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When WOK met Triple Major: Part 2

by Hollie Moat

WOK in Milan and Triple Major in Beijing

The Triple Major Nomad store popped up this week in Milan’s quirky WOK boutique, and it's not the first time the two have crossed paths

Triple Major founder Ritchie Chan met WOK owners Federica Zambon and Simona Citarella on a buying trip in Paris, where they bonded over a shared goal - introducing upcoming and directional designers to traditionally luxurious markets (Beijing and Milan respectively).

‘We shared a similar vision and taste’ explains Ritchie, and so the two stores embarked upon a collaboration. In May the WOK girls headed to China, armed with a selection of their favourite pieces from new Italian design talents, and set up a pop-up shop in Triple Major with the theme of classic Italian film Le Grande Bouffe.

This week came the time for Triple Major to return the favour, and bring China’s most exciting new labels to WOK’s location in the Italian fashion capital.

The Triple Major Hand Shadows collection designed especially for the collaboration

For Ritchie the aim was simple - ‘Breaking stereotypes plays a big role in this particular collaboration. When WOK came to Beijing they showed a different side of Milan design – young and emerging talent rather than the usually perceived luxury and glamour. On our return trip to Milan we wish to propose equally interesting designs that could speak a universal language rather than being obviously oriental.’ 

The Triple Major Hand Shadows collection designed especially for the collaboration

So he settled upon five brands he felt fitted the bill, Crane – who have a modern take on traditional Chinese garment making techniques and characteristics, conceptual design project Digest Design Workshop, progressive accessories label UUendy Lau, and Tianmomo Wang – the eponymous handmade collection of the Central Saint Martins graduate.

The Triple Major Hand Shadows collection designed especially for the collaboration

And of course Triple Major’s in-house label of the same name, for which Ritchie created a special collection in celebration of their trip to WOK. These special pieces were designed under the theme of ‘hand shadows’, because, as Ritchie explains, ‘they are symbols that people from different cultures understand’.  In fact, Ritchie explains the concept behind the pieces better than we ever could, so we’ll let him take it away…

TRIPLE-MAJOR NOMAD STORE @ WOK "Hand Shadow" collection from WOK Store on Vimeo.

The Triple Major Nomad store is currently popping-up in WOK in Milan, but all the pieces are available here on farfetch.com.



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