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  • Space, the final frontier – well, not quite as
    far as fashion is concerned, the industry
    has had extra-terrestrial style mastered for
    half a century now. This month sees the
    release of Gravity, the new space set film
    from director Alfonso Cuarón.To mark the
    occassion, we’ve rounded up our top five
    space related fashion moments.
  • London-based Koma already has a
    reputation for show-stopping
    dresses, but his latest collection
    rockets that striking aesthetic to a
    new dimension by taking
    inspiration from something
    belovedly retro – vinyl records – to
    create pieces that look
    unabashedly space-age. His slick,
    structured shapes and techy fabrics
    have all the attributes we’ve come
    to associate with futuristic fashion.
    Details such as laser-cut leather
    panels and strategic cutouts evoke
    the sensuality of the sci-fi pin-up
    Barbarella while remaining
    thoroughly appropriate for real life.
  • Aside from arguing with Mary
    Quant over who really invented the
    miniskirt, the French civil
    engineer-turned-designer led the
    futuristic fashion movement of the
    Sixties with Paco Rabanne and
    Pierre Cardin. His 1964 Space
    Age collection was a seismic hit.
    Influenced by technology, it was
    uncluttered and boxy, featuring
    stiff, short skirts, white boots,
    goggles and acres of PVC. Fittingly,
    Courrèges claimed that he didn’t
    design the clothes, he ‘built’
    them – just as scientists build
    suits for astronauts.
  • Britney Spears’ career has hit a few
    spectacular bumps, but affection
    for the American popstar endures,
    mostly because of epic videos such
    as the one for her 2000 single
    Oops I Did It Again. Set on Mars, it
    sees Spears play a space-vixen in a
    red latex catsuit stringing along a
    hapless astronaut. The glamorous
    get-up highlighted Spears at her
    sexiest, and it appears Donatella
    Versace has long harboured an
    admiration for the look. This
    season models in head-to-toe
    scarlet PVC – tight trousers, biker
    jackets and cutout tops – stormed
    the Versace catwalk.
  • Officer Ellen Ripley spends the
    duration of Alien defending her
    team’s spaceship from a
    blood-thirsty alien, so we doubt a
    knock-out outfit was top of her
    priorities. Yet, her status as one of
    cinema’s first strong, fearless
    action heroines extends to her
    practical jumpsuit. There’s
    something effortlessly cool about
    its low-maintenance, roll-out-of
    bed-and-kick-some-ass vibe.
    This season's jumpsuit renaissance
    features all-in-ones that have a true
    utility aesthetic, but come in the
    kind of luxurious fabrics that
    immediately elevate them into
    sophisticated territory.
  • Judy Jetson, the perky teenage
    daughter of the Jetson family, is a
    fashion lover and it shows.
    Perennially decked out in a short
    skirt and structured-shoulder
    silhouette, Jetson perfected a look
    that’s young and feminine without
    being flowery or girly. The classic
    cartoon is set in 2062, but we’d
    happily sport her style in 2013 –
    and it looks like we can. The
    celebrated Scottish designer
    Christopher Kane’s Autumn/Winter
    2013 show featured a dress that
    possessed all the key attributes of
    Jetson’s attire: the high hemline,
    the winged shoulders, and even her
    signature burgundy hue.

Space: A Fashion Odyssey

by Hollie Moat
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