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Wear in the World


Words by Laura Griffiths


Thanks to a work schedule that crosses continents on a near-weekly basis, Margaret Zhang knows a thing or two about travelling in flawless fashion. The 23-year-old photographer, director, stylist and consultant (are you keeping up?) only recently completed her law degree, yet has already worked with brands around the world, directed a short film and won awards for her contributions to the fashion industry.

As you’d probably expect from one with such a prolific CV, Margaret is constantly on the move. Ahead of jetting off to Paris for a campaign shoot, she shares her tips for airport entertainment, life organisation and the dreaded job of packing a suitcase – or 3.


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‘You’ll likely find me frantically throwing things into a suitcase to the sweet sounds of aggressively motivating grime music.’


‘I have made some great friends just waiting at baggage claim, or chatting at the gate during delays.’


Travel Style Upgraded



Quickfire Questions

Hand-luggage essential?
‘All of my camera gear – I can’t bring myself to check it.’

Packing: roll or fold?
‘I lay everything out completely flat – I’ve never been able to break that habit.’

Time killer on a long-haul flight?
‘Offline emails and laptop admin work with as many podcasts as I can fit into the flight time.’

Wardrobe or floor-drobe?

On-flight tipple of choice?
‘Copious amounts of water – BYO 2-litre bottle to pester flight staff into refilling.’




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