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  • We bring you our most beautiful
    boutique holiday windows from
    around the world
  • ‘Our favourite colour
    for the festive season
    is silver. In our
    windows we love a
    good mix of glamour,
    art and party.’
  • ‘We wanted the
    window to represent
    a room in an old
    New York townhouse.
    It resembles a dark
    and sexy holiday living
    room, with lots of rich
    velvets and silks, gold
    antique pieces,
    candelabras and
  • ‘The installation by
    the local textile artists
    Color Condition of
    vinyl strips, mylar and
    ribbon is our way of
    approaching holiday
    decor without
    resorting to clichés.
    I love the artisanal
    quality, the movement
    and also the whimsy –
    and kids love
    touching it!’
  • ‘The theme this year is
    film noir. Our concept
    was inspired by the
    strong femme fatale
    element in films such
    as The 39 Steps.
    These women are very
    glamorous, feminine
    and charming, but
    also seductive, fierce
    and determined to get
    what they want.’

Window Wonderland

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