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Marine Serre: a sizing, fit and styling guide


Marine Serre is not your typical sustainable designer. The rising French designer’s distinctive brand of hybrid fashion creates sportswear and haute couture silhouettes worthy of Paris’ greatest luxury houses, yet executes them using fabrics taken from the world’s unwanted garments –– whether that’s unwanted denims, vintage silk scarves or unused bed sheets and lace tablecloths. And, although Serre would be the first to say that she doesn’t see herself as a sustainable designer, sustainability is clearly something that comes naturally: as a teenager, she collected and wore vintage garments before she ever understood the fashion world at large. That a sense of eco-consciousness has been intrinsic to her character rather than just another buzzword adopted by yet another brand says everything about what Serre believes about the fashion world: there should be no ‘sustainable designers’ as such; every brand should just be sustainable.


With tenures under Raf Simons at Dior, Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen and Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga, alongside becoming the youngest ever winner of the LVMH prize (as decided by fashion heavyweights Karl Lagerfeld, Phoebe Philo and Nicolas Ghesquière) Serre is uniquely qualified to headline an upcycling revolution in the fashion industry. And with celebrity fans like Beyoncé, Dua Lipa and Adele, the revolution is well underway. Before exploring the brand’s athleisure pieces — including tops and leggings adorned with its signature crescent moon — keep reading for our Marine Serre sizing guide.


The Marine Serre Size Guide:

Photography by Karo Rutkowska


Éloïse Gendry-Hearn (@eloisegendry)


SEO assistant at FARFETCH and fashion Instagrammer based in London, United Kingdom


I started seeing the iconic crescent moon design all over the place just over a year ago and I was instantly obsessed. I think the Marine Serre approach to sustainable fashion shows a lot of nuance; it’s not just about finding alternative fabrics but actually repurposing and upcycling existing fabrics which is really exciting. The tights are my second Marine Serre piece, I got a crescent moon long-sleeve top last year and have pretty much lived in it since.



The tights are so easy for me to style with my wardrobe, it’s a lot of fun finding new pieces to layer up with. Today, I paired the tights with a vintage tartan kilt which is really visually pleasing to me. I love pattern on pattern. To go with the layered prints, I went with a slightly more easy-going Paco Rabanne tee and white Telfar shopping bag, which I think helps to break up the outfit a bit. I finished the look with my autumn go-tos –– a beige mac and black Margiela Tabi boots. 

I love these tights and have been wearing them constantly since I ordered them, they make a chill outfit instantly more exciting with zero effort. Marine Serre feels very fun to wear, this pattern definitely stands out and it’s perfect for layering with a ton of different pieces. I think the fact that Marine Serre is sustainable definitely does wonders for the face of sustainable fashion as it’s worlds apart from the cheesecloth sacks and hessian fabrics that are usually associated with eco-fashion.


Sizing & Fit:

I think the nature of the Marine Serre pieces I own lend themselves to being a very comfortable fit. Both my tights and top are a size small which fits me perfectly, I’m a UK size 10. I would generally advise that Marine Serre fits true-to-size, but don’t worry about pieces running too small –– stretchy fabrics look best when they are tighter.



I wash my Marine Serre top and tights at 30 degrees as I do with most of my clothes. Just another reason why I love these pieces –– there’s no fuss and they don’t need to be dry-cleaned. It also adds to the sustainability of the clothing, it requires less heat, less energy and no solvents; it’s a much more sustainable way of looking after your clothes.


Jenee Naylor (@highlowluxxe)


Fashion and lifestyle YouTuber and blogger based in Virginia, United States


I first learned of the brand in 2019 via social media, I believe Beyoncé was the first person I saw in the famous print! These are my first pieces of Marine Serre but I’ve since added more to my collection and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 



My outfit is the crew neck top and matching foot in pants in the classic print in the colorway royal blue and black. I paired the set with an Isabel Marant Etoile coat and Prada Monolith boots, adding these elements gives a little more coverage and makes the look more appropriate for fall. I love the contrast between the different textures and tones of blue in the outfit. I typically use this Marine Serre set as a base and layer on top of it to create interest and break up the print, I also love wearing the top on its own with denim. 

I’ve always considered sustainable brands to be more classic and timeless, so I love how this feels more current and cool. Marine Serre have shown a different side to sustainability that's refreshing, offering something trendy and of the moment while still feeling easy to wear. 


Sizing & Fit:

The Marine Serre sets are pretty typical, they’re easy to wear and make a statement. They are true to size, but if you have a larger chest you could size up so that you don’t lose the intensity of the pattern across the chest. 

Marine Serre pieces feel incredible to wear. How comfortable they are to lounge around in yet how easy they are to layer for a day out is a major draw for me. They make me feel cool and a bit edgy which I love.



I wash my Marine Serre pieces on cold and let them air dry to ensure they don't shrink — I doubt they will, but that's just me. They’re great at holding up in the wash and the color is just as vibrant as the day I bought them.



You can shop Jenee's FARFETCH edit here

Angelica Bucci (@angelicabucci)


Fashion Instagrammer based in São Paulo, Brazil


I first found out about Marine Serre around two years ago through Courtney Trop's Instagram profile (@alwaysjudging) and since then I’ve been following the brand on social media. I love its aesthetic, visionary perspective of the future and its capability to express it through the collections. These are my very first pieces from the brand (they were actually a birthday gift to myself) and I’m very excited about them.



I chose the Second Skin Body Top Brown and the Jersey Leg Brown. In this case, I simply combined the two pieces together without adding any other layers because I wore this outfit during quarantine at my house and I wanted to be comfortable and easy. I chose these pieces because they are super easy to mix and match in order to create different looks. 

Marine Serre clothes make me feel confident and strong. I believe that happens not only because of the great product, but the brand also has genuine values that are aligned with my own, which makes the whole experience even more special.


Sizing & Fit:

Marine Serre sizing is true to size. They fit really well and their finish is perfect! Great quality and presentation, I was very happy about this when I received my pieces. 



It’s very easy to take care of Marine Serre clothes. You can use the washing machine or wash them by hand.


Cassie Thorpe (@casscass2102)


Luxury fashion YouTuber based in London, United Kingdom


To be honest I only found out about the brand because I saw Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner slaying Instagram in Marine Serre clothes! I thought to myself, ‘I don’t know what this brand is, but I’m living for it’! Since then, I’ve come to learn a lot more about the brand, the designer herself and the brand’s sustainability initiatives, which I love and find so important. This is my first piece from Marine Serre, but it definitely won’t be the last –– I’m currently looking to buy a matching top and leggings set so I can live out my best Beyoncé dreams in a head-to-toe look.



I usually don’t really do patterns, but there’s something about this top that makes it so easy to style and layer. I almost treat it as a second skin or base layer for a look. In this outfit, I wanted it to pop, so I paired it with black jeans and a black blazer. At the same time, I didn’t want the look to be too predictable, so I went with chunky sneakers (which I feel plays well against the tailoring of the blazer) and an interesting yet still neutral bag. This way the top still gets the attention it deserves, and is styled in a simple way without the overall look being boring.

I feel like there’s this weird connotation that if a piece of clothing is sustainable it’s something hippies in the 60s would wear. With Marine Serre, if I hadn’t known it was sustainable I would never have suspected it was because it’s so much like a second skin. A lot of other designer brands need to take note of how Marine Serre has executed designing and producing sustainable clothing that’s fashion-forward and comfortable.


Sizing & Fit:

I initially bought this top in a small which is my usual top size but I returned it for a medium which I’m much happier with. In small, the top stretched quite a lot, which meant some of the coverage of the top was lost and it became a little see-through. The top is meant to be tight and very close to the body but not uncomfortable, so I would suggest going up one size. In medium, although I still have to wiggle a little to get it on, once it’s on it's comfy and I forget it’s there after a few minutes.

The top is nice and stretchy. The material is thin and breathable but much more hardwearing than I expected (I scrunch it up and pull it down and it slides all over my jewelry without snagging), which makes it great for layering, especially when transitioning between seasons.



Thankfully you don’t need to dry-clean the Marine Serre top or do anything particularly fancy in order to keep it looking as fabulous as the day you bought it. I machine wash it at 30 degrees and then hang it to dry on a clothes horse –– that way the shape of the top will remain intact and the stretch will continue to work as effectively as it should. I’ve washed it a few times since I bought it and the colors are still vibrant and I’ve had no issues. I’m really impressed with how durable the top is; it moves well with your body and as long as you look after it, it will continue to serve you looks.



You can shop Cassie's FARFETCH edit here

Kristen Bateman (@kristenvbateman) 


Fashion and beauty writer based in New York, United States


I’ve been following Marine Serre as a brand since her spring/summer 2019 collection. It was around that time that a lot of people in the industry started talking about her as a rising talent. What I love about the brand is that she consistently delivers her own unique vision. She definitely has her own aesthetic and she’s also eco-conscious using a huge amount of upcycled fabrics. But she does it in a way that’s so different from other labels who are eco-conscious. My first purchase from Marine Serre was a black and red moon top followed by the tan version.



I love wearing Marine Serre’s moon tops as a layering piece. They’re an alternative to wearing a boring button-down or turtleneck and the form-fitting nature of the tops means they look great under everything. They also look great on their own with a pair of jeans, but lately I’ve been wearing mine under sleeveless tops. I find that it’s a really cool way to add depth to any outfit.  I recently wore the red and black version under a Prada tube dress with a contrasting black and red pattern. I also styled the same top in tan under an extremely dramatic, backless Noir Kei Ninomiya top with a red and pink Marni skirt.

In terms of other sustainable brands, Marine Serre stands out above all else as one that knows how to make clothes that feel relevant, new, intriguing and still slightly accessible. The top is under $300, which is a lot less than many pieces from other runway designers in the same category.


Sizing & Fit: 

The stretch moon tops are almost within their own category when it comes to fit. They are quite sheer and fit almost like shapewear. They’re extremely form-fitting and the darker shades are especially flattering. The fit is true to size, but for those who are bustier like myself, I would recommend taking a size up because the darker colors tend to stretch a lot around curves and get a little more sheer (you can even see this when Beyoncé wears the top in ‘Black is King’). If the stretch top is too tight, it also tends to roll. Since it’s such a form fitting top, in my opinion, it’s better to size up rather than down.

This Marine Serre top is really comfortable and instantly makes me feel more dressed up. The brand is now more recognizable than ever and it feels really special to have a piece of it. It’s also a very comfortable top; the kind you could literally wear every day with jeans or under a runway piece.



The care tags of my Marine Serre stretch moon tops say to put them in the washing machine and dry by hand. You’re not supposed to use heat, dry-clean them or put them in the dryer. However, the fabric is quite sheer and delicate and I fear putting it in the machine with my other clothing. I’ve been handwashing my tops with Woolite and drying them by hand which has worked really well. In terms of taking care of this kind of shirt, I would recommend being careful of snagging sharp objects and jewelry on it. I also made the mistake of ripping the tag off my tan one, rather than cutting it off with scissors, and it left a tiny hole. So be careful since the fabrics are basically lightweight polyamide/spandex blends.


Sabina De La Cruz (@sabinadlacruz)


Fashion Instagrammer from Mexico City, Mexico


I first heard of Marine Serre in 2018 when I went to the Corona Capital festival in CDMX and Lorde was wearing the iconic Marine Serre blouse with the moon logo all over it. After that I started noticing the brand everywhere, I saw Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers wearing it all the time and I loved it. I love the simplicity of the brand but I love that at the same time it can elevate any look that you wear. My first piece of the brand was, in effect, the same blouse Lorde was wearing that day of the concert. 



I’m wearing the beige Marine Serre blouse with black moons. I like to wear the blouse by itself, it’s such a statement piece that speaks for itself so I like it to be the center of attention in my outfit. But, at the same time I feel that I can style it with pretty much everything, I like to wear it with a graphic tee over it so only the sleeves peek through, and the same with vests, strappy or short sleeved dresses. It’s a very good piece for layering and is extremely wearable. 

Marine Serre makes me feel powerful, I always love a piece with a print. This one feels like a second skin so it’s very comfortable. In some way, it kind of makes me feel futuristic, in general I perceive the brand as futurist. I love the way that recycled fabrics are used to create such cool pieces. When one thinks of pieces created with recycled fabrics the first thing that comes in mind is something boring or old-fashioned but Marine Serre does exactly the opposite. Sustainable fashion is the new future. 


Size & Fit:

Pieces with the well-known print of the brand with the moons all over it, they run true to size. I’m normally a size XS in clothes that are tight to the body so that’s the size I chose. I like it tight but not too tight, and now I think I could’ve probably gone for a size small instead of extra small. It’s because of the type of the fabric, it feels a bit tighter than blouses from other brands, but in general Marine Serre runs true to size.




I’ve always been very careful with my clothing, I take care of them as if my life depended on it. You can wash your Marine Serre pieces in the washing machine but it’s always safer and better to wash it by hand ––  it's less damaging for the clothes. If my blouse has a little stain I prefer to spot clean by hand instead of putting it through the washing machine. It's well known that washing your clothes less (of course this can’t always be avoided) prolongs their life cycle.


Isabelle Chaput and Nelson Tiberghien (@young_emperors)


Creative directors and fashion content creators based in Paris, France 


We don’t remember exactly the first time we became aware of Marine Serre but we remember seeing some of her iconic moon print pieces styled in looks on K-pop live performances and it just looked so cool. We loved the concept of the full bodysuit, which felt very fresh, and then discovered the brand’s whole unique universe. It’s so artful and different, we just fell in love. Sustainability in fashion is an important topic right now and is very necessary, so it’s wonderful to see high-fashion brands like Marine Serre upcycling and changing the way fashion is made. This will hopefully have a domino effect on the industry and become standard amongst other brands as well. Marine Serre has shown that sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality or design.



We wanted to give these looks a summer feeling but also wanted to add an edge to them, and Marine Serre’s moon print bodysuit pieces were perfect for that purpose. The sun hat, swimsuit and wrap skirt are very reminiscent of summer, but paired with the moon print turtlenecks the whole look is transformed and transported somewhere else.


Sizing & Fit:

The moon print pieces in particular are made of a stretchy fabric which fits very well on any body shape. They’re very comfortable, almost like a second skin, and are easy to pair with other items and style.



Like any pieces you cherish, love them and they will love you back. And hand wash them. 



Marine Serre Size Chart:

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