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Towel Up

by farfetch.com

Brigitte Bardot on the beach at Saint Tropez in the Sixties

A wise person once said that you should spend as much on your hair as you do on your clothes, after all you have to wear it day in day out so if it lets the side down it’s irrelevant how many pairs of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes or Balenciaga jackets you might have in your wardrobe.  With Summer holidays on our minds, here at farfetch.com we’ve been thinking that the same could be said (though on a far lesser scale of course) for your beach towel of choice. Who wants to invest in a striking We Are Handsome one-piece or Missoni bikini teamed with Tom Ford glasses and a caramel tan only to be shown up by sitting on a tatty old towel?

Towels by Oscar Quiroz, Pierre-Louis Mascia and FB Collection

It’s an often over-looked Summer accessory – such is the fate of functional objects, but given that its something you dry yourself with, lie on and also have to be seen in public with, we felt like it was time to give the towel its due.
As Brigitte Bardot, Queen of the beach demonstrates, a comfy look is a good one, and whilst a plain version is best for setting of a statement swimsuit, it’s worth bearing in mind that a colourful or patterned towel is better for disguising all those Pina Colada and ice-cream stains that a day poolside just begs for.

We’ve rounded up our favourites. It’s worrying how exciting something like a towel can be sometimes…


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