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  • Valentine’s Day is approaching and finding
    the right outfit for that hot date can be a
    sartorial minefield. But it’s not where you go
    that matters, it’s who you go with. So whether
    it’s a first date or a night out with the man
    who just might get down on one knee, we
    have the dress code cracked.
  • Eschewing men in favour of a night
    with your friends is a sign of the
    modern girl – and the ideal excuse
    to don your most daring and
    directional pieces to be fully
    appreciated by great company with
    great taste. This season's
    wide-legged trousers fit the bill
    perfectly, and colourful, clashing
    prints are great for dancing the
    night away with wild abandon.
  • When you’re about to embark on
    that crucial first date, taking a
    fashion risk is not going to help
    those butterflies in your stomach.
    The trick is to look and feel
    your best, and that old fashion
    faithful, the little black dress,
    is a good starting point. Add in
    dazzling accessories and some
    heels (that you can walk in) for
    a confidence boost.
  • If what happens after your date is
    more important than what happens
    on it, the right outfit can seriously
    amp up your allure. Starting with
    exquisite lingerie will put you in the
    right frame of mind and make you
    feel fabulous. From then it’s just a
    case of finding a look that shows off
    your best features, whether it’s a
    plunging neckline or daring cut-outs.
  • You’re going to be looking at
    pictures of this for a long time to
    come, so make sure it’s an outfit
    worth remembering. A beautiful
    dress in a classic cut and striking
    colour is suitably dramatic and will
    stand the test of time. Glamorous
    accessories such as strappy heels
    and clutch bags will add a sense
    of occasion – just make sure
    nothing upstages the ring.
  • Ok, so the honeymoon period is
    over but that doesn’t have to mean
    curtains for romance. Add a sexy
    or fresh twist to your favourite go-to
    look. Pair a crop top with your
    tailored trousers or this season’s
    figure hugging midi-skirt with a
    trusted shirt and it might inject
    some excitement into more than
    just your wardrobe.

This is for Lovers

Words by Hollie Moat; illustrations by Thomas Danthony
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