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state of mind

by Hollie Moat
Is Jil Sander your ultimate style icon or do you worship at the altar of the late Anna Piaggi? It takes all kinds of people to make up fashion’s rich tapestry but most people have a natural leaning towards a minimal OR maximal aesthetic.

Those in the former camp revel in the beauty of simplicity, Fellini film aesthetics and cultivate wardrobes of chic, pared-down classics that can transition from wardrobe to walking out the door in a matter of minutes. Those of the latter persuasion aim for an altogether different type of the casually thrown together look. Although, to be carried off with such panache, their eye-catching ensembles that effortlessly mix and match statement pieces and Aladdin’s cave accessories have usually taken precision planning.  

Gentlemen, you too can tell whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist by the amount of accessories you’re willing to wear at any one time. Do you love adding scarves and sunglasses and clutch-bags and ties to each outfit or will just one sleek document case suffice?  

Of course it’s not just clothes that define our tastes - culture also plays its part, a notion explored by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in new exhibition Plain or Fancy: Restraint and Exuberance, which draws on the Met’s permanent collections to contrast restrained works of art with richly ornate ones… 

Paying it a visit may just prove to be the perfect way to determine which side of the line your heart truly lies! 
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