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Queen of the Road

by Hollie Moat
The transition from Summer to Autumn/Winter can be a tricky one, but London fashion duo Peter Pilotto have hit upon the perfect way to guide us…with lights! Specifically, with Japanese ‘light trucks’ - one of the dominant visual themes in their latest collection.

Peter Pilotto Autumn/Winter 12

Inspired by their recent visits to Asia, designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos based several of their designs for this season on the aesthetic of the ‘light trucks’, which are huge automobiles which Japanese families spend months fitting out with thousands of lights studded onto the exterior.

A Japanese 'light truck'

It’s a costly business, up to £100,000 a vehicle, but the overall effect is one of dazzling Tokyo style décor with the fanciest of Christmas lights. And recognising the seriously striking quality of their appearance, Pilotto and De Vos have wisely chosen to feature it as a bold pattern on dresses and sweaters, but punctuated by panels and sleeves of much plainer, uncluttered fabrics.

One of the Japanese 'light truck' inspired sweaters by Peter Pilotto on farfetch.com

In true fashion spirit the Japanese light trucks are just for show – obviously nothing that gloriously bling could be deemed safely road-worthy, but fortunately the representation of them on this turtleneck we just happen to have fallen in love with is a lot more subtle, in fact we’d go as far to say you could wear this pretty much anywhere!


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