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15 April 2017

10 Minutes with Fashion Mumblr

A lifestyle blogger, photographer and entrepreneur, it’s safe to say that Josie Fear is an all-rounder in the fashion game.

Fashion Mumblr

The London-based influencer first captured hearts with her classic, romantic style and beautifully curated – not to mention beautifully lit – Instagtam feed. Here, she reveals her penchant for neutral knitwear and explains why Valentino Rockstuds will forever hold a place in her heart.

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1.       Name 3 words that best describe your style?


'I'd say my style is really feminine, classic and probably romantic. I recently did a romantic look book video and I feel like my style was captured perfectly all in one video, so I'd go with those three.'


2.       What are your top 3 essential clothing items?


'I'd definitely say some black ankle boots. I'm looking into investing in a more high-end pair at the moment. I've only really ever gone for premium high street designs and I wear them so much that I feel like they'd be a great investment. I would say a really classy white knit, like the one I'm wearing today. For me, I think if you select a really good one, it can elevate any outfit that you're wearing. My final essential is a designer bag, and that sounds a little bit over-the-top but I think if you invest in a bag that's the best that you can afford, you will always feel amazing when you're wearing that bag. It will really lift your outfit to a whole new level.'


3.       What designer purchases have you been most excited about?


'I would actually have to say, the designer purchase that I was most excited about was my first designer purchase, which was my Valentino Rockstud shoes. Ever since then, every designer purchase I've made has always had a meaning behind it and it's for that reason that they've always had a memory behind them. Those shoes will always remind me of my graduation because I wore them for the day and it was super special. So I'd say that they are still my most special purchase and I still wear them today.'


4.       If you could collaborate with any fashion designer in the world on your blog, who would it be and why?


'If I could collaborate with any designer, I would collaborate with Gucci for sure, because I just love everything that they have out at the moment. I think that like my style, it's really classic while also pushing boundaries, for example, with all of the embroidery that they're doing at the moment, and the dramatic embellishment. I love that the label is updating classic styles with a fresh and modern take. I think that that's something that runs through my blog as well; a classic style but always finding ways of updating it.'


5.       Who is your style icon?


'I always find this a really tough question because it changes all of the time. I wouldn't say I actually have one style icon, I more get my style from social media. Actually I do use Pinterest quite a lot, for picking out style tips from the bloggers that I follow. I'd say I get more style ideas from social media as opposed to one single celebrity these days.'


6.       Which colours and patterns do you wear the most?


'I would definitely have to say pink. I would say that I normally have something pink in all of my outfits, but the majority of my wardrobe is neutrals. For me, neutrals are white, cream and light brown colours. That's what the majority of my wardrobe is made up of and then blush pink as well, I like to incorporate it into my accessories. Things like outerwear, like the coat I've got with me today. I don't really actually own that much black, actually, I'm wearing black leather leggings today but this is probably the only black thing I have in my wardrobe.'


7.       Are there any trends that you try to avoid?


'I always try to avoid the leopard print trend and I know it comes back every single year, but I always get teased so I tend to avoid that one. Anything that's too flamboyant I tend to avoid because I like to keep my wardrobe a bit more classic. Although this year I know the over-the-top sleeve trend was massive. I definitely embraced that one even though it's quite an over-the-top trend but I felt that I could really seamlessly fit that into my style.'


8.       You have a very strong presence on Instagram. What’s the secret behind your Instagram success?


'I would say that my secret is all about engagement. I think constantly being active is really important. There's no point in posting a photo one day and then checking back a week later and wondering why your following hasn't grown. I would say my tips are to post three times a day, as an ideal number. Look at your analytics, I'm obsessed with analytics, I always like to know what my most popular posting times are.'


9.       What can we expect to see more from Fashion Mumblr in 2017?


'I think I'm going to continue to really focus on my YouTube channel. I think that YouTube is going to continue to be a big focus. I'm going to do a lot more fashion this year. I find that over time, I've played around with fashion, beauty and travel, but fashion is what my audience is really interested in. When I check my analytics, it's what gets most engagement and what gets the most sales, so I can tell that my audience are really interested in fashion the most.'


'People are very interested in what I'm wearing. I don't think there's many YouTubers that have got the exact same style that I've got, quite as feminine and girly. Maybe I've got a little bit of a gap in the market there. I'm going to try to make it a little bit more premium but without making it inaccessible for those that do maybe have a small budget.I'm not trying to replicate any body else's style. I'm going to keep it really feminine, really light and yeah, very me.'

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