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Home Decor Inspiration & Styling Tips by Influencers



Home styling is all about creating a renewed, functional living space that works for you. Whether it's picking out that perfect Scandi-cool vase, stacking coffee table books or choosing a delicious Fornasetti candle — the ultimate piece can mark a personal stamp on your everyday surroundings.


But just like fashion, it’s worth honing in on your favourite home interiors to discover your personal style. With more interior inspiration online than ever before, trawling through too many Pinterest pages can knock you off track. But what if you could use newfound knowledge to be your own interior designer?


Some of our favourite home interior influencers invited us inside, and we couldn’t RSVP quick enough. Find out about their new pieces from Farfetch and see how they style our designer picks within their homes. We’ve got their home decorating tips, too. From Copenhagen to California, London to Mexico City — we cover everything from cosy inner-city apartments to sprawling ranches. It’s time to make your living space worthy of a magazine spread.

Mila Large Table Bowl By Pulpo


Zeena Shah (@heartzeena)

Based in London


Describe your home interior styling


“I live in a rented one bedroom flat in East London. We're so lucky to live in a listed Art Deco apartment block. It's been here since the ‘20s and it still has a lot of the original features intact. The building feels like you've walked into a Wes Anderson movie with a pink staircase and blue and white panelled details.


“I am a maximalist — I always have been. As much as I'd love to be a minimalist, I just love beautiful things and really enjoy curating every space in our home.


“Travelling is also a huge source of inspiration. Indian textiles and colours are part of my heritage and so I love to bring those into my home. I'm a huge fan of Moroccan rugs and ornaments and the simplicity of Scandinavian design. I soak it all up and then make it mine.”


How does the Mila Large Table Bowl by Pulpo complement your home design?

“I’m a bit obsessed with pink in the home. It's such a great way to bring some colour into a space. This bowl is also beautifully designed by a brand called Pulpo whom I have been a fan of for a long time. 


“I love that it makes you wonder what it should be used for. It could be a bowl for fruit, or it could be a serving dish. It's art for the home!


“I used it to perfectly position some fruit. Pink and green should always be seen, and the way I style my home is dictated by these colour combinations. I'm playing with the idea of fruit as art and bowls that aren't really bowls! I'd also happily pop it on a shelfie with a candle on top or the centrepiece of a dinner table. Now that I think of it, it would make a fabulous cheese board.”


 Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“I like to encourage my community to be playful and have fun with their homes. Life is too short for black and white living. When we spend so much time at home it makes sense for me to fill a home with pieces that bring joy daily. 


“You could also create a gallery wall — ours is a collection of photographs, prints collected from our travels and young illustrators that we want to support. As we live in a rented flat, we've used our picture rail to create a removable gallery wall. You could do the same with removable adhesive strips — they're a game changer for renters.”

Fferrone Design Vase


Ashley Kane (@ashleykane)

Based in San Francisco


Describe your home interior styling

“My husband and I live in the charming neighbourhood of Cow Hollow in San Francisco. We lucked out with our Victorian apartment, which is full of charm and character. Our kitchen and bathrooms are also updated which is a rarity in the city.


“I am hugely influenced by European design, so living in an old unit with creaky hardwood floors, high ceilings, and crown moulding makes me really happy. I would describe my interior style as charming, comfortable, and collected. I have looked at our small one-bedroom space as a starting point to slowly accumulate things that are unique and special for our future home.


“I look to design books (I collect them) and The World of Interiors magazine. I also love getting lost on Pinterest. Inspiration is truly everywhere — watching a film I will be instantly captivated by a stunning room in the backdrop.


“Nothing inspires me more than experiencing a new place with fresh eyes. I have heart palpitations over beautifully designed boutique hotels and restaurants, too. I think a lot of my personal aesthetic roots from an admiration for spaces that are thoughtful down to every detail.”


How does the Fferrone Design Vase complement your home design?

“For the past few years, I have been collecting from Fferrone's Dearborne collection — they are like little works of art. We included them on our wedding rehearsal tabletops when we got married last summer.


“I collect vases and have a penchant for all things scalloped and ribbed, so I treasure the charming designs.


“I love an effortless, freshly picked, garden-to-vase vibe. Flowers bring me so much joy on their own, but having a few stems sit pretty in this vase is next level. I really love the look of a few lilies sitting pretty in the Fferrone vase. So classic and effortless. Set your arrangement in the sun for maximum effect!”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“I think the most important thing is that you surround yourself with what makes you happy. Style and collect things slowly and well — I would rather have one beautiful thing in a room than filling the space just for the sake of it. Make every detail count.”

Bowls by PCM Design


Hallie Swanson (@halliedaily)

Based in Los Angeles


Describe your home interior styling

“I live in a suburb in the always-sunny and bright Los Angeles. Our house is a 70-year old ranch house. It allows us to grow a lot of trees and do some serious organic food gardening. The house itself is 2,650 square feet. It is very strong because it is made from concrete block with steel reinforcement, including the interior walls. For the interior, we have been transitioning from a traditional farm-style look to something a little more modern.


“I like to look for inspiration everywhere, Pinterest, home decor magazines, Instagram — even homeware brand catalogues.”


How do the PCM Design bowls complement your home design?

“We have a lot of trees and leaves at home, and green always soothes our soul, so these pieces fit perfectly with our vibe. Most of the items are very colourful with a cheerful spirit.


“These PCM Design bowls are the perfect colour and shape to be around the pool with us, especially with some cherries, strawberries, and some occasional splashes of water.”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“I always believe that home is where the heart is. I go with what I like and I style my home in a way that makes my family happy. My husband and my son also love these new pieces, and that’s what matters.”

Overose Candle


Lareese Craig (@lareesecraig)

Based in Brighton


Describe your home interior styling

“I live in a Victorian maisonette in beautiful Brighton. We’re fortunate to have the sea and the Sussex downs right on our doorstep. My interior style is a real modern mashup — a blend of laid-back Cali-chill punctuated with older thrifted second-hand pieces to add personality. I like to use a mix of neutral, earthy tones as a base palette to create a space that’s calm and considered but still liveable.


“Using natural materials such as wood and rattan work to anchor each room and create a sense of visual harmony. I’m drawn to everything from the textures and tones of Morocco to Scandi minimalism and the boho Australian aesthetic. Instagram is a great tool for being able to pull inspiration from all over the globe and collate it in one place to make it work in a period property in England.”


How does the Overose Candle complement your home design?

“Light and mood are the key pillars of my interior styling. The Overose Candle is like the scent of a sweet Sunday morning in spring set in wax. It’s clean and blissfully romantic — whether it’s on the fireplace in the lounge or on my bedside table, it gives me permission to slow down and enjoy a moment of calm.


“I’ve styled the Overose Candle with my antique bust, books, a vase and a piece of artwork. Candles work wonders for softening open shelving or filling any little gaps. It’s also great to stagger taller objects with smaller decorative items to layer a mantelpiece and create balance.”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“I felt a sudden rush to complete each room. You need to live in the space to get to know it properly; from its quirks and angles to how the sunlight falls on the walls. 


“Strip it back to the essentials and don’t feel the need to fill every available space. Bringing the outdoors in is such a mood-booster, especially if you’re living in a city like me and don’t have a garden.


“Another great tip if your space allows is to use furniture and a rug to create a zone within a room. Top tip — when it comes to rugs, always go bigger. I’ve made the ‘rug island’ mistake before so I speak from experience. Go big or go home.”

Pink Love Handles Vase by Annissa Kermiche


Cathrine Urhammer (@cathrine_marie)

Based in Copenhagen



Describe your home interior styling

“I’ve been living in Copenhagen for the last 10 years. Last year we moved into an area closer to the ocean. You still get the city vibe but without the traffic.


“I love using vintage pieces with history to create a cosy and vibrant home. I only choose items that we will actually use, and I keep things minimal. I love to mix new Danish designs with some old classics.


“I stack interior magazines in my home for decoration. I love to save decor inspiration in my saved folders on Instagram and arrange them in different themes.”


How does the Love Handles vase by Annissa Kermiche complement your home design?

“I’ve wanted the love handles vase from Anissa Kermiche for so long and it’s finally mine. The amazing pink colour matches my everyday mood. It brings joy, good energy and love into our home. 


“I love female empowerment and how the designer combines a contemporary aesthetic with a cheeky edge. I adore her sculptural designs which match perfect with my quirky sense of style. (She’s) been in every corner of my home. It depends on my mood where I want to put the vase. It looks gorgeous on its own, but I love adding flowers.”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“Try painting your own art pieces. Some might turn out not worthy to hang on the wall, but that’s fine. I love to use bright colours to bring in personality into my home and it’s so relaxing and calm to paint.”

Paper Porcelain Vase by Hay


Hege Morris (@hegeinfrance)

Based in Glasgow


Describe your home interior styling

“We live in a mid-century detached house in a village near Glasgow. The house has large windows and evergreen views, so our home has a real sense of calm. Being Norwegian, my Scandinavian roots and love for Nordic design feature heavily in the interiors. I like to add texture, neutral colours and green plants and to keep our home quite minimal. 


“Most of my inspiration comes from Instagram these days. That’s normally where I discover new items first. Instagram feels fresh and inspiring and it’s great to see homeware in a real home setting. I follow mostly Nordic home influencers and brands, but I also find inspiration from fashion. The two go hand in hand, especially when it comes to colour trends. 


“I find a lot of inspiration in print, too. My favourite publications are Cereal and Kinfolk. There I discover more Japanese inspired homeware which I think works well with Scandinavian design.”


How does the Paper Porcelain Vase by Hay complement your home design?

“It’s a piece I’ve been admiring for a while. It looks beautiful on its own or with flowers, which I think is important. A well-designed piece should be able to hold its own empty. I like objects that are timeless, and this is definitely that.


“As I love bringing the outside in, I’ve styled the ceramic Hay vase with my much loved dried flowers and grasses. These basically last forever and are a great alternative to buying fresh flowers all the time. I also feel like they make everything seem quite peaceful.


 Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“Go with what you like more than what’s on-trend. It’s easy to follow trends, but a home should feel like a safe place and somewhere you enjoy spending time. 


“When we move to a new house, I like to live there for a while before making big decor decisions. Natural light is important to me, so I like to see where light moves over the course of the day and to see what would work where. 

Overose Candle


Luisa Ferss (@luisaferss)

Based in Mexico City


Describe your home interior styling

“I live in a beautiful penthouse in Mexico City with a breathtaking view to appreciate the sunset.


“My interior style can be described as girly. You can walk into my apartment and really get to know my personality through every detail. It can be a plant, a coffee table book or the photos on my fridge.


How does the Overose Candle complement your home design?

“I adore perfumes, home scents, aromatherapy and candles. It was love at first sight: pink, iridescent, made in Paris and smells good.


“I want my home scent to be original but also something that represents my personality. I chose three different scents: Anthurium, Valkiria and Anamorphine. That last one is my favourite, described as dreamy pink peonies and sparkling raspberry lemonade with a splash of rosewater and a dash of kaffir lemon.”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“I found out if you put ‘aesthetic’ after any word on Pinterest you can find a lot of inspiration and artistic photos of what you’re looking for. So, that’s kind of my hack — bathtub aesthetic, flower vase aesthetic, book aesthetic. It works!


“Indulge in things you love: a big coffee table book, a fancy set of glassware, a piece of art you really like. If it really makes you happy then you’re not spending, you’re investing.”

Black Popotin Ceramic Vase by Annissa Kermiche


Charlotte Buttrick (@charlottebuttrick)

Based in Cheshire


Describe your home interior styling

“My home is in a small town, not far from Manchester. Last year we moved locally to a new build development, so we started with a blank canvas.


“I would define my interior style as modern and minimal with a nod to Scandinavian design. Throughout our home, you will find muted tones of grey, white, and off-black as I like to keep a cohesive colour scheme. I also love to contrast modern features with industrial accents.


“Before decorating or dressing any rooms in our new home I create my own mood board to visualise how a room will come together. I will also do this by clipping and saving images of the items on my wishlist to get an idea of how they will all work together. My second port of call is to search hashtags on Instagram for any specific homeware item or vibe I am looking to recreate.”


How does the Popotin Ceramic Vase by Annissa Kermiche complement your home design?

“I love this tongue-in-cheek design as a symbol of femininity and female empowerment. I usually look for classic pieces that will last a long time, which is probably why I don't experiment with colour. You can't go wrong with monochrome and simple shapes. 


“This is also my first sculptural inspired piece in my home, and I will definitely be on the lookout for more sleek styles. It fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of our box room that I have recently redressed during lockdown.


“It coordinates with my prints and minimal furnishings. I had some pampas grass that I wanted to find a home for, and I think it works a treat. I would definitely say that it is the show-stopping piece adorning my mirror selfie backgrounds.”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“Your home should be your happy space and reflection of your personality. If you aren't 100% sure on a paint colour or wallpaper, try a few more testers and be sure. I know from experience of painting a whole room and then hating it a month later.”

Stag Antler Glass Dome by Lorenzo Milano


Alyssa Lenore (@alyssa.lenore)

Based in New York City


Describe your home interior styling

“I grew up in New York City and I recently bought a house in the suburbs. My style is definitely simple — a lot of neutrals — but I love playing around with different tones and textures.”


How does the Stag Antler Glass Dome by Lorennzo Milano complement your home design?

“I chose the Lorenzi Milano Stag Antler Glass Dome because it's such a great decorative accent for anyone who loves candles (I do). It's a great way to retain the scent of a candle when it's not in use, but it's also such a beautiful decorative piece with the glass and antler detail.


“It is currently on our console table by our front door and I think it adds the perfect touch. It's styled alongside books, magazines and vases, and the Glass Dome really stands out. Not only is it beautiful — I love that it's functional too”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“Sticking with neutral colors doesn't have to be plain and boring. Play around with different tones and textures to curate your space. When it comes to decorating and styling, take your time. Wait for pieces that really speak to you and create a space that you love to be in.”

Magic S Sheer Jars by Normann Copenhagen


Shloka Narang (@thesilksneaker)

Based in London

Describe your home interior styling

“My home is an inner-city apartment in London. My space works with my personal style — a clean and modern aesthetic that is sprinkled with bits of colour and unique corners of personality. I always look to create balance in the space. Just as I dress myself, my apartment is filled with little pockets of character, from the coffee table to the bookcase. Scent is also incredibly important to me, and I love to change the fragrance of the space each season. 


“When it came to dressing the apartment, I dedicated boards and sections of my Pinterest account with doses of inspiration for every room. I love to see how others decorate their homes on Instagram and I enjoy using it to discover brands that are up-and-coming. It’s all about finding that one piece that can make all the difference!” 


How do the Magic S Sheer Jars by Normann Copenhagen compliment your home design?

“I was immediately drawn to the yellow and blue Normann Copenhagen Jars because of their colour. Because my space is mainly neutral, I love to add pops of colour in different corners. The yellow and blue came together so beautifully. I also love the varying shapes of the jars. They’re so easy to style and versatile. 


“I can use them as vases with flowers to create a beautiful arrangement in our kitchen, or on their own on the coffee table as decorative pieces.”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“Be aware of colour. It looks very elegant to keep the space neutral overall, but if you’re after a more modern feel then go in with a few drops of colour through the space. I tend to mainly accessorise with primary colours. I also love to add texture to the space with home accessories, such as blankets on chairs and small marble trays.””

Michael Verheyden Calleporte Geometric Doorstopper


Taylr Anne (@taylranne)

Based in California


Describe your home interior styling

“My fiancé and I live in a little home near the beach. Our lifestyle is heavily influenced by the ocean and being in the sunshine, so we love where we live and being just a quick drive to the Californian sand. 


“We spend a lot of time at home, so having a space we love is sacred. I am drawn to Mediterranean interiors, natural textures and colours — our home reflects that. We went to the south of France last summer and I was inspired by the hotel we stayed at (Hôtel Les Roches Rouges). I brought that inspiration back home with me. 


“The majority of the pieces in my home are all vintage or pre-owned. I found the most beautiful Picasso exhibition poster with the original frame hidden in the back of a vintage shop near my home. My coffee table is a mid-century Lane wood table and tucked underneath is a hand carved, vintage Spanish table I found at a consignment store. Every piece tells a story.”


How does the Michael Verheyden Calleporte Geometric Doorstopper complement your home design?

“The Michael Verheyden door stop is so beautiful. I love this piece because of its natural material and colour. 


“We have a small atrium in the centre of our home and we love to allow the fresh breeze to come through. Before we had a beach stone holding the door open, but this is an elevated upgrade.


“Depending on the day — if I am sitting in the garden, watering plants or relaxing on my couch inside — keeping the door propped open is so nice. I love the weight of this door stop as well, and I know it won’t fall over with a strong breeze.”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“When it comes to home styling, less is more! I think the most beautiful homes are the ones where everything has a place — almost as if each item you have is a work of art. Collect pieces every time you travel to cherish. Choose natural materials and those that will leave little to no impact on the environment. Make your home cosy and inviting, and always leave the windows open for lots of fresh air.

Menu Stem Glass Vase


Linh Niller (@linhniller)

Based in New York


Describe your home interior styling

“My beloved New York City apartment combines Scandinavian minimalism and Mid-century modern. I love neutral colours mixed in with subdued, earthy tones like moss green, terracotta, and brown.”


How does the Menu Stem Glass complement your home design?

“I fell in love with the Menu Stem Glass Vase when I first saw it. It is elegant, simple, and timeless — it ties in with my style effortlessly. How I create and build my wardrobe is how I decorate my apartment. It must have those three characteristics!


“I styled the Menu Stem Glass Vase on my dining/ bar table. It can be placed just about anywhere in the apartment.”


Can you share your home styling and decorating tips?

“Less is more. Start decorating slowly to see how pieces and details speak to each other. If it feels like it's missing something, add in accordingly. Don't rush the process. Decorating a home is a gradual development. You'll know what step to take next by working with the big pieces first and then focusing on the details like books and vases.”


“Be mindful of the proportions between the furniture and the room itself. It's important to have flow and openness in your space, as to not feel cluttered. Your home is your sanctuary from the world — create your space with love and beautiful details that you will appreciate day in and day out.”

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