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My Karl Lagerfeld Dolls: By Hirshleifer's Lori


Lori Hirshleifer Sills, owner of the sleek New York boutique Hirshleifers, tells us about her favourite fashion memorabilia, her limited edition Karl Lagerfeld dolls.

‘Karl Lagerfeld is one of my absolute favourite designers, and Chanel is one of my favourite brands. Each Karl doll reminds me of a different season, a different memory, and a different trip to Paris. I love having them watch over my closet!
I first came across these Tokidoki dolls on Hypebeast about 5 years ago. It was obsession at first sight! I knew I had to have my own Karls so I tracked them down online. They were all released at different times, so my collection is a result of years and years of waiting for the next Karl to make his debut.’