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  • The holidays are here but party season is rife with sartorial dilemmas. No dress code
    on the invitation? No problem. The key to perfect party dressing lies in the menu.
  • The Occasion: Champagne and canapés are code for
    full-on party glamour. Standing out in all the razzle
    dazzle and owning the dance-floor is the goal.

    What to wear: Your most striking party look. Think
    eye-catching Peter Pilotto prints and daring cut-out
    dresses for girls; guys can make a statement
    by swapping the usual dark suit for something in velvet
    or a jewel tone. Real mavericks will rock a bomber
    jacket, shirt and tie combo, Givenchy style.
  • The Occasion: Low-key, relaxed festive fun with
    good conversation, general merriment and no
    obligation to dress up. If you own a
    Christmas-themed knit, this is the place to wear it.

    What to wear: Laid-back, cool attire along the
    lines of your favourite jeans teamed with a
    fashion-forward sweater by Kenzo or Neil Barrett
    for men and, for women, it’s the perfect place to
    sport a print – one that’s pretty but informal
    à la Givenchy’s plaids and florals.
  • The Occasion: This is usually a family affair,
    meaning it’s time to bask in the warm glow of
    nostalgia that comes with the most traditional
    and comforting of all festive meals.

    What to wear: It should go without saying that
    tight waistbands are out. For women, this season’s
    sweet Valentino dresses are suitably demure
    without looking dated. Kris Van Assche has the
    answer for men – his playful knits are directional,
    but not overly so.
  • The Occasion: Any time the word banquet is used
    take it as shorthand for a formal affair, and the
    more courses on offer the more decadence you can
    expect. Half the fun is dressing the part.

    What to wear: Combine the fanciest of events
    with the holidays and its carte blanche to go as
    extravagant as you wish. Ladies, if you’ve been
    waiting for the perfect time to bust out that
    red-carpet-ready Lanvin, this is it. Gentlemen,
    tuxedos are a classic and worthy choice.
  • The Occasion: An emphasis on hot refreshments
    would suggest that this event is taking place
    outside. This is no bad thing – think winter
    wonderland themes, with dark night skies and
    trees twinkling with lights.

    What to wear: Use this as an excuse to show off
    those accessories that don’t often get the spotlight
    – hats, gloves and scarves, especially in unusual
    textures and fabrics, can instantly liven up an
    outfit. A good coat, such as a timeless yet
    toasty Jil Sander number, is also key.

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