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collaborationsWednesday, April 5, 2017

Melbourne Fashion Festival

As the Melbourne Fashion Festival 2017 came to an end, we invited four Australian Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers to give their view on the most coveted collections and trends from runway shows. And tell us who, in their opinion, the most cutting-edge Australian designers are right now.

Photo source: Lucas Dawson


Whether you like constructed tailoring or more adventurous and colourful garments, the collections presented at the Melbourne Fashion Festival won’t let you down. Grab a coffee and discover the key trends and on-demand designers you should be investing in this season.


Phoebe Montague - Lady Melbourne


'If you were looking for inspiration on the catwalks at VAMFF last week for the coming A/W 2017 season, would snow work? As in, snow on the catwalk.


That was the spectacle that greeted guests during Premium Runway 3 presented by Harpers Bazaar, to audible gasps and many an iPhone raised to capture the moment.


As the snowflakes (which were actually a form of quick drying foam – shhhh!) fell, Romance Was Born took to the catwalk to show a collection full of their usual dreamlike feminine charm. Embellishment was key, with tunics and dresses delicately embroidered and heavily beaded alike.


Titled Queen of the Night, the collection is inspired by the nocturnal beauty of a sleeping swan surrounded by a magical garden full of flowers that only bloom under moonlight. To the thrum of crickets, the Queen Of The Night awakens and weaves her magic, bringing dreams to all the creatures of the night.'


'This sentiment is evident in the multiple at skirts, satin ruffles and the use of oversized magnolia motifs. Deep rich reds, black, white and pale pinks made up the main colour palette, which either combined or worn alone in an outfit is perfect for the winter season ahead.


Romance Was Born always manages to combine cutting-edge fabrication with a whimsy that could fit into any decade and tie it up with a uniquely Australian twist. While Gucci is going for snakes and Kenzo has embraced the tiger, RWB has offered up the Major Mitchell cockatoo tee, complete with puff sleeves.


It’s what you’ll want to be wearing this A/W and was a highlight of VAMFF for 2017. Now I just need to work out how to get my hands on a snow machine!'


Emilia Rossi


'I loved seeing the new reborn identity of Kit Willow in her second label KITX (launched in 2015). Her use of luxurious draped fabrics was spectacular. The way some of the fabrics draped and fitted the bodies left some people in the crowd gasping in admiration.


KITX leaves women feeling confident and elegant, and it's nice to know how passionate Kit is about making sure her new label is sustainable and ethical. The collection was very formal and feminine, and my favourite gown was an elegant emerald green dress; so gracefully wrapped around the body that it flowed beautifully in the air when showcased on the catwalk.'


Emily Collie - Melbourne Girl



'Premium Runway 3 starred 7 established Australian designers, who each brought their A-game to the Melbourne Fashion Festival. The individual collections featured an array of pieces from haute to ready-to-wear, brought together in an epic closing finale, with a downpour of snow, whimsically falling over the catwalk. It was the Ginger & Smart runway which warmed my heart and in my opinion, stole the show.


Ginger & Smart’s diverse autumn collection featured an incredible range of feminine pieces including lace dresses and beautiful ostrich feathered vests and dresses.


The colour palette revolved around a monochromatic foundation, amplified with shades of khaki, navy, maroon and soft pink, with a scattering of shimmering, metallic and glitter garments.


Their military button detailing was an unmissable feature throughout the collection and when teamed with killer accessories including corsetry belts and neck cuffs, the looks were styled to perfection.'

'As a shoe lover, Ginger & Smart’s to-die-for knee high boots and cut-off booties had me swooning and they worked so well with both the 3/4 and the wide leg pants, as well as the structural midi length skirts, which will all be essential wardrobe pieces for the autumn and winter ahead.


I love an Australian designer who designs both clothing and footwear and Ginger & Smart have nailed the combo this season.'


Melanie Liu - The Tia Fox


'My favourite Australian designer is Dion Lee. He is one of Australia's most celebrated designers. He creates beautifully structured shapes, combined with technical tailoring and clever construction, his pieces are a treat for the eyes. The collections are always so special and become timeless wardrobe staples.


I completely fell in love with the Trapeze Pleat dress and the Floating Stripe Column dress. Pleating is a trend to watch this season; whether it's a sleek sheath or a skirt peeking out from under a cosy knit, this trend definitely brings a touch of luxury. 


Red is having a moment this season. From romantic red ruffled dresses to red coats; whether it’s a head to toe look or adding red accents such as a red bag or red boots, it will brighten up any outfit.


The metallic look and feel is very much in right now. It’s a trend from the ’80s that has been adopted for 2017, seen from skirts, dresses, tops, pants and everything in between appearing in silver, gold, copper and more. This trend has also translated to outwear, such as the bomber jacket, a perfect addition to fall/winter wardrobe.'