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The Responsible Jewelry Edit

Lab-grown diamonds, ethical gold and traceable stones – meet the jewelry brands setting the new conscious standard.


‘We love jewelry, but we believe the industry needs more transparency,' says Jessica Warch, co-founder of Kimai. 'There can be a lack of clarity around where pieces come from or how they are made, which is why we use lab-grown diamonds. This is to avoid all the negative impacts of mining, plus there’s no trade-off in quality or design – lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to mined ones but they come without the negative social or environmental impact. That’s because the same geological conditions that occur in the ground can now be reproduced in a lab, which is amazing. More and more, we want to know where the things we buy come from. That’s very important to us. As conscious consumers, we wanted to bring more transparency to the jewelry industry. So that’s what we do.’