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brandsThursday, April 29, 2021

The Ultimate Converse Sizing & Fit Guide



Arguably the most influential basketball trainer of all time (sorry MJ), the Converse All Star has been around since 1917 when it became North America’s first mass produced basketball shoe. Since then, it’s gone through a number of changes. In 1932, it was renamed after Chuck Taylor after one of Converse’s best salesman. In 2015, the Chuck Taylor II was released with Nike Lunarlon technology hidden within its sole. But it would be the ‘70 model – a reproduction of the 1960-1970 Converse that featured thicker canvas uppers, thicker rubber soles and a smaller toe cap amongst other things –  that would become the silhouette of choice for some of the world’s premier fashion labels and streetwear brands. Armed with it’s increased comfort, premium materials and retro aesthetic, the Converse Chuck ‘70 became a canvas for some of the most creative collaborations in the company’s history, and now everyone wants a pair.


But things aren’t as simple as that. With so many changes in production countries and different models on offer over the years, is there any consistency when it comes to Converse sizing? Just how exactly does a 103-year-old trainer largely unchanged from its initial design aka the Converse fit? Rather than asking your dad, grandma, or even great-grandma how their dusty old pair of Cons fit (they definitely own/owned a pair), it might make more sense to consult some of the planet’s most stylish Chuck fans on how their favourite Converse collaborations fit. So that’s exactly what we did. Welcome to the ultimate Converse collabs sizing and fit guide in collaboration with the world's foremost pros on Cons.


Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse Chuck 70 Sizing Guide


Mike (@88beams)


Fashion Instagrammer from Bournemouth, UK


The CDG x Converse 70’s must be one of the most recognisable trainer collaborations. The bug-eyed heart logo was first seen on a Chuck Taylor back in 2009, and then again in 2015 but this time on the reproduction of the original Chuck – the 1970 model – with a bigger logo and cleaner design. The CDG 70’s became an instant streetwear classic. When I first saw the collection, I knew that out of the four styles the ‘Parchment Hi’ was the one for me – an all off-white trainer with a black heel strip and that now iconic bug-eyed logo peering over the midsole. It doesn’t get much cleaner than that for me.



When it comes to styling my CDG x Converse Hi’s, it really depends on how I’m feeling that day, but I mostly pair mine with heavy selvedge denim rolled up to ankle length just to show off that distinctive logo. The addition of a small amount of denim bleed onto the canvas uppers only adds more character to the trainer. If I’m going for a smarter look then a pair of cropped trousers does the trick.


Sizing & Fit:

Sizing can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to trainers but I’ve never had a problem with the Chuck 70’s – they always fit true to size and the CDG 70 is no exception. When first wearing a pair of 70’s you may find them a tad narrow but as they break-in and the canvas loosens up they fit perfectly.

The Chuck Taylor 1970 model is one of the most comfortable trainers I own! Maybe it’s to do with the brand being owned by Nike so they use some of the latest materials in the midsole, but all I know is that they give a very comfortable ride. I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the CDG’s over some of my other trainers to wander around London all day, or just for daily running around – they always have my back.

When comparing the 70 to the normal Converse All Star there is no competition. All the materials are of a higher quality which makes them far more comfortable and generally better in every single way.



Keeping my CDG x Converse super fresh has never really done it for me. The daily scrapes, scratches and scuffs, stains from a pair of raw denims, and even the odd coffee spill, all give the shoe character and even tells a story. Every now and then I’ll give them a once over with the good old trusted Jason Markk’s cleaning kit. If things get really bad then I’ll chuck them in the washing machine, and they always come out sweet! But no matter how hard you try, those stains on the laces from the metal eyelet holes on the shoe will always be there! 


Off-White x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Sizing Guide


Celina Fong (@celina____)


Fashion Instagrammer from Melbourne, Australia


The Off-White x Converse already had a lot of hype around them before they were released, and because the retail price on these was not ridiculously high (they’re a pair of Converse at the end of the day) I knew it was going to be very hard to get a pair as everyone else wanted them too. The design of the shoe is quite bold with its transparent on-feet aesthetic, they’re like Cinderella’s shoe but in trainer form. The translucent outer really sets these apart from other trainers on the shoe rack, and the icy blue sole makes them look cool and edgy. I wasn’t sure if the shoe itself was going to be very fragile due to the translucent material. Luckily, I got mine for retail price and was thrilled to discover that the shoe was actually pretty sturdy and looked amazing on-feet. Mine also came with an extra white zip-tie that says “Off-White” as they were purchased from the official Off-White online store. They’re a one of a kind shoe. They’ve become my staple when I travel, they’re definitely included every time I pack my luggage. They’re very light and easy to match with outfits, and you don’t see them around often either.



I am currently at home so comfortable clothes are a must. I’m personally a huge fan of good quality sleepwear which I wear all the time at home. Australia is really cold now, so I’m currently wearing my favourite PJ set with an Engineered Garments fleece jacket (which are amazing during the winter season and are definitely a must-own for me). At other times when I want to feel more productive, I will change into sportswear that gives me the extra push to complete more tasks. I’m sure other girls will understand this!


I’ve tried styling these with different looks and so far, my favourite go-to would be a pair of nice long pants or ankle grazer jeans. I’m not tall, so wearing high-top shoes really cuts into my height and the best way to get around this is by wearing a pair of high waist jeans or trousers to help with the proportions. Lighter colours look better with the shoe, especially white trousers or light wash jeans.  For a more comfortable look, a set of Champion sweatpants and crewneck go really well with the shoe too. I love matching the shoes with different Cav Empt sweaters as well, the graphics go together so well and the vibe is great. I’ve also been collecting a lot of socks to match with the shoe as you can still see them underneath. Always remember to wear thick socks that sit higher than the shoe as they can cut into your ankles when you wear low socks with them. 



Sizing & Fit:

These fit half a size bigger than my usual size. It’s quite common that Converse runs half a size bigger. I personally prefer wearing shoes that are half a size bigger anyway because I love to wear thick socks, so I’d say just go for your usual size as the little gap will be needed when you’re wearing socks. If you have wider feet, you might want to size up half a size as the shoe is quite narrow and doesn’t stretch too much due to its material. If you already have a pair of Converse, just get the same size. My Off-White x Converse fit the same as my JW Anderson x Converse, the only difference is the material. Always check the measurements if you’re unsure of your size. Shoe sizing is always hard because every brand has slight differences between them.



I’m not great at cleaning shoes and I don’t mind if my shoes look a bit worn, but these are heavenly to clean. I just wipe them with a wet cloth when they get too dirty and they look good as new. The material helps a lot because it doesn’t get stained easily. The only hard part to maintain are the shoelaces, I find that they get dirty easier than the shoe itself. When wearing these, just refrain from wearing them when it’s dirty or wet.


Golf le Fleur x Converse Chuck 70/ Uno/ Gianno Sizing Guide


Nathan Ramirez (@groovybynature)


Streetwear Instagrammer from Colorado, USA


I’ve always had a pair of Converse in my closet. I grew up skateboarding so I naturally have lots of love for the One Star. Tyler, the Creator has been an influence on me for just as long. I’d already been collecting Golf Wang for some time when the collaboration was announced, so the shoes immediately drew me in. They’re a classic Converse silhouette decorated with flowers and beautiful colours, what’s not to love! As the relationship between Golf and Converse grew we saw more interesting colourways and use of unorthodox textures such as burlap, quilted velvet, and a 3M reflective flower. I love textures just as much as I love colour, so their collaboration truly holds my interest with each new release!



My outfit today is perfect for the beautifully sunny day here in Colorado. I love contrasting earthy tones with splashes of colour because of my love of the outdoors, I’m surrounded by mountains, trees, and flowers. I really like corduroy because of its texture and it has nostalgic connections for me. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and nostalgia.

I have a Golf le Fleur X Converse shoe collection, so more often than not I’ll pick out a shoe and let it set the tone for my outfit. My personal style focuses on colour and texture heavily, so depending on the shoe I may wear flowy softer materials, or some more rough, heavy, or even distressed material with another pair. What I wear fluctuates a ton but no matter what, I wear whatever I am feeling at the moment. The Converse X Golf le Fleur shoes are bold and always fun to style so I wear mine pretty much every day.


Sizing & Fit:

With most Converse shoes I generally suggest going a half or full size down and the same rings true with the Golf le Fleur Uno. Modelled after the One Star, with the right size it is truly a super comfortable shoe. The new Golf le Fleur X Converse Gianno though is one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on. It’s a silhouette that’s chunky and new but works with all different styles and personalities. The Gianno actually fits true to size, for example in most shoes and the Gianno I wear a US 11, but with the Uno I wear a 10.5.

The Golf le Fleur X Converse Uno and Gianno are both extremely comfortable shoes. They're great for anything you may come up against, whether it’s a hike, long walks, biking or anything else, your feet are going to feel just fine at the end of the day. When they're worn in these are especially great daily shoes. If you’re familiar with the Converse One Star you know they’re awesome shoes, and the Golf le Fleur Uno is one and the same. The new Gianno is even more comfortable in my opinion. With such a thick sole and soft upper they’re like walking on clouds, I love wearing them in any situation. They are difficult to compare to other shoes.



Most of the Golf le fleur X Converse are primarily suede or leather, so a quick search online for a suede or leather cleaning kit will save your shoes from most marks and mistakes! Suede is typically a little bit easier to get dirty but that’s just the nature of the material. The shoes are inevitably going to get a little dirty here and there, but they are going to look great regardless. The silhouette is timeless, and even when a little dingy the colours are still eye-catching. Don’t be afraid to get your shoes dirty, but a little scrub or wipe here and there isn’t going to hurt.


Fear of God Essentials x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Sizing Guide


Victor (@vctorfdez)


Fashion Instagrammer from Barcelona, Spain


I’ve followed Jerry Lorenzo for a long time, ever since Kanye West wore some Fear of God jeans back in 2014. I love the vibe that Jerry injects into all his projects, and on the Converse he delivers his personal touch to the ‘70s elevating them to new levels of refinement. The materials and all the details are awesome, I love the premium leather tongue and the custom branding on the back. My mum is a big fan of Converse and she has every single colourway, so for this reason they were a must own for me.



I'm wearing my pyjamas right now because I'm at home and I couldn’t go outside to take some crazy pics. But the perfect styling for these ’70s are a good pair of ripped jeans (which is very much in line with the brand’s aesthetic, although they of course don't have to be a pair of Fear of God jeans), and a simple black or grey hoodie to match the relevant Converse colourway.


Sizing & Fit:

For me, they fit true to size. I don’t usually have problems with sizes changing between brands but this of course depends on your feet. All you need to know if you’re buying a pair of FOG ‘70s are the measurements of the other pairs of Converse in your closet.

These are definitely more comfy than the normal Converse All Stars because of all the premium materials the shoe has, but only a little bit more comfy!



If you take care of your shoes, they don’t need any special care. But if you don’t take care of them and they’re dirty all the time, I recommend you use some Crep Protect on all your shoes not just Converse. All the products from Crep Protect are amazing. With great care you can keep your shoes in deadstock condition!


Golf le Fleur x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Sizing Guide


Lystia Novilda @lystianvld


Fashion Instagrammer from Jakarta, Indonesia


I actually learned about the Golf Le Fleur x Converse collaboration from my boyfriend, he was the one that was into this collaboration in the first place, but when I saw the collection I knew that I needed to get my hands on them too. The colour and design just match my style so perfectly. The Golf Le Fleur x Converse are one of my favourite collaborations to ever come from Converse. 



I usually pair mine with my favourite jeans. The hints of blue on the uppers go with every shade of denim. I also like to play with earthy tones to match the cream canvas.


Sizing & Fit:

I find that every shoe from Converse, including this collaboration, fits true-to-size. I usually wear an EU 39 in sportswear trainers or an EU 38 in high-fashion trainers (which run a half or whole size big), and I take either a size EU38 or 39 in Converse. I don't know why, but somehow both these sizes from Converse fit the same on me!

Comfort-wise so far so good, but I do recommend wearing them as often as you can to break them in. In comparison to the normal All Star, the Golf Le Fleur x Converse are much more comfortable, but to be honest they’re a little less comfortable than my other trainers.



Fortunately, these don’t need any special care. You can wear them as much as you like. They’re not that easy to get dirty, but I recommend you use a waterproof spray on them just in case.


JW Anderson x Run Star Hike High-Top Sizing Guide


Jisu (@1szoo)


Fashion Instagrammer from Seoul, South Korea


Soon after seeing the JW Anderson x Converse collection on social media, I knew I must have them. The shoes that I wear the most in casual situations are Converse anyway, and these are so unique they feel different from other shoes. Also, the height of the heel really compliments my height. I also knew they'd match all my trousers and they did!



On a nice day like this, I like to wear my JW Anderson x Converse sneakers with leather joggers and a white tee to coordinate with the colours of the shoes. These shoes are magical though as they look good with every type of jean, track pants, wide trousers, so you can coordinate them with anything. These make you look so good whatever you’re wearing.


Sizing & Fit:

The JW Anderson x Converse look bigger than normal Converse so I like to tighten the laces to make them look more in proportion in photographs. Sizing wise, the JW Anderson x Converse run slightly narrower due to the height of the sole, so I recommend that you take a size larger than usual.

Although they feel smaller than standard Converse’s, they’re very comfortable when worn sized up. The soles are tall and thick and softer than the usual Converse, so you can wear them comfortably all day long. 



No special treatment is needed for the JW Anderson x Converse. After wearing mine I just wipe down any dirty parts on the sole with a tissue, but it's not that important. When the shoes get dirty, they’re easy to make look clean again. The sole of the shoe is quite high and durable so you can wear these for a long time.


Ambush x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Sizing Guide


Indah Nur (@indaheart)


Fashion Instagrammer from Los Angeles, USA


Yoon is one of the designers I look up to, I love her style and her design approach. Listening to her story on the Business of Hype Podcast (I highly recommend) made me love her even more and when I found out she was collaborating with Converse I knew that it would be sick. Honestly, the material of the shoes is what did it for me, it’s a statement, the perfect marriage of style meets function so it was a must-have in my rotation. When brands or creatives have great backstories and communicate them through product it always makes a great collaboration. The collaboration exceeded my expectations of what a shoe that bridges both sportswear and high fashion could be like. The shoes are unmistakably Converse yet Yoon did a great job of making them look high fashion through her material choice and construction.



My style all depends on what I have going on that day. Today I’m wearing my Ambush x Converse with some vintage corduroy pants, an I.AM.GIA laced top and a vintage Chloé bag. I love to wear my Ambush X Converse when it’s raining since they’re made out of a rubber material and the tongue is gusseted so they’re the perfect rainy day boots that are both functional and stylish. Since the shoes are a bit bulky I like to wear them with wide-leg pants to bring more balance to my outfits. 


Sizing & Fit:

I own the white colourway of the Ambush x Converse shoes, they’re made out of rubber and have a chunky sole so I had to size down because otherwise they looked super bulky when I tried them on. My sizing advice is that the fit will change depending on which colourway you’re purchasing. For instance, when I tried on the black colourway they fitted true to size as they’re slimmer on the foot due to being made out of pro leather not having a chunky sole. You can’t compare them to other Converse models either because materials play a significant role in the product fit and most of the others are made out of canvas. The only way to know for sure is to try them on if you can and go with what’s most comfortable for you.

Both colourways of the Ambush x Converse are very comfy. The extra padding on the insole gives you maximum comfort. I always have to break in a new pair of Chucks for them to be comfortable, but with the Ambush x Converse it felt like the shoes had already been broken in which was great. 



The shoes are easy to take care of because of the rubber material. I usually carry Jason Markk quick wipes on me so I can stop dirt from building up. Otherwise, I switch up my laces and wash them when they get a little dirty but that’s about it.


Ambush x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Sizing Guide


Jjang E (_jjang.e)


Fashion Instagrammer from Seoul, South Korea


Released in collaboration between Converse and Yoon Ahn of Ambush, these shoes were a must-have for me as I’ve always loved the Converse Hi's design, plus I can style them with both street or more minimal looks. Even though I couldn’t get them for retail price, I still bought them without any hesitation as I knew I could style them in many ways.



Today I’m wearing the Nike x Stussy sweater and sweatpants set with my house slippers as I can’t go out due to Corona Virus.

I have two pairs of pants that I always wear with my Ambush x Converse – the first are straight cropped trousers and the second would be wide cargo pants or trackpants with a drawstring ankle.

The reason I like straight cropped pants is that they style well with more minimal looks while the wide drawstring cargo pants look great styled with streetwear. I recommend Issey Miyake or Ader Error for cropped or straight pants and Rick Owens, Off-White or Y-3 for wide cargo/track pants, but any pants with a drawstring ankle would be fine too.


Size & FIt: 

The Ambush x Converse fit true to size but I suggest you take half a size up from your usual size. The Ambush x Converse seem tighter than regular Converse because of the material they’re made from. They don’t stretch at all.

To be really honest, the Converse x Ambush Converse aren’t comfy. After the first wear, my feet were in so much pain that I couldn’t wear the shoes again until two days later! The material of the Ambush x Converse is harder than the All Star, so for me they caused pain on the top of the foot. People always say the Balenciaga Triple S are bricks that hurt to wear, but I felt more pain wearing the Ambush x Converse! I’m willing to bear any pain when it comes to fashion, but I promise that these will get comfier as they begin to break in.


Telfar x Converse Chuck 70 Hi Sizing Guide


Demi Oyenekan (@demioyenekan)


Photographer, Designer, Creative Director and Visual Artist based in Milan, Italy


I absolutely love the Telfar X Converse capsule collection, especially its nods to 70s athleticwear. When the collaboration first debuted at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020, it was the retro aesthetic of the sneakers that first caught my eye: it brings a whole new dimension to the classic Chuck 70 Hi top silhouette.


I have worn Converse sneakers for years (since high school, in fact) and have loved Telfar since its inception; hence, this collaboration is right up my street. I consider the lightweight shoe a staple part of my 2021 wardrobe because of its unique look; it perfectly harmonises with my late 20th Century style.


Styling: As you can see, I’ve styled the Telfar x Converse kick with a denim-on-denim ensemble (featuring Prada jeans) – it’s a fit that brings me joy, and is ideal for when the sun is shining. I also plan to style my Telfar x Converse High-tops with a bomber jacket, a pair of oversized pants and a plain tee. That’s the beauty of this collaboration, it’s filled with extremely versatile pieces that can uplift even the simplest of ensembles.


Sizing and Fit: The Telfar x Converse is true to size, as long as you have slim feet. Howbeit, if you have wide feet I would suggest opting for a size up to ensure your feet always feel comfortable. I have wide feet, therefore I opted for a UK 9 (a size up) which fits me perfectly. It's also important to note that the Telfar x Converse sneakers are extremely comfortable, as long as you pick the right size. I literally wear mine all the time (especially when walking long distances) and I never have any issues. 


Care: To clean my sneakers, including my Telfar x Converse sneakers, I usually mix lukewarm water with soap and/or a shoe cleaning formula and apply it using an old toothbrush. I also use Clean Kicks wipes when I’m out and about: they come in handy if there’s a little dirt on the top of them, especially when I wear them out in bad weather. Fortunately, each Telfar X Converse colourway release (so far) is pretty stain-resistant, which is unexpected seeing that one of the colourways (the pair that I’m currently wearing) is predominantly constructed using white and light blue materials. 


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