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Killer Style

by Hollie Moat

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho

Brett Easton Ellis sent the web into hyperdrive this week by languidly mentioning that he is contemplating writing a sequel to his seminal novel American Psycho. He teased fans even further by supposing what Bateman might be up to these days – namely hanging out with Chris Martin before brutally murdering him – nice to know Ellis hasn’t lost that sadistic edge.

Anyway, given that the writer has only just started the ball rolling with ideas, let alone picked up a pen, we can’t expect to see it in print any time soon. But regardless, the mention of Bateman couldn’t help but remind us about just how cool he always looked (hence the reason why so many men choose to dress up as him on Halloween – the gore is incidental).

Christian Bale and Chloe Sevigny in American Psycho

The protagonist of American Psycho (he also appears in Ellis’ novels Lunar Park and The Rules of Attraction), Bateman is crazed axe-murderer disguised by his handsome face and sharp sense of style. An investment banker who is the epitome of yuppie greed, he is rich, vain, vacuous, shallow – and it looks great on him.

One thing he takes very seriously is his wardrobe, to the point where he kills some of his victims simply because they have better taste than him. Citing Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier and Bottega Veneta as his labels of choice, Bateman’s slick, perfectly put together designer attire consists of the most perfectly fitted suits, crisp, collared shirts and elegant silk ties. The man may be terrifying but he’s certainly well dressed.

The film adaptation of American Psycho with Christian Bale (second from right)

Particularly considering that Christian Bale starring film adaptation was released in 2001 and yet the costumes could easily be from either this season or 1991, when the book is set. Looks like it’s a fashion classic as well as a literary one.


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