, I would upload what I was wearing so I would give people some quick inspiration, so it happened really naturally in the beginning. I did a fashion design degree as well, and I also studied photography which gave me a great knowledge base and insight about how to make clothes look their best in an image.’


‘Choosing the right photographers that can understand your style is also very important as a strategy.  It’s fantastic when you find photographers who you really click as they always shoot you looking your best.’


‘I would say that you just need to find your own style and just go with it because I get a lot of messages from girls who say ‘I want to start a blog, how do I do it and how do I go about social media, and what filters do I use’ etc, but none of that is really important. It’s just about doing your own thing and showcasing whatever you find is cool. If you are dedicated to it, you are naturally going to attract fans who also find it cool and they will follow you because they like you and identify with you.’


‘It’s definitely not about the numbers, and how many followers you have, it’s about bringing your own sense of style to life in a natural and comfortable way that reflects you as a person. Forget about trying to be a copied version of all of those super famous models and fashion girls. You just need to stay true to what you find cool, and people with naturally fall in love with it!’


9. You seem to create a lot of movement in your imagery, what are your tips behind these amazing shots?


‘Well I like my photos to be quite static generally; I mean I’m 5 foot 1, I’m certainly no model, but I like the whole editorial look of being quite awkward and unconventional in an image, so I think my images are quite static overall, but I also certainly like to emphasise movement in details, like the hair and movement in dresses depending on their silhouettes.’


‘With this in mind, I think I tend to capture a lot of semi-static images with one thing moving to give the images a high-end, editorial look, but this is normally achieved by my photographer lifting my dress up and running away (laughs) or me looking like a maniac waving my head back and forth like Willow Smith to get my hair moving. So I love doing well thought-through shots with one thing looking a bit crazy and awkward while the rest stays static and frozen. I think this always gives images a better sense of adventure and direction.’


10. You used to work in fashion retail; do you think this has helped get your foot into the fashion/blogging industry?


‘Yes for sure, I definitely think so, I mean I was working in well-known high street stores for a while and I noticed that styles are clearly filtered down from the catwalks from the big fashion labels, so you get a first-hand glimpse of what may be coming up as a trend from key runway shows and famous labels.’


‘With this kind of knowledge, I just grew to know trends and what people are into fashion-wise, which helped me to create relevant content for my blog that people found useful and enlightening, like sizing guides and how things will fit when you where them every-day or in different scenarios, those kind of things.’


‘So working in retail has been really important for me. It’s also just so fast-paced as well, so you are constantly bombarded with new and fresh styles, new looks and new ways to do things, which certainly helps with your blog content as it allows you to create stories that are completely relevant to the industry and also ground-breaking, which is what fashion lovers want to see. You want to always be the first person to shout about a new designer or a new look, and working in fashion retail really helped me to do this.’


11. What is TheOne item you absolutely cannot live without and why?


‘I think you need an ‘It’ bag for sure, I think you really need an IT bag that represents yourself and your own personal style. At the moment I am rocking the Gucci Dionysus which summarises my simple but edgy look, but I’m also lusting after the Loewe ‘Joyce’ bag by J.W. Anderson that you sell at Farfetch. In terms of #TheOne item I need this season, that definitely has to be it.’


I feel like my style is so simple, I could wear jeans, a pair of Fendi trainers, a t-shirt and a leather jacket, but having that one ‘It’ piece really brings the look to life and makes you stand out. It may sound a bit exaggerated to people who don’t really care for fashion, but the ‘It’ bag makes you want to stand up taller as woman, it brings that kind of power and importance to your look that makes you stand up confidently and proud. I mean your luxurious ‘It’ bag will last forever, which is the excuse I always give to my boyfriend when he questions my ridiculous spending on one single item: I just say: ‘It’s an investment piece you know, and we can give it to our kids one day (laughs). So yeah, that is kind of the one thing that makes me feel good.’


12. Why do you think Farfetch is #TheOne shopping destination?


‘Well Farfetch always has those flamboyant and eccentric pieces, those really interesting brands and runway looks that you simply wouldn’t normally find on other websites or in other stores. I mean the company definitely seems to be more selective about what it buys for its customer, the website sells the kind of pieces that make people go: ‘Wow, I’ve never seen that version before, where did you get that?” which brings a kind of exclusivity to things.’


‘I mean as a blogger you always want to be accessible and relevant to your readers, but you also want to stand-out as an individual as well, and Farfetch really enables people to do this with their diverse fashion range, which seems to be completely unmatched in the industry at the moment.’


 10 Minutes with Monikh Dale 2
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