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Nike Huarache: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide

We're predicting it now: the Nike Air Huarache will be big news in 2022. Why? Because members of the beau monde are currently collecting classic colourways of the 90s silhouette (including the classic Scream Green and Escape colourways and the historic Stüssy x Nike Desert Oak) that are currently being re-released – pretty discreetly, may we add – by the Swoosh. Inevitably, the influential will influence the influenced to nab a pair for their rotation. So, why not get ahead of the curve and get yours now (from FARFETCH, of course). 


But before you go adding to bag, we think it’s best that you get a little more acquainted with the shoe – especially Gen-Zs who are set to experience their first Huarache wave. Thus, we’ve put this guide together to inform you about everything from Air Huarache sizing to styling the shoe. And to help us help you, we’ve recruited a select few comrades from the aforementioned fashionable society to contribute – as who knows better? 


Nike Huarache: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide 

Avery McCollum (@greediestgenius)

Content creator based in North Carolina, US, wearing Stüssy x Nike Air Huaraches in Desert Oak


Right now, the Air Huarache is my favourite sneaker: it’s a classic silhouette that’s currently being overlooked because of the lack of hype surrounding it. I’m so glad Nike is bringing it back for 2021. 


I believe that people who are currently picking up Air Huaraches are tapping into their personal style – something that’s certainly true for me. Shopping for sneakers has become such a hassle that every pair I cop is intentional, and these two retro releases are comfortable, versatile and perfect for summer.


Today, I’m wearing the Stüssy x Nike Air Huarache and I recently picked up the Scream Green colourway – the latter has a retro 90s feel that reminds me of old Spike Lee movies. 


Styling: As far as my everyday style goes, I’m a classic guy. I’m not one to follow trends; I wear what I want. Personally, I feel a pair of Air Huaraches styled with a simple T-shirt and shorts is the ultimate summer 2021 ensemble. 


My dad is my style inspiration, I look at old pics of him because he was so fly. When I get dressed, I always wonder if he would approve. I sent him these fit pics of me wearing my huaraches and he replied, ‘You’re killing it, son’.


Sizing and fit: When copping a pair of Nike Air Huaraches, make sure you opt for a pair in your true size (for me, that’s a US 9) as the model is made to fit like a glove. 


Comfort: I usually don’t care about the comfort of my sneakers as, if they’re dope, I’ll wear them regardless; but Nike Air Huaraches are super comfortable thanks to the foot-hugging design and cloud-like Air cushioning of the shoe. In fact, they’re so comfortable (and flexible) that you can wear them on a run, or even to the gym. And who doesn’t like to look fly at the gym?

Care: After wearing my sneakers, I use a shoe cleaning solution to ensure they remain perennially box fresh. Even though the aged/dirty sneaker trend is popular right now, I will always aim to keep my sneakers looking brand new.


Nike Huarache: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide  

Jean-Matthew Yepez (@matthew.yg)

Content creator based in London, UK, wearing Nike Air Huaraches in Scream Green


The iconic Nike Air Huarache is slowly but surely making a comeback because the shoe is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and, coincidently, colourful, layered shoes are currently all the rage. Plus, I think people are nostalgic for the shoe as it reminds them of the 90s – especially Gen-Z, who are watching shows like The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air properly for the first time.


Styling: Habitually, I wear neutral colours; but the Scream Green is a welcome addition to my wardrobe because it stands out against the other components in my outfits. Today, I’ve decided to style my outfit with an all-black look that gives the colours on the Huarache a moment to shine. 


Sizing and fit: To my knowledge, the Nike Air Huarache has always fit the same. I would recommend sizing up as it can feel a little tight if you opt for your true size. 


Comfort: The Nike Air Huarache is exceptionally comfortable – they’re the type of shoes you can wear all day, every day. The mesh feels nice on the feet, and its neoprene construction makes it an easy shoe to slip on and off. 


Care: I care for all of my sneakers in the same way: I clean them after every wear using Jason Markk products, and I store them in their original box. This process helps me maintain my sneakers to ensure they’ll last as long as possible.


Nike Huarache: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide 

Elliot Page (@ellbellsneakers)

Content creator based in the UK, wearing Stüssy x Nike Air Huaraches in Desert Oak


First released back in 1991, the Nike Air Huarache is a super-comfortable sneaker that comes in some incredible colourways – some of which are being re-released this year. Today, I’m wearing the Stussy x Nike Air Huarache Desert Oak which is significant for sneakerheads, like me, as it was the first sneaker the two brands collaborated on circa 2000.


Styling: Most Air Huaraches are easy to style, including the Desert Oak colourway that’s fashioned with earthy tones. I feel like I can throw these on with any fit, in any season. Today, I’m wearing cuffed cargo pants which give the Air Huarache a rugged look. I’m also wearing an oversized vintage-style neutral-coloured T-shirt that complements the earthy tones of the shoe.


Sizing and fit: The Air Huarache does feel a bit snug; for this reason, I would recommend going up half a size. FYI, you can slightly alter the fit of your Air Huarache sneakers by removing the laces and using the second line of lace holes on the sneakers instead of the first.


Comfort: Back in the day, Nike’s Huarache slogan was, ‘Have you hugged your foot today?’ – a phrase that perfectly describes the comfort of the sneaker. It comes as no surprise that the sneaker is comfortable considering that it's constructed with a stretchy sock-like upper, springy foam midsole and Nike’s world-renowned Air technology. 


Care: It’s essential that you keep this shoe away from excess liquid because it will spoil the nubuck panels on the upper. Bearing this in mind, I clean my Desert Oak Air Huaraches by using a dry brush and a nubuck eraser.


Nike Huarache: Sizing, Fit and Styling Guide 

Kish Kash (@kishkash1)

Cultural creator based in London, UK, wearing Nike Air Huaraches in Scream Green


When designing the Nike Air Huarache, sneaker legend Tinker Hatfield took inspiration from the neoprene boots he wore whilst waterskiing. He loved how the shoe hugged his foot and wanted to create a sneaker that did the exact same thing.  


Nike is dropping several huaraches in 2021 because the sneaker is celebrating its 30th anniversary. In my opinion, it’s a classic piece of Nike craftsmanship that deserves icon status. Today, I’m wearing one of the original colourways – Scream Green. The sneaker was recently re-released and I had to cop a pair because I love the way the blue and green accents contrast against the white base of the shoe.


Styling: The Air Huarache can be worn with a variety of different looks because it’s such a beautiful sneaker. As the Air Huarache was originally released during the early 90s, I’ve taken inspiration from this epoch for my look. Here, I’ve pin rolled the cuffs of my jeans so that the shoe is conspicuous. This was a popular look within British street cultures during the 90s era because it was synonymous with hip hop. 


Sizing and fit: The neoprene upper tightly hugs the foot, offering maximum lateral support, and the back strap tightly secures the heel. Additionally, the toe box is pretty tight to ensure your foot is perfectly in place when you’re in motion. Bearing all of this in mind, I would recommend sizing up for maximum comfort. 


Comfort: Nike Air Huaraches are the cosiest sneakers I own because the neoprene forms perfectly around the foot. They’re also super light and breathable. Actually, they’re reminiscent of slippers as you can slide them on with ease and they’re wonderfully cushioned.


Care: The materials that the Scream Green Nike Air Huarache is constructed from – leather, mesh and neoprene – makes them super easy to maintain. I would recommend occasionally using a sneaker cleaning care product to keep them looking fresh.