Turn It Up: Sky Ferreira

In a few short years, singer Sky Ferreira has made the jump from MySpace discovered teenager to fashion pin-up, the kind who fronts Saint Laurent Paris campaigns and is personally asked by Riccardo Tisci to play at Givenchy parties. Listen to last October’s Ghost EP and you’ll understand why – Sky’s personal brand of melancholic pop is shot through with dancey undertones. Its music to sway to, and swaying is generally much prettier than dancing - similarly her music is prettier than most, catchy but not in your face.

The twenty year old Los Angeles native’s debut album has been a long time coming - I'm Not Alright finally drops later this month – but her determination for success has not. Sky’s mum was Michael Jackson’s hairstylist, so she grew up in the superstar’s orbit, and by the age of thirteen was going as far as taking opera lessons in order to improve her voice. Two years later she was signed, and whilst music insiders have been following her career ever since, it’s recent singles Everything Is Embarrassing and Lost In My Bedroom that have tipped her over into must-listen territory.

Her style is reflective of her music, a blonde bombshell with attitude in red lipstick, slogan t-shirts and bleached-out denim cut-offs - a young Debbie Harry type, but dressed for grunge-chic house parties in downtown L.A rather than a glossy New York disco.

'I've always written really simple lyrics, it gets the point across stronger' says Sky, so to take her lead, let us just say Sky Ferreira - she's dreamy summer listening, full stop.

by Hollie Moat

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