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Valentine's Day Gifting Guide




Hailed as the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to spread some gratitude amongst your loved ones. Whether it be a way to celebrate your romantic partner, raise a toast to your Galentine, or simply show your family how much you love them, it can be hard to think of the perfect gift for 14th February.


Fear not, all you need is love — and some top tips from the experts with our Valentine’s gift guide. Scrap the conventional chocolates and flowers, and indulge in unique offerings for everyone in your life (even the ultra-minimalist friend who proves a nightmare to buy for year on year). Whether she’s an all-over glamour icon or he’s the king of streetwear, there are plenty of good ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021 that you can put your heart (and sneakerhead sole) into.


We’ve spoken to the romantic gifting gurus about their cute Valentine’s ideas for him and her, as well as how they intend to spend the day (even if that means indulging in a little self-love). 


Avoid the last-minute love notes — and get those presents signed, sealed, delivered from yours truly.

Saki Chatphatthanasiri  @xsakisaki

Vivienne Westwood mini Kelly crossbody bag


Saki, talk us through your ultimate Valentine’s outfit and how you’ve styled it:

I love things that are a little different that show off the adventurous side to my style — so I chose the Vivienne Westwood mini Kelly bag because it’s wonderfully unique. Since the bag is dainty and fun, I styled it with an outfit that exemplifies the fun side of femininity. This beautiful Self-Portrait pink dress with long lace sleeves and white thigh high boots complement each other well.


The Vivienne Westwood piece gives off a vintage vibe, so I created a look that interprets vintage in a modern way with the addition of white boots, pearls and gold accessories. To top off my outfit, I’ve paired it with my Kate Spade pink coat — I’m definitely a pink lover, you can never wear too much.


What makes this a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone with a feminine, romantic style?

A handbag is a great gift in general because it’s not only a great accessory to any outfit, but it’s functional too — making it great for any style. I think the Vivienne Westwood bag is the epitome of someone who is feminine and romantic, it’s beautiful. The curve in the bag’s design is reminiscent of a women’s figure and it reminds me of the tail end of the classic Romantic era. All the details — from the size to the clasp on top of the bag — exude a style that is similar to bags of the 1920s.


What gift would you give to a friend on Valentine’s to show them you care?

I think the best gifts are personal to the individual you’re giving it to. I love treating my friends to some sort of accessory because you can cater it specifically to them. Because of this, I think a bag is a great gift to give on Valentine’s Day to anyone in your life. 


By picking a colour and design personal to whom you’re gifting to, it makes for a special present. Not only can you show off your friend’s personal style, but they can also use it day to day. I’ve even bought bags for my husband as gifts before and, even though he isn’t fashion conscious, he still loves the functionality of it and uses it every day to carry items to work. 


How will you be spoiling yourself and practising some self-love?

This year I plan to relax on Valentine’s Day by taking some time to myself and spending some time with my husband as well. I imagine we’ll start the day off with some good food, and possibly find some recipes for a delicious home cooked meal. 


On this holiday, I love to indulge in some rom-com movies while sharing a couple glasses of wine. The perfect end to Valentine’s Day would be a hot, relaxing bath — perhaps with some online shopping on my phone.


Which other gifts best reflect your personal style?

As someone who enjoys gifting handbags and loves the colour pink, I think anyone with a feminine and romantic style will enjoy both the Love Moschino cross-body bag and Furla 1927 cross-body bag.


For those who are looking for other gifts besides handbags, I think that accessories such as earrings or necklaces make great gifts as well. I would recommend the Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace along with these Tory Burch pearl earrings, they are so beautiful and classic. 

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Despina @youstrikemyfancy
Paco Rabanne paillette-embellished mini bag


Despina, talk us through your ultimate Valentine’s outfit and how you’ve styled it:

For the last couple of months I’ve been looking for a mini bag that would fit only the essentials — a timeless piece that I could keep forever. Paco Rabanne accessories never feel outdated, with its iconic retro-futuristic approach. It was love at first sight with this bag’s design and colour. I instantly imagined what an interesting contrast it would make styled with lace, silk and tulle, so I paired it with my most beloved silk pieces and my sheer lace skirts, to create some evening looks. 


It was also a great match with my grey cashmere jumper. And though it looked absolutely amazing against vivid colours, such as lime green and mint blue, I was surprised by the elegance of the outfit styled tone-on-tone. 


What makes this a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone with a feminine, romantic style?

My approach to romanticism and femininity deviates from the existing idea. For me, it’s all about combinations and accessorising; soft forms upgraded with the confidence of bold details, bodycon silhouettes balanced with volume, fragile textiles empowered with leather details — these are just a few examples of my ideal feminine-romantic couplings. 


This Paco Rabanne bag consists entirely of leather paillettes and though there’s a medieval twist, its mini size and colour contrasts with the archetypal references.There’s nothing more feminine than the element of metallic chain links.


What gift would you give to a friend on Valentine’s to show them you care?

I love spoiling my friends with things they really want. I try to take notes of things they like throughout the year, then I tailor my gifts to the occasion. For Valentine’s day, I especially prefer to give jewellery — not classic-style jewellery, but rather statement fashion pieces like a bold pair of silver earrings or a unique ear cuff. 


It has to perfectly fit with someone’s personal style and be something only a good friend would know. Ideally, gifts shouldn’t always be objects you practically need, but rather small gestures of luxury that make you really happy. For my best friend I’ve already bookmarked this pair of Paco Rabanne earrings.


How will you be spoiling yourself and practising some self-love?

Ι’m always looking for reasons to spoil myself, so Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity. As a freelance writer, I have a flexible schedule and I make sure to leave this day as free as possible; there’s nothing more relaxing than indulging in a hot bubble bath and a hydrating face mask. I’ve spotted a fantastic Jacquemus slip dress that I’m definitely gifting myself for the day. 


Fresh flowers are on the menu too. Due to general lockdown in Athens, restaurants are closed, but some of my favourite dinner spots operate with delivery services, so I’ll be able to enjoy a fancy meal with my significant other.


Which other gifts best reflect your personal style?

I’ve been a shoe lover for as long as I can remember, so I’m always in search of the perfect pair. If I was to buy just one as we speak, my ideal choice would be the Manu Atelier strappy sandals. They are barely there, yet sport the perfect kitten heel — they’re very sexy and elegant.


For my first post-Covid party, I intend to wear the absolute party top — a silver semi-sheer blouse by RtA that perfectly matches my vintage leather trousers and all my evening miniskirts.


This Alix NYC bodysuit is versatile, the ultimate no-brainer garment, perfect to wear under your blazer for a business meeting, but also amazing for dinner and drinks after.


I’ve also spotted this beautiful silk skirt by Lee Matthews, which I’m going to wear with all my jumpers and chunky boots. The gold hue, much like a fancier version of neutral beige, makes it a wardrobe staple.

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Dylana Suarez @dylanasuarez

AREA crystal-embellished two-tone mini dress


Dylana, talk us through your ultimate Valentine’s outfit and how you’ve styled it:

I chose this dress because of it’s bold metallic fabric and romantic heart-shaped neckline that is so fitting for Valentine’s Day. What’s so interesting about this dress is how it changes to different colours when you move, I love that. I styled it with my favourite pair of earrings and a fun pair of tights to complement the colours on the dress.


What makes this a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone with a glam style?

This dress gives off so much creative energy — with it being heavy on metallic and shiny detailing, it’s perfect for someone who loves to showcase her glam side, as well as her inner artist. This dress is for the risk-taker and someone who really appreciates the little details, so it’s perfect for a friend who loves to get dressed up and show off. 


What gift would you give to a friend on Valentine’s to show them you care?

I would get a friend a unique piece she can use to decorate her home for Valentine’s Day. I love beautifully coloured glassware and vases because they are pieces that can be kept forever and showcased as art items. The other gift would be a standout, timeless pair of earrings. I believe Valentine’s Day is all about going extra with the accessories. 


How will you be spoiling yourself and practising some self-love?

I will be spoiling myself with a home-cooked meal — Cacio e Pepe pasta for my husband and me, paired with a glass of red wine. It’s one of our favourite meals, and it's fitting for Valentine’s Day. For self-love, a spa day and a full-body massage treatment sounds like the perfect thing. Nothing beats a few hours to just unwind and relax the body and mind.


Which other gifts best reflect your personal style?

This oversized Jacquemus blazer jacket is so much fun and it’s my favourite fit on a jacket. What says Valentine's Day more than a bright pop of pink? I love gifts like this which have a sense of humour and are just so cute to look at. This Gucci snake mug is just such a fun, kitschy home item to add to your kitchen. This Staud shoulder bag is chic and timeless, it goes with just about everything and makes a great gift for all. I adore the oversized shape of these Bottega Veneta glasses and their nostalgic style. They instantly make every outfit cooler.


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Lily Montasser @lilymontasser

Balenciaga logo embroidered cap


Lily, talk us through your ultimate Valentine’s outfit and how you’ve styled it:

My style is pretty simple, so accessories are crucial to bringing my outfit to life. I love this Balenciaga hat because it’s versatile and will add a streetwear edge to literally anything. Whether it’s a gym outfit, a bikini, joggers, or jeans and a leather jacket — a Balenciaga hat is the cherry on top to making whatever outfit you’re wearing instantly that much cooler.


What makes this a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone with a streetwear style?

To me, knowing a person’s style really shows that you understand them and care for them. I’ll never forget the time a boyfriend gave me a piece of jewellery that was so not my style and I thought, ‘does this guy even know me at all?’. If the person in your life has streetwear style, they will love this. 


What gift would you give to a friend on Valentine’s to show them you care?

I’d give a friend a small indulgence that will elevate their everyday life. Maybe that’s a nice candle, a pair of designer sunglasses, some really chic underwear, or a designer phone case. Something useful but that they’d never buy for themselves. 


How will you be spoiling yourself and practising some self-love?

I typically like to spoil myself with a spa day. Since that’s not really an option right now, I’ll take a few hours to turn my phone off — take a bath, put on a face mask and just disconnect from the world.


Which other gifts best reflect your personal style?

You can’t go wrong with this Bottega Veneta shoulder bag, or the Balenciaga crocodile effect bag. Of course, the Gucci Ace 50 platform trainers are a must — I also love this Vetements top.

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Sheryl Luke @walkinwonderland

Amina Muaddi Ami 95mm satin pumps


Sheryl, talk us through your ultimate Valentine’s outfit and how you’ve styled it:

I love Amina Muaddi’s shoe design and this is my second pair from her collection. There’s something so sexy and cool about the shape of the heel. This Valentine’s Day, I wanted something outside the box — something bright and fun. I think we can all relate to that this year. I styled it with a sage green ribbed dress and threw on an oversized fringe knit to keep cosy. This sage, navy, chartreuse colour palette feels like ASMR for my eyes. My version of feminine, pretty and romantic. 


What makes this a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone with a romantic style?

You can never go wrong with gifting the woman in your life a great pair of heels. This particular pair is not only for Valentine’s day — it’s for any day and anytime of the year. The colour is so chic and I love the way they elevate any outfit. 


What gift would you give to a friend on Valentine’s to show them you care?

Self-care and self-discovery have been a big part of 2020, so something like this stripe-print bath robe would be such a wonderful gift for someone. It’s certainly a piece that will be put to a lot of use.


How will you be spoiling yourself and practising some self-love?

I'm planning on sleeping in since it’s a Sunday. I’ll make some homemade blueberry pancakes with my husband (with lots of whipped cream and maple syrup). Later in the day, I’ll make a refreshing bubble bath with a big glass of wine next to the tub. 


Which other gifts best reflect your personal style?

My faves are this bias cut slip dress from Voz, they go really well with the Saint Laurent Héritage Radiating Heart earrings. I also love the Jacquemus Le collier Chiquita necklace and Aquazzura pumps.

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Charlotte Illidge @c_illidge

Manu Atelier Jackie leather shoulder bag


Charlotte, talk us through your ultimate Valentine’s outfit and how you’ve styled it:

I chose this Manu Atelier bag as it’s the perfect staple bag for any wardrobe. One thing that really grabbed my attention was the rich, mahogany-like colour. 


I’ve styled the bag with two different looks — one light, one dark. Tan bags are great with any outfit and I love how the colour pops against both. My personal favourite is the beige suit. There’s something about suits that make me feel really put together and confident... even if it’s with a jumper underneath.


What makes this a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone with a feminine, romantic style?

I think it would make a great Valentine’s Day present as it’s really versatile. The size is perfect for everyday use, but it's also great for date nights and evenings (once we’re allowed out). 


It definitely draws inspiration from female fashion in the sixties. I think bringing this into the modern day in itself adds a really romantic element to the bag. I think it would also make an outfit look more feminine due to the aesthetic of the bag being quite boxy. 


What gift would you give to a friend on Valentine’s to show them you care?

Thoughtful gifts come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve always loved the idea of giving jewellery to friends as a sentimental touch. Jewellery is so personal but it’s always nice knowing that when they wear that piece, they’ll look at it and think of the thought you put into it. 


I also love the idea of gifting an ‘experience’ rather than something materialistic. Once lockdown is over, we’re all going to want to explore and potentially travel again. Wine tasting or something you can experience together is really thoughtful.


How will you be spoiling yourself and practising some self-love?

I’ll definitely be putting on a face mask, maybe I’ll unwind by watching a film, making myself something nice for dinner and having a glass of wine or two. It’s not often we actually get time to slow down and take time for ourselves so, I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do exactly that. 


Which other gifts best reflect your personal style?

If I’m being honest, my FARFETCH wish list is huge, so narrowing it down to four items was tricky. 


As a menswear designer, I’m hugely influenced by men’s fashion and tailoring. I couldn’t narrow it down to four items without including a blazer. This Gucci one is an absolute dream — I adore the signature giant lapels. I also love this necklace by Laura Lombardi. I think the chunky links are what made it stand out for me. It’s such a gorgeous length and would be perfect worn with a white T-shirt and jeans, or dressed up with a slip dress. JW Anderson is a designer I’ve always loved. Despite not owning any of his pieces, they’re definitely something I aspire to add to my wardrobe one day. This trench coat is definitely something that reflects my personal style. I'm drawn to staple pieces that have small details or points of difference, so the contrast collar and stitching is right up my street. Finally, these Eytys Ortega boots. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love a chunky sole.

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