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The Ultimate Travis Scott x Nike Trainers Sizing and Fit Guide



Since 2017, Travis Scott has slowly etched himself a place on the Mount Rushmore of trainer collaborators. Nothing sends shockwaves through the sneaker community more than the drop of the latest Travis Scott trainers. Quite frankly, he’s leaving his carefully sculpted rock neighbours (earth)quaking in their Yeezy’s and Off-White’s. 


There’s not many brands, let alone individuals, that Nike would allow to tinker with seven of their most popular silhouettes, but Travis is one of them, and with good reason too. Have you seen man’s trainer designs?! They’re just as trippy and mind-blowing as his music. Here’s just some of the innovations Cactus Jack has pioneered in his collabs – the removable swoosh, the first-ever reverse swoosh in the history of Nike, and stash pockets on an Air Jordan 6. He’s also one of four creatives blessed with the opportunity to rework the iconic Air Jordan 4 (can you guess the others?). Let’s just say, everything Travi$ touches is ‘La Flame’.


Sadly, if you’ve missed out on every single one of the Travis Scott Nike shoes, then it looks like you’ll have to pay big bucks to get a pair now, and we know that can be a scary thing. What if you get the wrong Travis Scott shoe size?! How do you take care of your very rare and expensive trainers?! Don’t sweat it, Farfetch is here to get you all clued up before you spam ‘Buy Now’, and we’ve got help from all of your favourite sneaker influencers too. You’ll have a pair of Travis Scott trainers on feet in no time. Time to go Sicko mode.





Released: November 2019


Jonathan (@cran)

Sneaker Instagrammer from Toronto, Canada


I’ve been a fan of Travis Scott for many years, dating all the way back to his early Soundcloud albums like ‘Owl Pharaoh’ and ‘Days Before Rodeo’. I remember hearing some of his early work and thinking it was unlike anything I’ve heard before in hip hop, it blew my mind. I remember seeing him in Toronto at a local club with only a few hundred people and to this day it was one of the most energetic performances and concerts I’ve ever attended. What inspires me about Travis Scott is that after all these years he’s still got that energy that is unmatched by any other performer. I think it’s this energy that makes him culturally relevant. That kind of energy is contagious and palpable, and I think it shows through everything from his music to his trainers.

What I was told by Nike about the inspiration behind the newest iteration of the Travis Scott Air Force 1, was that it was designed as an ode to his roots and the resilience of the community that inspired him and Chase B. The materials and construction were made to be hard-wearing, for those working in hard conditions. Visually, this is presented through the canvas, camo, zippers and buckles. It feels inspired by workwear, which I absolutely love. I’m a big fan of Carhartt WIP, Sassafras and Junya Watanabe which all have that Japanese workwear inspo. I think that’s what makes this pair so different from other Nike Air Force 1’s, there are so many different materials on this pair.

Comfort and Fit:
In terms of comfort, it’s an Air Force 1. There’s no real ground-breaking technology or upgrades in comfort. Having said that, the upgraded materials do make the trainers a bit more comfortable than a traditional Air Force 1. I typically always wear Nike Elite socks, which have a bit of extra padding built-in, it definitely helps with making these a bit comfier. All that to say, these are still comfortable!.
I feel like these fit more true to size (TTS) than standard Air Force 1’s or other AF1 collaborations. The materials are thicker, so on-foot it feels snugger snug than traditional Air Force 1’s. I’m typically a size 8 across the board (Jordan 1’s, Blazers, Epic React 87s, etc) and in most Air Force 1’s I wear size 7.5. I would recommend going true to size. Worst case scenario, it’s always better to have a bit of extra room rather than having your toes squeezed.

What I love about this pair of Travis Scott trainers is that they have a gum outsole, and most of the time these never really show signs of wear. I’m not a big fan of spraying my shoes with sneaker stain repellents and what not. In my experience, some of the products I’ve used in the past tend to change the appearance of or discolour certain materials. The only product I’ve used comfortably has been Jason Markk because they have a lot of water-based products, rather than chemicals. In terms of keeping them looking fresh, I usually just give each of my pairs a quick clean after wearing them. This little ritual goes a long way.





Released: October 2019


Victor (vctorfdez)

Sneaker Instagrammer from Barcelona


I've been a Travis fan since his second mixtape ‘Days Before Rodeo’! From then to ‘Astroworld’ and up to now, I've seen how he’s climbed to the top of the best rappers! I'm a big fan of his style too especially his vintage t-shirts and cargo pants. With the Travis Scott Nikes, the cool thing is that he’s taken his favorite silhouettes and given them his own personal touch, it's very rock’n’roll.

The Air Jordan 6 is my second favorite model from the Jordan brand and I love that Travis has been able to add his own personal spin on the AJ6 with the pockets. I like them because the outside pockets remind me of the Harley Davidson side bags, and I’m also in love with the ‘Cactus Jack’ detailing. In my opinion, the materials & details on his AJ6 are better than the Air Jordan 1. He is a great creative with his merch too. He released two sets of merch for both the AJ1 & AJ6 and they were pure fire with my favourite being from the AJ6 release. The hoodies & pants were absolutely crazy.


Comfort and Fit:

They are as comfortable as the normal AJ6, but have slightly better materials. They absolutely fit true to size for me, but everyone’s feet are different so the size can change a lot.



If you treat them with care, you can keep them looking nice. I protect mine with Crep Protect. 





Released: July 2019


Shengyi (@shengyikoh)

Sneaker Instagrammer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Travis Scott started from the bottom, from nothing to one of the most influential artists right now. He inspired the young to believe. I think his character and music matched really well with Nike. I highly recommend Travis’ documentary film ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ which is available on Netflix.

The Travis Scott AJ1 was the first-ever reverse swoosh in the history of the Air Jordan 1. I am a big fan of AJ1 so it was a must cop for me. The mocha colourway makes this pair of trainers one of the easiest to match with trendy outfits. 


Comfort and Fit:

The AJ1 is famous for its durability, but as they were first launched in 1985 they’re made with 34 year old Nike technology so comfort wise I’d say they’re normal. For me every pair is TTS because I don’t have wide feet, so I’d suggest you go half a size up if you do.



This colourway of the AJ1 itself is really easy to take care of. I normally don’t use protector but I do use Crep Protect wipes to clean mine, they’re very convenient. Sometimes I’ll send them to ShoeMo, a sneaker cleaning store in Malaysia. Sneakerheads should always wear their trainers with extra care. 





Released: May 2019


Niklas (ezcape)

Sneaker Instagrammer from Berlin, Germany


Travis Scott has been a huge influence on me since his ‘Days Before Rodeo’ mixtape and then his signing with Kanye. I’ve always liked his individuality and style, his attitude and rawness. Everything he touches turns to gold, and his concerts are insane!


The Jordan 1 silhouette is a classic, there‘s no doubt. When I heard Travis actually partnered up with Nike to put his own twist on the trainers, I had high expectations. He killed this collaboration, combining decent tones, high-quality leather, nice details like the little hidden pocket, Cactus Jack branding and a never-seen-before reverse Swoosh. 

Of course there are other great Jordan 1 silhouettes out there, but Travis by not only switching colours but creating a whole new sneaker – like Virgil did with the Off-White Jordan 1‘s – made this one so special.


Comfort and Fit:

I personally think the Travis Jordan 1‘s and the Jordan 1, in general, are pretty comfortable shoes. Perhaps Nike could think about using new sole materials like Adidas did with their Boost System, but still there is not much need for improvement. The Travis AJ1 fits TTS, like every other Jordan 1 model. So if you, for example, wear a US10 in Jordans, AF1 or Nike Blazers, you should be good with a US10 in these.



Since the shoes are darker, and the white tones are already more of a vintage off-white, the shoes look kind of used already. Therefore, you don’t have to be scared of making them dirty. If you still feel like cleaning them, I‘d suggest cleaning them with Crep Protect Cure. I’ve used a lot of different cleaning brands and this one is affordable, easy to use and the results look decent. Thank me later.





Released: August 2018


Julian (@theytookj)

Sneaker Instagrammer from Munich, Germany


What do I love about my Travis Scott Air Force 1? Very easy! It’s one of the cleanest silhouettes of course – having been inspired by the standard AF1 – but with a special twist. It’s crazy he switched out all the materials and ironically he invented the removable Swoosh before Nike did with the ‘Swoosh Pack’. Furthermore, you can wear them on any occasion by dressing them up or down.


Comfort and Fit:

When I compare them to normal AF1’s they are way more comfortable, which is understandable because of the cotton upper on the Travis Scott Air Force 1. Sizing is an important factor when it comes to collaboration shoes, not only because they are usually worth a lot more than normal pairs, but also the creatives behind them tend to go a little more fitted than others. I’ve gotta say in normal AF1’s I wear a US10 but in the Travis Scott’s I wear a US 9.5, so a half size down guys and girls!



When it comes to keeping this special pair clean you should definitely know what you’re doing! Don’t use wipes (e.g. Crep wipes) on the upper, these will stain your shoe because you only rub the dirt even deeper into the upper and we don’t want that. I personally use the standard Crep Protect cleaning kit and the brush it comes with, this is perfect and will get them all shiny and clean again.





Released: June 2018


Clemens (@c__k_)

Sneaker Instagrammer from Kitzbühel, Austria


Travis, as we all saw in his documentary, really started from nothing and got to where he is today by hustling hard day in day out, and I respect that! For me, it’s easy to pinpoint why I like the Travis Scott Nike collabs so much. Just like we all said with the Virgil x Nike that came two years ago, they’re just so different and refreshing! All the details on the Travis Scott trainers are amazing – the zipper on the last AF1, the secret pocket on the AJ1 – and it’s all these things that makes them so special. 

The details on the Air Jordan 4 Cactus Jack are just crazy and that’s what makes them so unlike anything else! Also, these were his first Jordan’s to be released to the public and not just friends and family. The material on this pair is very unique, and there’s something so special about that blue colourway.


Comfort and Fit:

Travis and Nike didn’t change the fit on these, they are completely the same as a normal pair of AJ4’s so there should be no difference in sizing. Go TTS.



My one tip is to use Crep Protect. The protector is a good way to maintain the material on this pair, and from time to time also use the cleaner on it.





Released: February 2020


Alojz Abram aka ‘Gramps’ (@jaadiee)

Streetwear and sneaker Instagram influencer from Germany



Travis is currently one of the most influential people on the internet, lots of young people admire him for his style and see him as a role model. I like that Travis pushes boundaries and does his own thing. Each Nike collaboration he’s done has been different and featured something unique, whether it was the inverted swoosh on the Jordan 1, the multicoloured 3M lining on his first Air Force 1, or the tongue attachment on his most recent AF1 collab. Every shoe is unique and looks good.


I love the mixture of colours, fabrics and patterns used on the upper of the SB Dunk Low. I'm usually not a big fan of too many patterns on a sneaker, but on the Travis Scott SB Dunks, everything works together surprisingly well. Just like a couple of other SB dunks, the outer layer of the upper wears off while skating and reveals another design underneath. I love that attention to detail! Plus, compared to other SB dunks, the hype around the Travis release was unbelievably high!


Comfort & Fit:

The Nike SB Dunks by Travis Scott feel pretty stiff at first, you need to wear them in before they get comfortable. For example, the SB Dunks aren't as comfortable as Jordan 1's straight out of the box, however, as soon as they're broken in they're super comfy!

The Nike SB Dunks have a pretty narrow cut around the mid-foot area but overall fit true-to-size for me. I like my sneakers to fit snug, so the Travis Scott Nike SB dunks are perfect for me. If you like your shoes to be more loose-fitting, I'd suggest going up half a size, otherwise, you should stick to your true Nike size. 



The Travis Scott SB dunks are pretty easy to take care of. I don't usually use any products to protect my sneakers. They're just sneakers at the end of the day, they’re supposed to be worn. 





Released: May 2020


Matt Ridout (@mridout96)

Director of SEO at Farfetch, sneaker YouTuber and Instagram influencer from London, UK


Travis Scott is relevant. He’s just doing everything right for me at the moment; he has the most popular collaboration with Nike right now, his music is consistently off the charts, and he’s tapping into platforms like Fortnite to reach his audience.

In a similar way to what Virgil did with Off White and Nike, Travis has stamped his personality into many of the classic Nike silhouettes, but as the 270 is a relatively new design it’s been interesting to see how he’s made it his own. For me the colours and textures are what stands this apart, there’s genuinely nothing else like it out there; from the fleece material around the heel to the removable paint on the mid/outer sole – it’s crazy but in a good way.


Comfort & Fit:

I’m not going to lie, the 270 definitely isn’t the comfiest sneaker in the world. While it has React technology in the front and an Air bubble at the back it feels quite stiff on feet for me. It’s certainly not uncomfortable but versus something like the Dunk, there’s no comparison.

The Travis Scott 270 Cactus Trails fit true to size for me, which is pretty much the same as all Nike’s (they just do sizing right I guess).



All my Travis Scott sneakers stay in boxes when they’re not on my feet, mainly to avoid them getting dusty or fading in the sunlight. On feet, I do use sneaker protection spray and to be honest, I check the weather before choosing what to wear. If it’s a sunny day with a 0% risk of rain then some of my rarer sneakers make an appearance


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