In The Neighbourhood: Aloha Rag’s Honolulu

No one knows a place like a local and, in our boutique community, we have experts on some of the world’s most glamorous locations. With summer in full swing, we asked Yokina Ikei to give us her personal tour of Honolulu, dream holiday destination and home of her high-fashion boutique, Aloha Rag

‘I've been living here for over 15 years and I love living in everyone's vacation spot! We're surrounded by beautiful beaches, accessible all year round. We also have lots of hiking spots with beautiful views over the island. Hawaii is known for the mix of different cultures so this is the perfect place to try out different ethnic food.’


‘I suggest wearing a summer dress over a colourful bikini so you can enjoy the hot, sunny climate and always be beach-ready. Fitted clothing isn’t recommended since you want to feel the breeze and cool down your body when it gets hot.’


‘A pair of sunglasses, a hat and some sunscreen…You don’t want to end up lobster-red and burnt, ouch!’


‘Lanikai Beach - Lanikai means "heavenly sea" in Hawaiian, and that really sums it up. Beautiful, fine white sand with perfectly turquoise green water, the view will take your breath away for sure.’


‘My favourite thing to do is go hiking with my family and then eat shaved ice after being under the hot sun. My six-year-old son loves the rainbow-coloured shaved ice with ice cream.’


‘Laniakea Beach, or "Turtle Beach", isn’t for swimming, but for seeing green sea turtles and Hawaiian monk seals. You're not allowed to touch them, but you can get real close to them and take photos.’


‘The Rainbow Drive-In serves very casual local food. My favourite is their boneless chicken plate - a fried juicy chicken served with rice and macaroni salad, topped with their original gravy sauce.’


‘The Original Pancake House is the place where I go for breakfast. Their fluffy omelettes are the best on the island. Our store is located in the same building, so I suggest you eat at the Original Pancake House and come shop at Aloha Rag afterwards.’


‘For drinking Bar 35 has the largest beer selection on the island, and I’ve been told that Manifest does the best dirty chai. Both of those bars are in the Chinatown district.’


‘For an elegant atmosphere with a great view I would go to T's bar at 53 By The Sea.’

Words by Hollie Moat. Photography by Olivier Koning