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  • Meet Lost and Found,
    the artisanal style secret
    of the Tuscan countryside
  • From her studio in a Tuscan
    wool-mill Ria Dunn fuses
    modern silhouettes with
    artisanal traditions, using
    handmade and recycled
    materials such as powdered
    glass and rubber to create
    multiple layers of texture.
    Since launching in 2008,
    Lost and Found has become
    a distinctive player in Italian
    men’s and womenswear.
  • ‘I believe that fashion over
    the years has been about big
    business, which means heavy
    industrialisation. So naturally,
    the artisan has suffered a
    huge amount, and here in
    Italy there are very few left.
    We cannot produce a label
    in a 100% artisanal way,
    but we’re trying to bring
    that artisanal spirit to a
    modern brand.’
  • ‘Lost and Found creates
    a casual yet luxurious look.
    It is a master at finding the
    right fabric, like knowing
    which ones are weighty
    enough to give a drape a
    great hang. This season Lost
    and Found has released a
    shoe collection. We feel this
    will give the clothing yet
    anothetr twist.’

    Anthony Man, manager
    of The Library, UK

    ‘Lost and Found is about
    freedom of movement as well
    as expression. It stands out
    from other Italian brands by
    manufacturing garments in a
    hand-crafted manner and giving
    them a modern twist in its
    famous ‘post-war laboratory’.
    The latest collection is all about
    warmth and protection. The raw
    and natural materials it uses
    create this barrier beautifully.’

    Coca Coteanu, owner of
    Entrance, Romania

Lab Lessons: Lost and Found

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