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Ruby Goe

by Hollie Moat

Ruby Goe

Ruby Goe fits in seamlessly alongside the likes of Azealia Banks and Rita Ora in the latest crop of fashion friendly music stars, but this East London born singer has opted to push the boat out even further when it comes to matters of the wardrobe - namely starting up her own label and embarking on collaborations with the likes of Puma.

Not that it’s threatening to eclipse her music - Goe describes her sound as cinematic alt pop, but we’d say she is personally dragging some serious disco grooves into the 21st century, with a string of glossy electro pop songs backed by some heavy beats and a liberal dose of euphoria.

We sat down with her to talk music videos and knuckle-dusters…

Ruby Goe

Farfetch.com: Was this always the dream?
Ruby Goe: Yes, I can’t even pin point a time when I realised that. My mum was a singer too - she died when I was three months old but I was always made very aware music was in my veins.

How did you get your break in music?
Last year I uploaded some demos onto the BBC Introducing site for unsigned acts, they listened and invited me down to perform live at London’s Maida Vale studios. It was an incredible leap, they then playlisted my song Get On It on Radio 1. Things have kinda spiralled up from there!

What are your main sources of inspiration?

Do you have a favourite of your own songs?
Avenge My Heart, I performed it for the first time at my sell out show in London last week. It’s an ode to myself about being a survivor, and a fighter.

Would you say you’re into fashion?
If I wasn’t I’d be a very wealthy lady! It’s an extension of my personality.
I design and make my own knuckle duster rings - my label is called Byrogue. It started because I wanted to take having a unique style one step further, but it’s been so well received I turned it into a small label, and we currently have fifteen stockists worldwide

Ruby's label Byrogue

What sort of clothes do you like to wear?
I’m a big sports luxe fan – comfortable, sexy and lots of body-con, with gold statement jewellery, layered chains and big bold rings. And I mix it up between designer, vintage and high street.  Ashish, KTZ and Simon Preen are my favourites, and jewellers like Selda Okultan. Also I just went to meet Eudon Choi at his studio in Dalston about clothes for my next video.

Ashish A/W 12

If you could perform at any fashion show, whose would it be?
 Ashish - their collections constantly reflect my style.

Who are your style icons?
To me, style isn’t just the way you dress – it’s the way you carry yourself and the message you give off just by walking in a room.  I love Grace Jones’ fearless androgyny, every picture of her screams strength and beauty - she is a warrior.  Roisin Murphy to me is really original, her music is earnest and you can see her personality in the way she dresses.

Grace Jones

You've worked with Puma before, how did that come about?
They came to see me play a show in Cannes and loved the sports luxe style I was rocking, so we did a simple collaboration of limited edition knuckleduster rings together called Byrogue For Puma, and collaborated on the Get On It video. It was incredible for me to have the support of such a great label.


Watch Ruby's Badman video below...

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