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  • 1. Pink and black is the ultimate Fifties rockabilly rebellion combo. Alber Elbaz’s pearly Lanvin shirt blends retro cool with modern edge.
  • 2. Relaxed urban looks are all about navy, khaki and white. Adding one pink piece is a distinctly modern take that breaks the rules but looks great doing it.
    3. A pink three piece suit is a brave choice for a romantic hero. It works so long as it’s exquisitely cut and in the most luxurious of fabrics. Just ask all the girls still swooning over Robert Redford’s Gatsby.
  • 5. A splash of hot pink against timeless jeans and knits can brighten up the rainiest of days. Bubblegum hued socks absolutely imperative.
    4. Confidence is key – this Brazzaville sapeur gentleman of the Congo is absolutely rocking flamingo pink and we doubt anyone would dare to tell him otherwise.
  • 6. Top to toe red is a brave look to commit to, but Salvatore Ferragamo’s tone-on-tone layering shows it can work. The peep of floral scarf is the perfect cheeky extra.
    7. The red shoes… accessories can really make an outfit. These cherry hued brogues plus matching tote will always provide you with a talking point!
  • 9. Don’t be afraid of a red suit, keep the lines clean, the accessories sharp and you too can be a stylish 21st century dandy à la hip-hop king Tinie Tempah.
    8. Bob Dylan’s sensitivity and innate sense of cool turn clean, classic stripes into the most elegantly dishevelled take on pink and red.
  • 10. A bold red knit will make you stand out from the crowd, as demonstrated by the surely the most masculine man of all time – Muhammad Ali.


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