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Common Projects Trainers Sizing, Styling and Care Guide

A Common Projects trainer possesses a range of likeable qualities, many of which we’ll get into a little later, but the chief reason the New York footwear label has thrived is on account of its fervent dedication to minimalism.


Founded in 2004 by New York-based art director Prathan Poopat and Italian creative consultant Flavio Girolami, Common Projects rarely strays from its clear-cut vision. From inception, the two creatives aimed to produce high-quality, utilitarian-inspired trainers that work with any ensemble – sneakers with unlimited potential. 


We recently spoke to some of the most dedicated members of the Common Projects cult to get their top trainer-styling tips. Discover everything they had to say about the sizing, fit, and how to style your Common Projects trainers, below.


Common Projects Trainers Sizing, Styling and Care Guide

Val Lin (@theaestheticminimalist)

Menswear and lifestyle YouTuber based in North Carolina, US


I'm a huge fan of Common Projects: I love their sleek, beautifully proportioned sneaker designs. I currently own seven pairs, six of the iconic Achilles Low (in white, dark grey, light grey, blush pink, burgundy and taupe), plus the BBall sneaker in camel. 


Styling: Common Projects trainers are super versatile thanks to their minimal design – this makes them ideal for those who prefer to pack light when travelling, as they’re the only pair of trainers you’ll need. I've worn them across the world (from New York to LA, Paris to Copenhagen) with a range of different ensembles; I’ve dressed them up with suits and dressed them down with streetwear. Whenever I wear more colourful pairs (e.g. my burgundy Achilles Lows), I pair them with monochromatic outfits.


Sizing and fit: I’d say all Common Projects kicks fit true to size – but do note that Common Projects don’t offer half sizes. I personally size down from my half size because my feet are narrow, but you may want to size up if you have wide feet.


Comfort: I wouldn’t say Common Project trainers are the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever worn, but they’re certainly comfortable enough to wear all day. I’d say it usually takes two weeks of wear before they feel ‘worn-in’ and buttery smooth – this is because they're made with Italian calfskin leather. 


Care: I feel people are overly concerned with deep cleaning their shoes, but I actually think the ideal way to care for Common Projects is to do quick regular cleans. Not only does this prevent dirt from having a chance to sit on the trainers for too long (becoming hard to remove later), but it also keeps the leather healthy. The product I use the most is Jason Markk quick wipes. I keep one packet in my bag at all times. When I do decide to deep clean my kicks – something I usually do on a bi-annual basis – I use Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner with a bowl of water, a cleaning brush, a microfibre towel and shoe colourant.


Common Projects Trainers Sizing, Styling and Care Guide

Fredrik Risvik (@fredrikrisvik)

Instagram influencer based in Stavanger, Norway


I've been wearing Common Projects trainers for the last 10 years and I can safely say they’re the most versatile trainers I own. One thing I love about the brand is its clean, concise aesthetic, just look at the design of the Achilles Low! I think the white Achilles Low is my favourite – it's perfect for wearing with dressy outfits.


Styling: I can put the Common Projects Achilles Low trainer on every day of the week because it works with any outfit, no matter if that’s jeans and a tee or fine knitwear and flannel trousers. Personally, I think they look freshest when put together with a pair of relaxed, loose-cut trousers.


Sizing and fit: In my opinion, the Common Projects Achilles runs big, so I would recommend opting for a size down from your usual size; however, I must say they are pretty narrow, so sizing down may not be best for those who are wide-footed.


Comfort: I can confirm that Common Projects trainers are very comfortable. I can wear them every day without breaking them in, but I know that everyone has a different experience. When talking about the Achilles Low in particular, the leather continues to get softer with every wear, and the outsole is both comfortable and hard-wearing.


Care: When it comes to caring for my Common Projects sneakers, I try to wipe off any marks as soon as I get home. Saying that, I do clean them properly (with a cleaning kit) once a month or so to ensure they always look brand-new. 


Common Projects Trainers Sizing, Styling and Care Guide

Harry Has (@harryhas)

Fashion content creator based in Bath, UK


I'm a huge fan of Common Project sneakers. My white Achilles Low sneakers are my go-tos, they always help me look like I’ve made an effort. I’ve constantly had a pair in my sneaker rotation for the past six years because they always come in handy. 


Styling: My style involves mixing smart and casual pieces together, which is why Common Projects trainers are perfect for me. That said, the Achilles Low pretty much goes with any style. I’m all about keeping things simple, so most of the time I’ll wear my Achilles Low trainers with a pair of smart trousers, a T-shirt or sweater and, if the weather requires (which it usually does here in the UK), a long overcoat. 


Sizing and fit: For sizing, I usually opt for a full size down. I must admit, they're a little tight at first because of the leather, but it doesn’t take long to wear them in.


Comfort: Honestly, Common Projects trainers aren’t the most comfortable. Although they’re ideal for casual outings, I don’t usually wear these for a long day of walking.


Care: Common Projects trainers may not be the most comfortable, but they’re certainly the easiest to clean! There are hardly any nooks and crannies for dirt to get trapped in, which is why I can confidently wear them out in all types of weather. To clean the trainers, I use cleaning wipes and occasionally a scrubbing brush and solution. When it comes to the laces, I usually throw them in the washing machine, or soak them in warm water and detergent.


Common Projects Trainers Sizing, Styling and Care Guide

Falzuh (@falzuh)

Fashion and lifestyle content creator based in Malang, Indonesia 


Common Projects trainers are the freshest, comfiest, most versatile luxury sneakers on the market. I currently own two pairs of Achilles Lows, in black and in white. I love the shape of the sneaker, the lack of branding and the gold numbers that adorn each pair. In case you didn’t know, the numbers printed on each pair indicate the style number, European shoe size and colour code.


Styling: Common Projects trainers, especially Achilles Lows, work well with any outfit – formal or casual. So, no matter your style, a pair of Common Projects should be on your wishlist.


Sizing and fit: The Achilles Low may be narrow, but I’d actually recommend going half a size down, unless you have wide feet.


Comfort: Common Projects Achilles Low trainers are very comfortable, thanks to their soft leather uppers and sturdy soles. 


Care: After wearing my trainers, I usually do quick cleans to prevent any permanent stains. If I don’t plan on wearing them for a while, I place shoe trees inside them to help them keep their shape.