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Suicoke Sandals: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

Performance sandals are popping up here, there and everywhere, from the freshest runways to the feet of the jet-set society. One brand that deserves credit for spearheading this shift in focus in footwear is Japanese cult brand Suicoke


Established in 2006 by anonymous designers, Suicoke is committed to creating experimental footwear that meets the needs of all of its customers. Appropriately, Suicoke sandals are finished with a Vibram sole to ensure each pair is as durable, comfortable and water-resistant as the next. 


Below, seven rule-makers walk us through the basics of Suicoke sandals – including how to style and care for Suicoke sandals and the way Suicoke sandals fit and feel. 


Suicoke Sandals: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

Alexandra Hildreth (@alexandra.hildreth) (She/Her)

Project manager at Beyond The Mag based in New York City, USA wearing Suicoke KISEE-VPO Strappy Sandals


Here, I’m wearing the Suicoke Kisee-VPO Strappy Sandals. My favourite part about this particular style of shoe is the platform it offers because it literally and figuratively elevates my outfit. I also love the shape of the straps, and I feel like the design is different from other nylon-strapped sandals. I decided to opt for the black pair because it’s the most versatile colourway available, which means it has the most potential to become one of my new wardrobe staples.


Styling: I love to style my Suicoke sandals with a range of looks. They’re perfect shoes for the daytime: I wear them whilst walking my dog, popping to the grocery store and strolling around my neighbourhood. I also enjoy wearing them in the evening for dinner and drinks – especially during the summer.


Here, I’ve styled them with my Christopher John Rogers dress – it’s a bold look that’s made a little less formal with the addition of sandals. I would definitely wear this look whilst shopping on the weekends as they make the dressy piece look and feel more comfortable.


Sizing and fit: Suicoke Kisee-VPO Sandals fit true to size. I’m a size 9 in US Women’s, and I find that the length of the shoe is practically perfect for me. Additionally, I really like how sturdy the nylon straps are on the shoe in this size.


Comfort: During the summer, my roommates and I are big fans of taking long walks through the city. I often wear my Suicokes because of how comfortable and sturdy they feel, especially with the padded support on the soles of the shoes. So, in short, they’re supremely comfortable. 

Care: What I really like about Suicoke is that they’re very low maintenance. If they’re getting dusty from the dirt on the street, I just give them a quick wipe with a paper towel. To make sure they don’t accrue scruffs in my small NYC apartment, I keep them out of harm’s way underneath my dresser.


Suicoke Sandals: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

Christian Petty (@christianptty) (He/Him)

Content Creator based in London, UK wearing Suicoke Classic Touch Strap Sandals


The Suicoke Touch Strap Sandals are not just your average sandals, they’re super comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Constructed with adjustable straps and a chunky sole, the sandals look good with almost anything – especially if you cop them in the all-black colourway.


Styling: My wardrobe is brimming with simple colours which is why I opted for the black colourway. Today, I’ve decided to marry the Suicokes with a pair of wide-leg trousers and socks to make sure the shoes stand out. I’ve also added a gilet into the mix as I feel it pairs well with the performance look of the Suicokes. When it gets a little hotter, I plan on wearing the sandals with a short-sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts – this just goes to prove how versatile these shoes really are.


Sizing and fit: In my opinion, Suicoke Touch Strap Sandals come up rather small – thus, I'd recommend going up half a shoe size. To compare the sizing of Suicoke to other sandal brands, I would say the sizing is similar to Camper


Comfort: These Suicokes are the most comfortable sandals I own, and it’s predominantly thanks to the chunky sole. Because they’re comfortable, durable and stylish, I treat them as an everyday shoe. 

Care: I store my Suicokes in the back of my wardrobe, inside of their original box. This way, I keep them out of sunlight when they’re not being used – this is particularly important with black materials as the sun really damages the colour.


Suicoke Sandals: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

Katrine Berner (@katrineberner) (She/Her)

Content creator based in Copenhagen, Denmark wearing Suicoke Classic Touch-Strap Sandals


I stumbled upon the Suicoke brand when searching for the perfect pair of dad sandals. I wanted a pair of comfortable sandals that would work with both shorts and dresses, and the Classic Touch-Strap Sandal in the black colourway was the best option. 


Styling: I wear my Suicoke sandals every time the Copenhagen weather allows me to. Here, I’ve decided to style them with a vintage blazer and shorts; later on, I plan to wear them with one of my favourite dresses.


Sizing and fit: When it comes to sizing, I would go one size up when purchasing Suicoke. I usually wear an EU 38 (UK 5) in similar styles from the likes of Birkenstock, but here I’m wearing an EU 39,5 (UK 6).


Comfort: In terms of comfort, the Suicoke Classic Touch-Strap Sandal is a solid 10/10. The first time I wore them, I walked 15km around Copenhagen to test them out – I’ve got to say, I was tremendously impressed. 

Care: I do not care for my Suicokes in any particular way, but when they get really dirty, I wipe them with a damp cloth or give them a wash in the shower. When I’m not wearing my sandals, I leave them by the doormat because I know it won’t be long until they’re back on my feet again.

Suicoke Sandals: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

Oliver Bromfield (@olibrom) (He/Him)

Content creator based in Hertfordshire, UK wearing Suicoke MOTO-CAB Sandals


I picked up these olive green Suicoke sandals because I’m going through a phase of pairing green and brown tones together. I love the double strap on the sandals – it gives the shoe a technical vibe that’s distinctive to the Japanese brand. 


Styling: I seek inspiration from a range of sources when it comes to my style – I love merging smart and casual styles, especially those inspired by the 70s. This may help you understand why I’ve decided to pair an oversized brown suit with a pair of Suicoke sandals. 


If I was to provide others with tips on styling the sandals, I would tell them to be true to themselves. But I would also say you simply can’t go wrong with styling a pair of flares or oversized trousers with sandals. 


Sizing and fit: I’m a size UK 10, but I opted for a size 11 so that I could comfortably wear them with socks. In terms of how they compare to other fashion sandals, I would say they run smaller. 


Comfort: I find Suicoke sandals to be very comfortable. They have a slight dip in the sole for your heel which makes them easy to walk in for long periods, and the sandal’s double strap gives you the security you need to ensure your feet don’t slip out. 


Care: I’ve been wearing these sandals a lot recently as the weather has been so nice here in the UK; hence, I’ve been regularly wiping them down with shoe cleaner. When I’m not wearing them, I keep them safe by storing them in their original box. 


Suicoke Sandals: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

Sam Diss (@samdiss) (He/Him)

Head of content at MUNDIAL based in London, UK wearing Suicoke MOTO-CAB Sandals


These black, utilitarian-style sandals work well with my sense of style – I love that they look simultaneously modern and understated. The sandal’s double strap design makes for a firm, comfortable and practical shoe that can be styled in a way that attracts attention but isn’t ostentatious.


Styling: I usually wear wide, cropped trousers and these sandals suit that kind of look. I style them with socks that match/complement my trousers because I don’t trust British weather. Today, I’ve paired my Suicoke sandals with a grey T-shirt, navy cardigan and drab olive trousers. Because the shoes are a greyish black – as opposed to being jet black – the sandals work well with the subtle shades. 


Sizing and fit: By and large, I would say the shoe is true-to-size: I opted for my regular size, and they fit perfectly. Thanks to the double strap, I have a lot of control over how I want the sandal to fit and feel. 


Comfort: I wear my Suicokes a lot. I wear them to shop in; I wear them to meetings; I wear them for long walks. I’m usually a sneaker guy, which means I like comfort – these serve a similar purpose in terms of fit and style.

Care: I store my Suicokes under my bed alongside my premium sneakers. In terms of cleaning, I give the sandals a quick brush when they get sandy after wearing them to the beach – that’s all they require because they’re super low maintenance shoes.


Suicoke Sandals: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

Tabby Coaker (@tabbycoaker) (She/Her)

Content creator based in London, UK wearing Suicoke DEPA-CAB Strap Sandals 


The Suicoke DEPA-Cab Strap Sandals are perfect for spring/summer styling, especially the black colourway, which is guaranteed to work with most of the pieces in your wardrobe. The velcro fastening of the shoe makes it so easy to put on and take off, which makes them ideal for when you’re in a rush. Plus, they’re super breathable; thus, they’re a must in high temperatures. 


Styling: Today, I’ve decided to style my Suicoke DEPA-Cab Strap Sandals with a cute summer co-ord and black accessories to tie the look together. They’re also great for pairing with smock dresses like this Ganni gingham piece. 


I think the key to styling Suicoke creps is to pair them with socks if the weather isn’t looking so great. Socks and sandals are a stellar combination, and I won’t be convinced otherwise.


Sizing and fit: I would recommend sticking to your true size or sizing down when purchasing these sandals because they’re easy to adjust and are comfortable no matter how you decide to adjust them. 


Comfort: My Suicoke DEPA-Cab Strap Sandals are super comfortable! You simply can’t go wrong with them, and they’ll keep your feet blister-free – even if you walk all the way around your home city.

Care: I’ve been wearing my Suicoke sandals non-stop, and I’m happy to report that they’re super easy to clean. To keep my Suicokes in mint condition, I store them in their original box which keeps them away from dirt and dust.