My Favourite Thing: My Polish Masterpiece

By Arkadiusz Likus from Vitkac

‘I’ve been a fan of the artist Witkacy for many years. I love his work because it is spontaneous and absurd.
‘His pieces range from the realistic landscapes of his early years to the famous pastel portraits that indicated what mental and physical condition he was in. This drawing, which is my favourite of his and usually lives beside my bed, states ‘TC NP3’, meaning Type C – his most avant-garde form of portrait – and NP3 – he didn't smoke for three days. Often he drew these portraits while on drugs and, on many, you can see the influence of the likes of cocaine and peyotl.
‘I actually incorporated Witkacy's name in the name of my boutique, Vitkac. His studio was on Bracka Street, the same street that Vitkac is located. I didn’t want to use an international or family name, but instead named the store after a local hero. My hero.

by Hollie Moat. Photography by Agnieszka Rayss