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Models may have lucked out in the genetic lottery but that shouldn’t stop them using their faces as soapboxes for the causes they believe in. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we shot 3 of the ‘wokest’ models and asked them about female power empowerment. Amen.





‘I feel optimistic when I see people come together to fight for the same cause.’

– Niko


Top, from left: Saffiyah wears




‘To me, feminism means equal power, equal pay and equal rights for women.’

– Erika


Above: Erika wears




‘Equality is an absolute, it’s either a “yes” or a “no”.’

– Saffiyah


Above, from left: Saffiyah wears




‘Feminism for me in 2018 is so much more about solidarity than about specific acts or protests.’

– Saffiyah


Above, from left: Niko wears




‘For women’s lives to improve globally, we should be able to be ambitious and feel fulfilled at work, with equal pay and equal rights.’

– Niko


Above, from left: Erika wears




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