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Get Your Skate On

‘I was nine years old when plastic skateboards arrived in Italy from mystical California,’ says Massimiliano Giannelli, the owner of the eclectic Florence boutique Société Anonyme. ‘My father bought me a skateboard as a birthday gift, and it was love at first sight.’

The skateboard is Massimiliano’s transport of choice and, this winter, he will be weaving through his city’s streets on a design of his own creation. Da Flat Fish is a ‘cruiser skateboard inspired by vintage surfboards’, he explains. ‘I wanted it to have a surf feeling, as it did when skateboarding first began.’

Da Flat Fish comes in a yellow-striped version that evokes the warmth of sunny California or a blue-striped board inspired by glassy waves. It is handpainted and has transparent turquoise wheels, reflecting Société Anonyme’s dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

When it comes to the perfect attire for skating, Saturday Surf NYC, Kitsuné Tee and Comme Des Garçons Play are Massimiliano’s labels of choice, collections that share an aesthetic with the relaxed ripped-denim and calf-socks look of the pioneering Seventies Californian skateboard rebels the Z-Boys.
‘Many skatewear brands today have an aggressive approach to style,’ he says. ‘There are too many skull and cross bone logos inspired by heavy metal and punk music. There are different ways to live this sport. You should surf the streets, but not break them.’


First skateboarding memory: Bombing down a hill in Florence in the summer of 1978

Top Skateboarding Icon: Alex Knost

Favourite Skateboarding Trick: Turning at fast speed inside a bowl, like surfing a concrete wave

Ultimate Skateboarding Location: Cruising and carving in Florence’s biggest park Le Cascine, along the River Arno

Top Skateboarding Track: Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper

by Laura Hawkins