Pieces That Pop!

Liven up your wardrobe with brights worthy of Warhol’s art…

Aside from being a pop-culture king, Andy Warhol also really knew his way around a colour palette. He famously said that everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, but the New York artist’s favoured tomato reds, orange, blue and canary yellow have gone so much further, evolving into perennial style classics.

The really great thing about colours this strong and bright is that they do all the work themselves – no bells and whistles are required, so even something as easy as a simple t-shirt can pack real sartorial punch. Simply mix in amongst your monochrome and neutral favourites for low maintenance, high-impact dressing.

Taking the look to the next level is still relatively straight-forward, simply copy Warhol’s famous silk screens and don colour everywhere. Paul Smith’s vibrant S/S 13 suits are perfect for doing just that, and serious fashion pros can go the Etro route – mixing and matching tones and textures for a more cerebral finish.

Of course, Andy Warhol never limited himself to one form of art (see his Exploding Plastic Inevitable if you want proof) and neither does this trend for all things bright and cheerful – furniture, for instance, is one medium that works particularly well with these strong hues, especially when it’s of the chic, modern variety a la Moroso. Warhol and his work remain memorable and distinctive - have your wardrobe follow his lead!