Christopher Kane A/W 12

After flirting with some beautiful celestial metallics for Spring/Summer 12, Scottish designer Christopher Kane headed back to the dark side this season. And his inspiration for A/W 12 was his darkest yet – William Friedkin’s hugely controversial Cruising, the Al Pacino starring film from 1980.

Al Pacino in Cruising

In it Pacino is an undercover cop sent into the seedy underbelly of New York’s S&M scene in order to catch a serial killer dismembering gay men.
And the models on his catwalk were Kane’s interpretation of the girls who ‘might infiltrate the lurid sex clubs depicted in the film’.

Christopher Kane A/W 12

Artfully sleazy pin-stripes, wildly un-subtle blood red lace dresses and slick, oily glistening separates may have come from a disturbing concept and grimy place, but in Kane’s deft hands the pieces were intriguing, moodily stylish.

So do give the film a watch – it’s uncomfortably fascinating if fairly hard-going. The clothes, by contrast, are simply a joy to wear.

by Hollie Moat