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The Best Black Friday 2020 Investment Pieces


Flawless style always has a strategy, and we advocate the classic ‘investment piece’. You’ve heard the term thrown in and around the fashion circle — and put simply, this type of wardrobe staple has a higher price tag, but because of its timeless design, it’s worth the splurge. 


What if those ultimate investment pieces were in the Black Friday sale? Welcome to our wonderful paradox. We’re lusting over designer shoesbags and clothing right across our feed, and we’ve asked our favourite fashion influencers to round-up their best Black Friday luxury pieces on sale.


And in a bid to become more sustainable with our consumer habits, adopting such a calculated approach to the winning capsule wardrobe is more important than ever. Fashion that is just as coveted today as it will be in the months to follow is a wise investment — and if the piece works in any season, and isn't tied to a particular trend, it certainly pays its rightful dividends.


Learn from these style-savvy influencers who’ve built a definitive list of classic pieces that always work. Now you can curate your ultimate base for new adventures in styling year after year.

Balmain Double-Breasted Blazer

Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow)

Based in England


‘Be prepared! It’s easy to get excited and fill your basket with pieces that may not have a place in your wardrobe right now. Think about what the existing pieces in your wardrobe are calling out for and invest in those! For example, if you have a lot of knitwear but don’t know how to take it from day to night, invest in a tailored double-breasted blazer like this one from Balmain. Wear with jeans and a pair of your favourite boots for the day, or dress up with faux leather pants and a pair of killer heels. Before you know it, your investment piece will be a staple in your wardrobe.’


You can shop Victoria's FARFETCH edit here

Saint Laurent Wyatt Chelsea Boots

Alejandro Acero (@alexacerov)

Based in Mexico


‘I already have a few pieces in my sights that I am excited to add to my wardrobe, and, of course, this is a great time to buy them. My strategy is to buy what I like, and that may surprise me. I don’t limit myself to a single colour palette, nor the same textures or cuts. I always love trying new combinations that help me express how I feel at the moment since clothes are a tool to reflect just that. The silhouette of these Saint Laurent boots is a classic that looks good today, looked good yesterday, and will surely continue to look good tomorrow.’

Nike SB Dunk Low

Celeste van Joost (@celmatique

Based in Amsterdam


‘It all comes down to how well you know yourself and your style. The more you know who you are and what you love, the less likely you’ll buy something that’s trend-led. Being inspired by the culture all through my life, the Nike Dunk Syracuse is simply an icon. It has shifted from college basketball to skate culture and now solidified itself as a streetwear staple. Every pair tells a story. I make sure the colour orange comes back somewhere else other than the shoe. Whether it’s a bag, small detail or print — it changes everything and creates a balance.’

ATP Atelier Derby Shoes

Rachael Clifton (@bubblyaquarius)

Based in London


‘I’m not one for following trends. I’ve been wearing variations of the same things for the last 10 years, so I’m pretty good at only buying into true investment pieces I know I’ll get a lot of wear and longevity out of. For me, investment pieces tend to be in basic colours such as black, tan, and navy as I know that I’ll always be into these colours and will be able to style them easily within my wardrobe. I have been a fan of ATP Atelier for quite a while now and owned a pair of ankle boots by the brand a few years back, so I knew the quality was great. I like how they have just updated a classic black lace-up derby shoe with the white stitching to make them feel fresh.’

Manolo Blahnik Maysale Mules

Hallie Swanson (@halliedaily

Based in Los Angeles


‘An investment piece must be something you are sure you will wear frequently, to match everything you already have in your closet. My favourite happens to be a pair of Manolo Blahnik Maysale pumps. Since the day I bought them, I have worn them non-stop. They are always at the front of my wardrobe. They go with almost every outfit I put together, from jeans to an evening dress, and they are also so comfortable to walk in. To this day, I try to hunt down all the new colours in the same style.’

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

Charlotte Buttrick (@charlottebuttrick)

Based in Manchester

‘I will then either bookmark the product pages I am interested in, or add a list of URLs to the notes on my iPhone. That way, when Black Friday deals begin, I can instantly check the product pages. By planning, it means I won't make any panic purchases that I will later regret. I love my Golden Goose trainers because as a white pair of trainers they go with both casual and dressy outfits in my wardrobe. They are already distressed, which means that I don't have to worry about getting any small marks or wear and tear on them as white trainers always do.’

Bottega Veneta BV Tire Boots

Lena Herrmann (@lenaherrmann

Based in London


‘I tend to buy investment pieces in neutral colours and timeless shapes so that I can combine them in lots of different ways. The Bottega Veneta Lug boots in black have to be one of my best investments so far. They look great with trousers, tucked in or not, but I also love wearing them with dresses, skirts and more feminine pieces because they break up the outfit and make it look less ‘girly’. Not only do they look great, but they're also super comfy which is always a plus.’

Bottega Veneta Mini BV Jodie Bag

Melissa Soldera (@melissasoldera

Based in Montreal


‘If it passes the test of ‘will my three-year-old daughter want to borrow this in 15 years?’, I’d say it’s classic or at least a piece I want to keep around. As a handbag lover, I typically build my outfit around the bag. The Bottega Mini Jodie is an investment — the colour makes it a statement, but the shape makes it a forever piece.’


You can shop Melissa's FARFETCH edit here

Bottega Veneta BV Tire Leather Chelsea Boots

Pelayo Díaz (@pelayodiaz

Based in Madrid


‘What I love about these Bottega Veneta boots is that they are made of the best leather and they upgrade any look. You can wear them in a very casual way with jeans and a hoodie or, on the contrary, with a sharp suit. A nicely cut blazer, a leather jacket, statement boots like this Bottega Veneta pair, or a statement coat are always my priority purchases.’

Jacquemus Le Panier Soleil Straw Hat Bag

Stephanie Arant (@shhtephs

Based in Orange County, California


‘If I can plan at least 10 outfits in my head with pieces that already exist in my wardrobe with the so-called ‘investment piece’, I know it will stand the test of time. I am not one to impulsively buy. I was looking for the perfect basket bag for both summer and autumn, and this Jacquemus bag had been on my mind for a while. The size is perfect, and the yellow accents make the bag pop alongside my neutral wardrobe. It gave me a reason to start gravitating towards colour again.’

BY FAR Miranda Shoulder Bag

Cathrine Urhammer (@cathrine_mariel)

Based in Copenhagen


‘Since I turned 30, I’ve been much better at buying true investment pieces. I normally think about the item for a longer period and if I still want it after a few weeks or even months, it will be a forever piece. My blue By Far bag is a keeper. Unique and special, it can fit with my whole wardrobe. I have been searching for the perfect small ‘over the shoulder bag’ for ages. When I saw this from BY FAR it was just meant to be.’

Manolo Blahnik Maysli Slingback Pointed Pumps

Amelia Liana (@amelialiana

Based in London


‘I have a good think about what pieces may be missing from my wardrobe so I can narrow down my search — otherwise, it can be a bit overwhelming! I treasure my Manolo Blahnik shoes, particularly my Maysli slingback pumps. This elegant design has stood the test of time, and for good reason! I love the signature buckle topper, and the slim, flared heels make them so wearable — perfect for day or night. If I'm ever stuck on what shoes to pair with an outfit, I know my Maysli's will always work.’


You can shop Amelia's FARFETCH edit here

DSquared2 Leather Waistcoat

Alex Sez de Mora (@alexsezdemora

Based in Madrid


‘There are items that I know I could wear time and time again, and others that will fade away in a few months. The first set is more neutral according to my personal style. The second set is made up of more statement pieces so I will get tired of them sooner. The DSquared2 vest is made of high-quality leather. I can wear it with a shirt or high-quality jersey. I know it’s both wearable and original.’

Prada Logo Belt Bag

Bruno Luciano (@brrunol)

Based in São Paulo


‘There is no point in filling your wardrobe with pieces you wouldn't wear more than once. Wear pieces as many times you like without worrying that you’re outfit repeating — this is conscious consumption. My investment pieces are my Prada bag and a Carhartt hat. They’re timeless, comfortable and versatile for the sun and rain of São Paulo.’

Bottega Veneta The Chain Pouch Bag

Holly Pan (@hollyhpan)

Based in Washington D.C.


‘My time-tested strategy for Black Friday is building a wishlist early, checking the best deals available beforehand, setting a total budget, and only buying pieces you truly love. I tend to invest in a unique style that can hold down the fort on its own or a classic style with a twist, especially when it comes to accessories like bags and shoes. The Bottega Veneta Pouch bag has been such a sensation because of its revolutionary design. It changed how we see handbags, it has become a go-to accessory. With the introduction of the chunky chain, it adds instant glam and sophistication to any look.’

Versace Jeans Couture Bomber Jacket

Leo Chan (@levitatestyle)

Based in New York City


‘It can be overwhelming with the sales — I always make a list of my top designers and sort by the highest discount for the most saving. The Versace Jeans Couture bomber jacket is a great elevated essential and it’s reversible too. It features the iconic Versace baroque design on one side and a minimal but bold font approach on the flip side. I can easily mix and pair the jacket with boots or trainers, depending on the day or event to fit the setting. Reversible jackets are a great travel style piece because you get two looks out of one piece.’

Dr. Martens Contrast Stitch Ankle Boots

Tonya Smith (@themoptop)

Based in Portland, Oregon


‘There are just some pieces that feel more classic and less trendy. I do love trends here and there but the excitement can quickly fade away. Blazers and trousers have been a favourite go-to autumn outfit for me lately. Pairing Dr. Martens with this look makes it a little edgier and effortlessly cool rather than just a traditional heeled boot. They pair well with a long coat and jeans or with a warm puffer jacket. Or, if you want a simple look, they would go great with a knit or blouse. I also love that these boots could easily transition into spring outfits, such as maxi dresses and cardigans. I think investment pieces should be versatile and these are!’

Prada Chunky Sole Derby Shoes

Sinead Crowe (@sineadcrowe)

Based in Stamford, Lincolnshire 


‘For Black Friday I always write a list of everything I want (or potentially want), and I always try to have my Christmas shopping list ready to go or else I end up frantically doing it on the day! I usually try to treat myself to one investment piece per year. I'll wear these Prada shoes year after year, and they just take a simple everyday look to the next level. I knew they would be a great investment piece because of how many similar styles I already own and how much I wear them — looking at your most worn pieces in your wardrobe is a great way to decide which pieces you should be investing in.’

Chanel Pre-Owned Drop Earrings

Monroe Steele (@monroesteele)

Based in New York City & Miami


‘I find that keeping a list of items I want or need to round out my wardrobe helps keep me from buying things I won't wear or use. My investment pieces tend to be the ones I wear the most because I want to get the most wear out of them. I reach for them a lot more and I don't mind wearing them often because that is what an investment piece is for. You should be enjoying your pieces, not letting them collect dust. Although I love trends, they come and go but it's what sticks and what resonates with you that matter the most. I've been wanting some Chanel earrings forever and just never found the right pair until I saw these.’


You can shop Monroe's FARFETCH edit here

Salvatore Ferragamo Viva Flat Ballerina Shoes

Luisa Accorsi (@luisa)

Based in Brazil


‘Timelessness has a different meaning for everyone, so I think it’s important to be aware of your style and to pick an item based on this. A true investment piece is something you can wear multiple ways, that matches things you already have and love. My Viva Ballet Flats from Ferragamo are a true investment piece. A ballet flat is always a classic, and this new Ferragamo version has a pointy toe that is trendy and makes me feel taller without the heel. I can see myself wearing them for a long time with different looks. I could dress them up with a girly dress, or dress them down with jeans and a T-shirt.’

Gucci Ace Low Top Sneakers

Fer Medina (@fermedina)

Based in Mexico


‘One of my favourite investment pieces are my white Gucci trainers. They have a retro touch which I love, and they are versatile so I can wear them with almost any outfit. Invest in high-quality staples that you can buy once and own for a lifetime.’

Jacquemus Le Bambino Mini Bag

Julia Comil (@juliacomil)

Based in Los Angeles


‘A true investment piece has to match your style, your taste, and your lifestyle. It’s not an item that you buy to look like you’re in the latest issue of a fashion magazine. Invest in colours that highlight your face and skin tone and, if you can, mix them with neutral colours. I only choose classic graphic patterns (polka dots, checks, houndstooth), as it is what I have always worn over time.’


‘I have been obsessed with Jacquemus’ small handbags. Although I love them, I was waiting for a version that will hold my phone. That’s why I instantly bought the small Le Bambino bag. I can fit my phone and credit card, and the bag is still super tiny. Plus, it has the ‘Jacquemus-je ne sais quoi’ factor — an organic shape that looks effortless and different at the same time. I chose the black version as it goes with everything in my wardrobe.’

Burberry The Long Westminster Heritage Trench Coat

Alyssa Lenore (@alyssa.lenore)

Based in New York


‘My rule is to always go in with a game plan. Properly assess your existing wardrobe and purge if you need to. Make note of the holes you need to fill in your wardrobe so that you don’t get overwhelmed when shopping during Black Friday. My style is very simple and casual. I like to stick to classic designs, especially when it comes to investment pieces like a Burberry trench coat. There are moments where I immediately want to jump on something, but I try to think about my existing pieces — if it’ll work with my lifestyle and if it’s both durable and practical.’


You can shop Alyssa's FARFETCH edit here

Chanel Pre-Owned Double Flap Shoulder Bag

Mirian Pérez (@honeydressing)

Based in Madrid 


‘An investment piece is versatile — something I can wear on any occasion both day and night. I know that Coco Chanel wanted women to have the same natural comfort that men already had, and Chanel bags are timeless. Whatever the trend of the moment, they will never go out of style.’

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