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Five Reasons to Wear: Stripes

When it comes to style, the French know a good thing when they see one. So it’s no surprise that they’ve long been associated with stripes. Simple, timeless and always in vogue, stripes are the perfect wardrobe problem-solver


The mighty Breton

Frenchmen are synonymous with louche, effortless elegance as exemplified by their signature piece, the Breton top. The simplicity of its shape and colours gives it an easy grace. Wear with your favourite jeans for the ultimate in laid-back cool.


They’re a sartorial secret weapon

It might be hard to believe, but a humble striped T-shirt can be used as a fashion-forward quick fix. It’s a wardrobe staple, as unthreatening as a white shirt, but layer it up with a print or graphic pattern and your attire will take on a more directional dimension.


They have urban appeal

Sport-luxe with a streetwear flavour has proved an unstoppable look over the past few seasons and is a favourite with some of the industry’s most exciting young designers. Sibling offers an arty yet athletic take on stripes.


Boating clever

The gentlemen of the French Riviera are renowned for being well dressed and striped blazers feature prominently in their unofficial uniform. Bold, smart and just the right side of ostentatious, they can be worn with chinos or, if you’re daring, track pants.


For the rebel in you

If you’re a punk at heart, stripes are perfect for adding some rebellious spirit to your outfit, without having to resort to dirty leather and safety pins. A pair of Ann Demeulemeester Beetlejuice-esque trousers look super smart with a tailored jacket.

by Hollie Moat