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RA Antwerp’s 5 To Watch In 2013

by Romain Brau
Romain Brau, co-owner and buyer of the super fashion-forward Belgian boutique lets us in on his top designer tips for next year…

Diego Vannassibara

Diego Vanassibara

Who? Brazilian shoe designer whose training in architecture and urbanism is reflected in his modern take on hand-carving and references to old carpentry and wood work.

Romain says ‘I’ll never forgot the day we discovered Dieogo’s shoes on the net - we thought ‘finally,  a revolution in classical men’s shoes.’ Your fingers want to dance on the leather, and it’s impossible not to admire the precious rose wood work on the front of the laces. They’re also very comfortable, and made with a high-quality Italian realisation - these are shoes that will never leave you.’

Shoe by Diego Vanassibara


Naomi Goodsir

Naomi Goodsir

Who? Perfumer and designer who has won acclaim for her art-like accessories, with headwear that looks like something out of your favourite movie or darkest fantasy.

Romain says ‘Naomi’s leather and skins are always the best! She is obsessed with quality and feelings, and her head pieces introduce great new style into men’s fashion! Cool, and dark enough to drive us back in time, these hats are the perfect showcase for her talent.’

Hat by Naomi Goodsir

Naomi Goodsir pieces coming soon on farfetch...

Julian Zigerli

Julian Zigerli

Who? One of Berlin’s most exciting young designers, Swiss born Zigerli high-performance menswear with a sporty air, with his signature ‘jackpack’ fusing a jacket and a backpack.

Romain says ‘To infinity and beyond! Julian is still a baby but his infinity coat proves that we should love him for ever. His collection is a great mix of urban fashion and precious embroideries - a must-have for rainy days!’

Julian Zigerli A/W 12


Six Lee

Six Lee

Who? Hong Kong based designer by way of Antwerp’s famed Royal Academy Lee’s pieces are all about sharp lines, cleans cuts and a welcome splash of the unexpected.

Romain says ‘Comfort, elegance and style all combined in one piece! Six Lee just came back from studying Antwerp with a taste for grey. And this young modern Dandy is moving into wool and cashemere too…he’s got a real taste (and talent) for Italian fabrics.’

Six Lee A/W 12


Shaun Samson

Shaun Samson

Who? ‘Some guy loitering around on the street looking cool’ is how Samsun describes his ideal customer, and the Californian born, London based designer exemplifies this with his street sub-culture influenced pieces done in the most high-fashion way.

Romain says ‘Shaun may be made in Los Angeles but he made this great puffy jacket for our winter days! Soft like a cloud – it’s his famous felted touch that make this garment. The perfect piece to wear on crazy days!’

Shaun Samson A/W 12


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