My Favourite Thing: My Edwardian Dress

By Sophie Merchant from Merchant Archive

‘I rarely keep anything for myself when I’m sourcing vintage for the store but this dress is the one piece I just couldn’t let go of. It’s from around 1910 and made of Irish crochet, which is very rare and hard to find - it can cost tens of thousands of pounds. There’s something so demure and wearable about the Edwardian era, although we wear what they traditionally would have worn as undergarments! ‘Vintage has always been my passion – one day my mum brought Granny’s dress from 1923 down from the loft and I fell in love. I love the decadence and seeing something that’s been so beautifully made. We’ve lost that quality a bit. ‘I haven’t worn the dress outside yet because it’s a work of art to me, it’s like couture. My partner collects art and I collect vintage dresses.’

Photography by Angela Moore