Tune Tuesday: Haim

Last year Este, Danielle and Alana Haim exploded onto the music scene with their modern, r’n’b tinged take on folk and EP Forever – an instant collector’s item for the indie set.

The trio grew up listening to classic Seventies rock and dreaming of Stevie Nicks in the San Fernando Valley, starting up a family band. By 2006 they had dropped their parents from the line-up but kept the family name.

All play multi-instruments, and they’re the girls who we all want to be friends with, the free-spirited fun ones with off-beat vintage wardrobes who know all the words to En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go.

Their yet-to-drop debut album is already one of this year’s most anticipated releases. Our guess is it’s going to be the sound-track of the Summer.

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