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Words by Ryan Thompson, Photography by Jumbo Tsui.


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Claiming he could ‘never compare [his] aesthetic to words’, designer Daisuke Obana prefers to let his collections do the talking… and N.Hoolywood’s statement is one worth listening to. Japanese-born Daisuke has long been interested in blending modern streetwear with his own interpretation of vintage workwear to create a wardrobe designed to be lived in. We caught up with him to discuss all-nighters, wearability and letting the future happen.





On retro inspirations

‘When working in a vintage store I wanted to make clothes with the quality that vintage pieces didn’t have, or create pieces I wished were vintage. That’s how it all started.’


On starting out

‘I must have been about 27 when I moved to Tokyo. It was after I started the brand. Before that, I commuted from my hometown and worked overnight every day for maybe 3 or 4 years. It was definitely a good decision; the city provided me with a lot of inspiration and opportunity.’





On the N.Hoolywood customer

‘I don’t have anyone in particular in mind when I design, instead I make clothes based on things that inspire me or my everyday surroundings. People that wear my clothes are individuals with a strong sense of self: each piece should allow the wearer to express themselves.’







On creative collaborations

‘Collaboration offers are something we truly appreciate. They’re often a chance to strongly express our ideas and bring a positive impact to whoever we’re working with. It gives rise to exciting creations.’


On evolving the brand

‘Often my desire to express a theme is so strong I end up making “works of art” rather than wearable pieces. We present collections twice a year, but I’ll always be adding little tweaks. If I start to feel sick of it, I think “That’s it! The end!” but we continuously review our work to change and progress.’


On the future

‘Absolutely no idea!’


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