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  • By Nathalie Kabiri from Kabiri
  • ‘My fascination with jewellery started during
    my teenage years, from buying bits of jewellery
    from markets and bead shops. My mum has
    always been into jewellery. In the Eighties she
    was into Butler and Wilson, but also bought
    more fine and contemporary pieces and mixed
    them together. It’s that kind of mix-and-match
    aesthetic that is interesting to me as a jewellery
    shop owner.

    ‘This is a Liz Goldwyn bracelet that I bought for
    the shop about seven years ago. Liz Goldwyn
    was a designer based in Los Angeles and at the
    time she had a cult status. We were very lucky
    to stock her and, rather than put the bracelet
    on sale, I decided to keep it. For me it’s quite
    sentimental because it’s one of the first pieces
    we bought for the store. It symbolises a lot of
    different things: the story of our shop, the fact
    that the most amazing things are sometimes
    the most difficult to sell, and the fact that you
    have to believe in them.’

My Favourite Thing: My Liz Goldwyn Bracelet

Photography by Angela Moore
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