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  • Stylish inspiration for the months ahead
  • The King loved the ‘summeriest’ of American states.
    The islands served as the location for three of his films,
    one of which, Blue Hawaii, spawned the iconic image of
    Presley rocking the area’s traditional shirt. His
    tropical-print panache has since been rivalled only by
    Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet.
    In 2003 Beyoncé announced herself to the world as
    the queen of pop culture with this summer anthem.
    Her booty-shaking denim hot pants, red heels and
    white vest ensemble has provided inspiration for a
    generation of girls to toil for that bikini body.
  • When Jacques Heim, the Parisian designer, and Louis
    Réard, the mechanical engineer, invented the two-piece
    they changed summer wardrobes for ever. It was launched
    in 1946 and named ‘the bikini’ later that year when the
    US carried out atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll.
    Bodhi, Swayze’s adrenalin-loving bank robber in the
    hit 1991 movie, became the blueprint for the surfer
    pin-up. The sight of him and Reeves in matching
    wetsuits inspired millions to pick up a board.
  • This is a brilliant comedy featuring the considerable acting
    talent of Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews – but the only
    thing anyone ever remembers about 10 is Bo Derek running
    up the beach in a flesh-toned swimsuit with a headful of
    braids. If you’re thinking of recreating the iconic look this
    summer be warned: those cornrows are best left in 1979.
    It kick-starts a thousand summers every year, a
    rhapsody to sitting back and unwinding. Although
    the hit tune was released in 1991, the pair’s attire
    in the accompanying video slots straight into 2013.
  • The chiselled American swimmer might not be the
    brightest button in the box, but his performance in
    the water at the London Games last year won him five
    medals and his own television show. Obviously nothing
    to do with the way he looks in his trunks…
    In one of fashion history’s most renowned shoots, the sultry German model headed to the Painted Desert, in Arizona, with the photographer Franco Rubartelli to pose in an array of exotic outfits (and a fur body turban) for US Vogue in 1968.
  • The plotline involves cannibalism and lobotomies but this film,
    a 1959 adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ celebrated play, is
    really only about one scene: Liz frolicking on the beach in full
    make-up and a curve-enhancing bikini.
    The French Riviera town has long been a magnet
    for the elegant – Marcel Proust and F. Scott Fitzgerald
    both referenced it in their work. But it was Coco
    Chanel who really put it on the map, as the location
    of her first shop. In the film Coco Avant Chanel, it is
    also where she debuts that wardrobe classic, the
    Little Black Dress.

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