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  • Graphic designer Mark Kiessling is the co-owner of cult Berlin bookshop Do You Read Me? located in the city’s ‘art mile’ Auguststrasse. Covering a myriad of rare and popular titles in subjects such as art, fashion, photography, literature, politics and business in a carefully curated and stylish environment, the store are also famous for their international selection of magazines.

    Visit Do You Read Me Book Shop here

  • Coming in the form of solidly bound newspaper prints, this exhibition catalogue presents the recent oeuvre of one of the most important and versatile photographic artists of our time.

    Accessible and comprehensive, this finely illustrated A-Z inventory of pottery craft throughout human history has been lovingly compiled by one of the world’s leading ceramic artists, and presents a grand tour through the very finest of his art form.

  • Ethereal and dreamlike, McGinley’s inimitably atmospheric photography captures moments of fragile intensity.

    If irreverence drove Carine Roitfeld’s ten-year chief editorship at Vogue Paris, this grand publication presents the essence of her influential work during that period, in all its colourful facets.

  • This lavishly produced book, in which Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld and a plethora of high profile fans bow to Chanel’s classic fashion piece, is indeed worthy of its timeless subject. Black it is. Small it ain’t.

    With the sensitivity of a Japanese designer, Kenya Hara investigates the concept of white, and the cultural significance of whiteness in this eye-opening study.

  • Beautifully simple and wildly beautiful, van Mierlo has created a stunning artist’s book for children that will enchant anyone with a sense for animals, art, or beautiful books.

    As Don Winslow sounds out the complexities of crime, betrayal and family ties for a group of drug-dealing kings of cool living on the edge, he cleverly leads us back to the sex and drugs fuelled entanglements of their parents’ generation of hippies and surfers. A superb Californian Bildungsroman with an edge.
  • This collection of essays surrounding the complex of revolution is a rollercoaster ride of stimulating thought, ultimately aimed at reminding readers of their own revolutionary potential.

    On account of 2012 being a leap year, our otherwise timeless notebook 365 donned an extra page and changed name – but then also promised to abstain from such cheap one-upmanship for at least the next three years.


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