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How do Dr Martens Fit? Your Sizing and Fit Guide


Once a factory workwear brand, then a sartorial symbol of skinhead subcultures, Dr. Martens has a rich history that just about anyone can appreciate. Perhaps this explains why the once-niche footwear label has become a hit with the fashion crowd in recent years. Or perhaps it’s got something to do with the brand's collaboration with cult fashion brands (e.g. Dr. Martens x Yohji Yamamoto, Dr. Martens x A-COLD-WALL* and Dr. Martens x Atmos).


Unless you’ve owned a pair of Dr. Martens before, you’re probably curious about the way the thick leather – or vegan leather – stompers fit. We know we were before we first picked up a pair. So, to help you make an informed decision, we got in touch with four Dr. Martens-wearing style mavens and asked them to share their experience with the British-made shoes. Oh, and we also threw in questions about Dr. Martens comfort, care and styling for your reading pleasure. 


Dr. Martens Overview


How do Dr. Martens fit?

Dr. Martens fit true to size, but it may take a few weeks to break them in.


How comfortable are Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens create some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. They’re almost as comfortable as a pair of sneakers!


How does one care for Dr. Martens?

If you want to keep your Dr. Martens looking fresh and polished, you may want to pick up a pack of wet wipes and some Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam. 


Dr. Martens Sizing and Fit Guide

Misho Amoli (@mishoamoli)

YouTuber, content creator and model based in Madrid, Spain


I'm a huge fan of Dr. Martens as they're a symbol of comfort, style and personality. I have a lot of Dr. Martens in my shoe collection, and I particularly love their quintessential boot silhouettes worn by several people for several reasons. If you ask me, an outfit will always be successful if you’ve got a pair of Dr. Martens on your feet.


How do Dr. Martens fit?

Now, this is a question a lot of my followers ask me. I think that each person will have their own opinion on Dr. Marten sizing; in my opinion, they fit TTS (true to size). 


How do you style Dr. Martens?

I wear my Dr. Martens to all occasions as they go with everything. I wear them with both extravagant ensembles consisting of lots of layers and striking accessories and casual ensembles that usually look like a thin knitted sweater – by Stone Island, if I can help it – paired with some straight jeans. 


How comfortable are Dr. Martens?

It's no secret that Dr. Martens make the most comfortable boots on the market. Sure, you’ll need to allow the shoes to adapt to your feet, but once you’re past that stage, you’ll find it hard to take them off.


Some of my followers who’ve recently converted from sneakers to Dr. Marten boots have informed me that they were surprised by how comfortable they found the boots. I guess it’s easy for anyone to fall in love with a pair.


How do you care for your Dr. Martens?

I must admit that I favor beaten, scratched and aged Dr. Marten boots over brand-new pairs. I like my shoes to tell a story. For this reason, I do not tamper with my Dr. Marten boots, as the battered look reminds me of the memories I’ve made whilst wearing them.


Dr. Martens Sizing and Fit Guide

Joel Moore-Hagan (@moorehisstyle)

Fashion and lifestyle content creator based in New York City, USA


My favorite style of Dr. Martens boot is the Dr. Marten Bevan Boot. The silhouette is a unisex style that features a wrap-around buckle that snakes it way around the boot. It’s been two years since I first purchased my Bevan Boots, and I must say that I’ve been obsessed with the shoe ever since I first laid my eyes on them. 


How do Dr. Martens fit?

All of the Dr. Martens I’ve ever worn fit true to size. I think it’s important to wear all the time in any weather conditions when you first pick up a pair to loosen the leather a little.


How do you style Dr. Martens?

What I love about Dr Martens is that they’re timeless and work with a range of looks. I can wear them almost every day of the year. 


In the warmer months, I wear them with denim and linen pieces. In the colder months, I style them with eye-catching coats and denim. Even though the Bevan boots are a little edgy, I love the juxtaposition of pairing them with something dressy like a white button-up blazer or lace-adorned denim.


How comfortable are Dr. Martens?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most comfortable, I’d give them an 8/10. Please note this rating applies to broken-in pairs, not brand-new pairs. 


FYI, if you rock a new pair of Dr. Martens every day, they should be broken in within 2 weeks. 


How do you care for your Dr Martens?

Dr. Martens are super easy to take care of. After each outing, I clean both boots with a damp towel and subsequently store them in my closet. 


If I feel like my boots need a little TLC, I’ll use Dr. Martens’ Wonder Balsam the night before I wear them again to give the shoes a polished finish.


Dr. Martens Sizing and Fit Guide

Anja Sarea (@anjasarea) (She/Her)

Content creator based in Stuttgart, Germany


Honestly, my Dr. Marten Jadon boots are my absolute favorite boots to wear. I bought them about 4 years ago, and I wear them every season as they work with all kinds of looks – and so does my flatmate! I love how they add a touch of grunge to my attire (and, apparently, so does she). 


How do Dr. Martens fit?

Naturally, it depends on the model. For Dr. Martens without a platform, I tend to opt for a size up; For Dr. Martens with a platform (like my Jadons), I tend to opt for my true size. 


How do you style your Dr. Martens?

In summer, I wear my Dr. Martens with dresses and skirts of different lengths and styles. In winter, I like pairing my Jadon Dr. Martens with black, usually flared, pants. 


Today, I’ve styled them with a beige linen dress and a brown bag. I love the autumnal feel of the look.


How comfortable are Dr Martens?

I thoroughly enjoy wearing my Dr. Martens, especially the Jadons. I feel like the platform adds an extra layer of comfort to the shoe. 


Having Having said that, I must admit that they do feel a little bit heavy. You do have to get used to wearing them.


How do you care for your Dr. Martens?

When it comes to cleaning my shoes, I'm incredibly lazy. However, these are very easy to look after. 


Usually, I clean them with a wet wipe – I find makeup wipes are the most effective. I then store them in my closet, but you can store them anywhere you like.


Dr. Martens Sizing and Fit Guide

Charlotte Buttrick (@charlottebuttrick) (She/Her)

Content creator based in Cheshire, UK


Dr. Martens are a wardrobe staple because they’re practical, durable, stylish and comfy. I often wear the Dr. Marten Pascal Boots created with super soft leather that has a slight sheen. I’d definitely recommend this silhouette to first-time buyers.


How do Dr. Martens fit?

Dr. Martens fit true to size, and they are great for wide feet. If you do have narrow feet, you may want to consider sizing down. 


If you are struggling with wearing them whilst you break them in, stick a sanitary pad around the heel to avoid getting blisters.


How do you style your Dr. Martens?

My everyday style is minimal, comfy and smart/casual; thus, Dr. Marten Pascal Boots work well with my style. You’re most likely to catch me wearing them with leggings whilst walking my dog or with jeans whilst playing with my son. Although, I do also wear the boots with a dress if I want to add a masculine edge to my dressy look.


Today, I’ve styled my Dr. Martens with my Acne Studios leather jacket over a comfy knitted dress. I’ve also added my Saint Laurent Sac De Jour to the look. 


This is a typical outfit I would wear to the shops, to dinner or drinks because it represents me. I just love to mix feminine and masculine styles.


How comfortable are Dr. Martens?

My Dr. Marten Pascal Boots are super comfortable as they sit at the perfect height, they’re easy to loosen, and they never feel too tight. Plus, the sole is super flexible, so they are easy to move in.


How do you care for your Dr. Martens?

I give my Dr. Martens a slapdash clean now and again – if I’ve been on a muddy walk, I’ll hose them down and rub off any scuffs with a baby wipe. 


I store my Dr. Martens in a shoe cupboard, and I tend to place a pair of sports socks inside to maintain the shoe's shape.



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