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The Ultimate Nike Air Max 95 Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

When Nike first released the Air Max 95, it was like no other. The chunky kick – inspired by human anatomy – boasted two Air units (one at the forefoot and one at the rear), a ribbed lacing system, layered gradient upper and mini swoosh. As you can imagine, sneakerheads gravitated towards the shoe like magpies to a shiny trinket.  


Today, the AM95 silhouette is recognised as one of the most pivotal kicks in history; therefore, it’s considered a fundamental addition to any serious sneaker collection. New to the Air Max 95 club? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to join. Allow us to introduce you to a selection of stalwart members, including Tyler Mansour and Hanna Helsø. Here, they break down everything you need to know about the Air Max 95 sizing, styling, comfort and care.  


Air Max 95 Sizing, Styling, Comfort and Care Guide

Tyler Mansour (@arab_lincoln)

KITH’s Senior Photographer and Sneaker Enthusiast based in New York City, USA


The Air Max 95 is one of the first Air Max models I purchased. Let me share the story of how I bought my first pair.


When I was but a youngster, I went on a family trip to Chicago to attend Nike’s Chambers of Fear event. The day prior, I dropped by the Nike Chicago store and chatted with an employee named Jose about what to expect the next day. Whilst we were talking, a sneaker came by in a transparent pipe; Jose took it out like money at a drive-thru bank teller. The sneaker, which evidently brought him a lot of joy, was the 2004 Air Max 95 ‘Chilli’ colourway – his passion for the shoe was infectious. Although I had no intention to buy anything at the time – predominantly because I was on a mission to obtain the Complacency Air Force 1s the following night – I decided to purchase the shoe. I can’t really explain why, but it just felt right. 


Here, I’m wearing the most recent re-release of the OG Neon: a colourway that continues to stand the test of time. In my opinion, the shoe takes you on a journey in which day turns into night (represented by the gradient upper) and night turns into wild times (represented by the neon colour of the Air chambers). Even if you’re not a sneakerhead, I’m sure you can appreciate Nike’s striking use of colour. 


Styling: The fascinating construct of the Air Max 95 makes it a silhouette that can elevate any ensemble. For me, it’s the perfect silhouette to create an outfit from toe to head, and this is how I came up with the look I’m wearing today. 


I started by pairing my Air Max 95 Neon with a pair of grey and white Hidden NY socks, and then I opted for my Prada cargo slacks that perfectly sit on top of the sneakers. From here, I chose to add my heather grey Ruba x Phillip Lim NY ‘Tougher Than Ever’ Champion Hoodie and layer my PSNY x Alpha Industries bomber on top. And to top things off and show love to my city, I put on my Kith x New Era Yankees cap. 


Sizing and fit: The Air Max 95 is best worn true to size. Remember, they’re supposed to hug your feet.


Comfort: As someone who walks around the city a lot in these sneakers, I can confirm the Air Max 95 sneakers are comfortable. They are extremely stable: they can navigate the most uneven of floors and work well for those, like me, who are constantly pivoting around slow tourists.


Care: Honestly, I feel as if the Air Max 95 cares for me. The sneakers take a pretty good beating and still look amazing, even after the most tumultuous days spent in the city. In my opinion, the scuffs they amass give them subtle character and tell a story of my daily grind.


Air Max 95 Sizing, Styling, Comfort and Care Guide

Hanna Helsø (@helsoe)

Sneaker Collector based in Stavanger, Norway


The Air Max 95 is a clean, classic silhouette with a compelling history. Today I’m wearing one of my favourite colourways: Triple White. What do I know about the sneaker? Well, I know it was inspired by human anatomy; it was the first shoe to utilise Air technology in the front and the back; plus, it was the first Air Max to feature a mini swoosh. The mini swoosh was a compromise between Nike and Lozano as the designer initially designed a swoosh-less shoe. He felt the logo took attention away from the unique design of the crep's layered upper, but was happy to include a mini swoosh located towards the heel. 


Styling: I like to style my outfits starting from the bottom, as, in my world, sneakers always come first. Wearing an all-white pair makes it easy to play around with all kinds of colours. Today, I chose to pair my white Air Max 95s with vintage Levi’s jeans, a purple Acne Studios sweatshirt and a pink Chanel bag.


Sizing and fit: I do feel the Air Max 95s run true to size, but because of the shoe's narrow fit, I also feel comfortable going up half a size. Some of my friends who have wide feet say they always size up for extra comfort – so, if you have wide feet, make sure you size up!


Comfort: Like many other chunky sneakers, I find the Air Max 95 to be very comfortable. Maybe that’s down to the dual-chamber system? It wraps nicely around my foot and also feels stable around my ankles. The midsole feels a little hard to begin with, but it quickly softens after the first wear. In my opinion, it’s definitely one of the most comfortable Air Max sneakers available.


Care: Rocking these all-white sneakers is always tough because I feel the need to clean off stains as soon as they appear. I use Crep Protect before wearing them and I always give them a good clean after. I also carry sneaker wipes in my bag in case they get dirty whilst I’m out and about. 

Air Max 95 Sizing, Styling, Comfort and Care Guide

Sean Go (@sgo8)

Sneaker Youtuber based in Toronto, Canada


The Air Max 95 is beloved by people from all walks of life, and its OG colourway is one of the most iconic sneakers ever created. The silhouette’s design was unique for its time, especially since it lacked any prominent branding. My favourite details are the splashes of colour, reflective overlays and gradient side panels. 


Styling: I always have an Air Max 95 in my rotation as it perfectly fits into my everyday style. I regularly pair my Neon Air Max 95s with pieces that come in muted colours (mainly grey and olive) to ensure the shoes stand out and the rest of the outfit doesn’t clash.


Sizing and fit: In my opinion, Air Max 95 shoes are on the snug side of the sizing scale. For those with narrow feet, true to size will work just fine. For anybody else, I would recommend going up half a size to give your toes ample space.


Comfort: Every sneakerhead knows an Air Max 95 gets more comfortable the more you wear it. Straight out of the box, they often feel stiff, but the more you wear them, the more you break in the Air units. For this reason, the oldest Air Max 95s in my collection are some of the comfiest sneakers I own. 


Care: I don't do anything specific to clean my Air Max 95s; nevertheless, I do scrub them after every few wears as I do with all of my sneakers. I know some people spray their Air Max 95s with water repellent to protect the suede on the shoe – perhaps I’ll give this a try sometime.


Air Max 95 Sizing, Styling, Comfort and Care Guide

Buster Hede (@busterhede)

Sneaker collector based in Copenhagen, Denmark


26 years after its original release, the Air Max 95 is just as relevant as ever. Personally, I believe this is down to the first-rate Air Max 95 collaborations Nike has dropped over the years. For example, I’m wearing the highly sought-after Air Max 95 made in collaboration with Tokyo-based retailer Atmos. By adding wild animal prints to the shoe, Nike x Atmos created a sneaker with a unique safari look that’s bold enough to stand out in even the most vibrant sneaker collections. 


Styling: My everyday look is pretty sporty which works well with the Air Max 95 silhouette. Having said that, the sneaker also looks great with jeans. In terms of colour, I prefer to pair loud sneakers like these AM95s with dark-hued bottoms and a white tee. 


Sizing and fit: I believe the Air Max 95 fits true to size; however, some people may prefer to opt for a half-size up. One thing’s for sure: never size down when it comes to Air Max 95s.


Comfort: Air Max 95 sneakers are so comfortable that I can wear them throughout an entire day. To be honest, I could wear them all day, every day – unless I want to go running. Air Max 95s are suitable for many activities, but they’re not made to withstand cardio. 

Care: Air Max 95s are extremely important to me because there's so much history to the silhouette. Therefore, I make sure I clean all of my Air Max 95s regularly – I like them to look like they're fresh out the box.