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  • The smartest shoppers know that these
    ten pieces are the sale holy grail
  • We’ve been around the
    denim carousel so many
    times now that there’s
    rarely a ‘jean of the
    season’, merely reworked
    versions of skinny,
    boyfriend and flared cuts.
    The upshot of this is that
    you can pounce on your
    favourite in the sale, safe
    in the knowledge that they
    won’t date.
    With a pencil skirt for
    work, oversized and slung
    over your favourite dress
    for low-key fun, with jeans
    and high-tops for relaxed
    weekend walks: there will
    never be a shortage of
    occasions for black blazers
    in your life.
  • A good bag is a crucial
    weapon in any sartorial
    arsenal and can define
    your look. But the
    materials and
    craftsmanship involved
    mean that the best
    ones carry a hefty
    price tag. During sale
    their cost decreases
    but their quality
    doesn’t. That’s the 
    kind of maths we like.
    All too often we come
    across a pair of beautiful,
    frivolous heels that
    captures our heart but
    ends up losing out to
    more comfortable ankle
    boots. That rule goes out
    the window in sale, with
    discounts that make 
    fancy footwear that bit
    more justifiable.
  • Nothing is as warm or
    indulgent as cashmere.
    So buying luxurious
    cashmere sweaters and
    cardigans in the sale is
    both practical and
    indulgent. A lovely
    combination if there
    ever was one.
    All style insiders know not
    to dismiss florals as being
    too ‘of the season’.
    Some of S/S 13’s most
    recognisable pieces were
    floral, but A/W 13 will also
    have its fair share of flower
    power. Flower prints are
    big news every six months.
  • A shirt is an undisputed
    wardrobe must-have, and
    one that gets dirty pretty
    easily so it’s good to own
    several. And here’s a hint
    for next season – white
    shirt collars pop up
    There was a time several
    years ago when we’d have
    scoffed at hearing leather
    trousers described as a
    ‘classic’. But over the past
    few seasons they have
    earned that title, becoming 
    the daring woman’s answer
    to jeans.
  • The saying goes that the
    only thing you can rely on is
    that the Sun will come up in
    the morning – so, by that
    reckoning, we’ll always need
    sunglasses. And if you buy
    them on sale, you won’t feel
    so bad when you inevitably
    sit on them.
    It might not be a glamour
    purchase, but a nice place
    to keep those crucial
    credit cards can really
    offer a boost in the style
    stakes. Plus, it makes the
    drudgery of buying
    groceries and paying bills
    so much sweeter.

Ultimate Sale Buys

Illustration: Larissa Haily Aguado
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