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Art Picks: Arropame

We take a virtual tour around the Spanish boutique’s distinctive gallery space

Arropame is much more than a clothes shop. ‘Fashion is a way of life that is directly linked to different disciplines such as art, cuisine, music, movies and travel,’ Elena Mendiola, the owner, explains. She believes that art ‘helps you to understand and learn from other people’. Since opening in 2009, the Arropame and Suggestions Gallery has nurtured a host of emerging artists. Elena gives us a guided tour of the artists who have made the greatest impact...

Diana Band

Won Jung Shin and Dooho Yi’s tactile pieces, including an interactive paper piano, a giant dot-to-dot drawing and a paper moon that plays music, explore the mundanity of life.
Elena says: ‘Diana Band show another view of the world and the simplest things. They show me the importance of sensitivity.’
Her favourite piece: Paper Moon

Yoshihito Mizuuchi

Yoshihito Mizuuchi uses tape recorders and juxtaposition to redefine our expectations of the seemingly defined.
Elena says: ‘Yoshihito Mizuuchi experiments and looks beyond the conventional function of things.
Her favourite piece: ‘He prepared two installations using leeks. In the first ones, felt-tip pens were tied to the leeks and created an alphabet soup. In the second one, he joined leeks to toy cars and as the plants grew you could bet on which car would win the race.’

Jai Du

Through her video performances, emotive poetry and surrealist black and white illustrations, Jai Du explores the nature of femininity.
Elena says: ‘Jai Du shows pain and loneliness in her poems and video creations. We love her strength to carry on. She had an accident and was told she would not be able to walk again.She now not only walks, but runs marathons.’
Her favourite piece: ‘The videos Un día del siguiente día en la habitación del hotel and Podría haber meado con humildad are inspired by her book of poetry, Extractos d’Allemagne.

Jong Ki Love

Jong Ki Love explores social norms through his miniature dolls and replica scenes such as tiny reclining sunbathers staring at a scantily clad Farrah Fawcett.
Elena says: ‘With his dolls he can modify social realities.’
Her favourite piece: Farrah Fawcett