A Peace Treaty

Spool earring


Spool earring in blue from A Peace Treaty. These metal earrings feature blue yarn wrapped around the center, a pointed edge, and a butterfly fasten.

Item ID: 10290554

Composition & Care
Brass 100%
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Designer : A Peace Treaty

Inspired by the hand-crafting cultures of the Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa, A Peace Treaty was conceived when Dana Arbib and Farah Malik met while living in Rome. The two discovered that they shared both a love of high fashion and a desire to increase awareness of ancient, disappearing crafting traditions. Each season, A Peacy Treaty travels to a particular region and seeks out local village artisans to re-define an accessory, designing limited edition pieces in unique colorways. Each jewellery or scarf collection resuscitates ancient handmade textile and metalsmithing techniques that are at risk of extinction.