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Cutler & Gross Mens Clothing

Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, who have been collaborating for well over 30 years, are genuine pioneers in the field of optical and sunglass design. Based in Knightsbridge, London, Cutler & Gross has grown to become a truly global brand, its designers always demonstrating originality and a sense of chic in each pair they create. A love of colour and the influence of classic Twentieth Century frames are trademarks of the label.

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  • Cutler & Gross - wayfarer sunglasses

    Cutler & Gross

    wayfarer sunglasses $442 shipped from MONOCLE
    Rome, Italy
  • Cutler & Gross - teashade sunglasses

    Cutler & Gross

    teashade sunglasses $436 shipped from MONOCLE
    Rome, Italy